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Dear and damn readers

Dear and damn readers:

This blog was created with the humble intention of announcing those bands that authorize the free and public downloads of their discographic works, under no circumstance we support the piracy and the illegal downloads, Also if you really know to appreciate Rock and Metal in any of Its expressions, the best thing you can do to support the scene is to buy music or official accessories of your favorite bands, any download link shown in this blog comes from each band or label´s official bandcamp, reverbnation, Mega, Mediafire and Jamendo pages. The inhabitants of the European Union are informed that this blog uses cookies from Blogger and Google.

lunes, 4 de noviembre de 2019

Bands October 2019 (Releases for Free And Legal Downloads)

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ΑΛΓ - Draft 9

1.       ΑΛΓ - Draft 9
Alternative Rock / Grunge From France

This musical project recreates a versatility of sounds that is always based on an opaque and somewhat dry essence, however it is a good album that, in addition to the good sound quality, reveals a disturbing way in essence, in the song “Ghost of the past ”you can notice a transition from complete desolation towards an emotional rhythm but without losing its calm essence with some experimental touches,“ Quetzalcoatl ”is very interesting because it closely resembles Doom Metal but with a few grunge touches,“ le vaudou ”It has a base similar to that of blues rock and roll but with a very dull and bitter voice, although guitar solos definitely awaken another feeling given their technique and presence. "Golem de Chair" begins and ends in a subtle and quiet way with notes that seem like neoclassical music and cabaret, presenting in the middle of the song some very emotional and energetic solos. Finally, "orage" is completely instrumental and involves various atmospheric sounds and percussions of tambourines and bongoes. the name of this band reads like alpha, lambda, gamma. Also Download from jamendo

Blood Eyes – Demo vol 2

1.       Blood Eyes – Demo vol 2
Heavy Groove Metal From Brazil

The soul as a path of critical reflection is the central and thematic axis that sustains this group, the style is very Groovy t Thrasher of the 90s, the riffs are very strong and forceful but with a good harmonic and melodic base that makes the songs do not be monotonous always handling good transitions which can be detailed in songs like "Ofideos", the main voice is a constant transition between the Heavy Melodic and the Groove Hardcore but this does not prevent the songs from being heard well, in fact, the Two styles mix very well.

Muyrak - We're Still Alive

1.       Muyrak - We're Still Alive
Heavy Thrash Metal From Brazil

The riff is strong and forceful and is very well accompanied by a bass and percussion that gives it a very convincing character, also the melodic song and the choirs, clarifying that they are inclined to the eighties melody, reflect a classic tint in this single . The singing and the changes of tempo are excellently worked without mentioning how good the cuts sound. The main influences of the band are with iron maiden, metallica and helloween.

Oxalate - Dank Sepulchrum

1.       Oxalate - Dank Sepulchrum
Death Metal From U.S.

Under the themes of Death and the Occult this band releases this first single in 2018 to show its potential to make Death Metal from the aftermath which manages a very shocking sound and low frequencies, so the guttural is accompanied by reverberation effects which projected This song in the underworld, percussion is preponderant and accompanies very well the heavy sound of the electric guitar. For lovers of Black Death Metal and Doom Death Metal, this single will suit you wonderfully.

Dyryth - Sword of Truth

1.       Dyryth - Sword of Truth
Power Metal From Finland

Technically, this EP is a great achievement, it follows some melodic parameters batting concerned in the musical genre of Power Metal, the singing is powerful and with variable and lively nuances, the riffs are exceptional and fast, the guitar solos are varied and very well crafted because they are also of considerable duration but proportionate. The percussion is very strong and entertaining, reminiscent of the influence of the iconic band Raphsody of Fire. Finally the structure of the songs are very well thought of recreating very marked inspiring situations and feelings thanks to the singing.

Venator - Demo 2013

1.       Venator - Demo 2013
Death/ Thrash Metal From Canada

Definitely this demo classifies as Thrash Metal although it subtly handles some elements of Death Metal, the riff are quite forceful and emotional, so much so that they would make any good appreciator of the Metal head, times are carefully managed achieving excellent melodic and very consistent in its sequence, remember the era of the mid and late eighties of thrash metal in its most underground form, the song “pull the joker” makes an exception to the other songs contained in this demo because it shows a slightly more melodic form .

Rhizome - demo raw (Promo 2018)

1.       Rhizome -  demo raw (Promo 2018)
Grindcore From Indonesia

This may be the shortest free sample that has been presented in this blog but that is due to the nature of this demo as Rehearsal that manifests a degree of extreme crudeness and with a quality that must improve a lot, however here we also analyze This promo as a good instrumental and vocal product very conservative with the grindcore style.

Stygian Vacuity – Oblivescence

1.       Stygian Vacuity – Oblivescence
Black/Death Metal From U.S.

influenced by bands like Death, Dissection, Possessed, Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Testament, Mayhem, Darkthrone, Gorguts, Nile, Impiety, 1349, Deeds of Flesh, Spawn of Possession, Immortal, Marduk, Yith, Archgoat, Immolation, Hate Eternal, Gorgasm, Defeated Sanity and Angelcorpse achieve a wild and devastating sound amid the highlights of Blackened Deah Metal. The change of tones in guitar and medium of a constant velocity in percussion remind us of the iconic album “the art of destruction” by Dissection, especially in the song “The Scripture and the Cloth”. The song "The corridor" and "Oblivescence" handles some excellent guitar picking tremolo and its shape closely resembles black Metal incorporating some atmospheric sounds recalling Darkthrone influences. "Qquantum memories" has a very heavy riff that accompanies very well the crude and aggressive guttural, by the way the change of rhythm appreciated at the beginning is very suggestive and inspires to continue listening to this song several times. an excellent tremolo and a very technical guitar solo stand out. "Odyssey into Vortices of Stygious" has a more remarkable melodic appearance at the beginning but gradually takes a more aggressive and constipated form with good riffs and then repeatedly returns to a melodic form. It is interesting to see how “Anthropological Enmity” perceives a constant anger that is not lost sight of despite the slightly more subtle and melodic changes. "Nature of the cage" sums up almost the entire album in terms of its content with violent riffs, aggressive gutturals, good guitar solos and tremolos, as well as accelerated percussions and the occasional melodic component. Finally, the instrumental “INTERRED” remembers a lot the influences of the iconic band Testament regarding guitar arrangements and dark arpeggios.

Beastial Piglord – Sunder

1.       Beastial Piglord – Sunder
Experimental Death Metal From U.S.

It is undoubtedly a great record work at the same time that it can be compared with genres such as Dark Ambient and Atmospheric Black Metal, here we have Death Metal in one of its darkest forms, very close to Black Death Metal in its most perverse and sinister In this album you can find many interesting elements that are very compatible with the terrifying intention that you want to transmit, we find from choral arrangements, interventions of unconventional sounds widely used in horror movie environments, some dialogues such as in the track “seance” , sound pauses adjusted at the precise moment that leave the listener in suspense, excellent guitar riffs and incessantly blunt percussion, repeatedly he feels the guttural very coming from outer dimensions, which when accompanied by the riffs is completely adjusted to shudder . As for the sound, the bass has been given special importance (low sound frequencies) making the trip to etheric dimensions more credible, it can be emphasized that the mastering of the riff is such that sometimes it may seem like noise spots that ironically mix well With the songs Likewise, the song “Ethos” is remarkable because it provides a somewhat different environment from the previous ones, without losing the mystical, some electric guitar arrangements are added that make it listen to something more of a technological environment and can easily transport visually to a terrifying retro stage.

ThickFog - 玉梓 (Tamazusa) single

1.       ThickFog - 玉梓 (Tamazusa) single
Heavy Metal From Japan

A duo is the one that forms this group, essentially it is a guitarist and a female vocalist who intervene. The style is a very convincing Heavy speed Metal and with a soft and high-pitched voice as it is common to play among Japanese rock bands sung by women. Apparently this duo was expected to use quite a visual aesthetic with costumes and makeup, the only negative is that it is not very clear to the naked eye the reason for their outfits. You can download this single released in June 2019 from soundcloud.

Slicer – Predation

1.       Slicer – Predation
Melodic Death Metal From France

The band has a good instrumental performance for the style they handle, although some songs are not purely melodic Death Metal as in “The Frozen Breath Of Death” looks good handling and synchronization, their style is sometimes inclined to much more modern styles than They move away from traditional Death Metal in certain aspects concerning riffs, it should be noted that the song “the aeons cult” and “Predation” are very conservative with Death Metal, although on vocal handling it can improve to a slightly more powerful way . The last track "As Kings Upon The Ashes" for its speed may seem to lean towards Groove or metalcore styles, but as it is heard better we see that it also retains much of traditional Death Metal.

Suffelicious - Straight Against Edge (promo 2011)

1.       Suffelicious - Straight Against Edge (promo 2011)
Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore From Germany

In its grindcore part it is very conservative with the origin of the genre of the hand of bands like Carcass, in its component Death Metal is very inclined to the melodic aspect especially in the way they perform the instruments, so much so that it even scrapes with the Metalcore of a very subtle but not very noticeable, example of this can be distinguished in detail with the song "Schri Schra Schrulli". Regarding the technique, it is quite convincing because it has a good instrumental and guttural performance, however nothing is known about the band, only that they separated at some point after the release of this album in 2011 which they can partially download through from your soundcloud page.


1.       ROBERT KUDUS – Blask
Grunge/ Post Grunge From polonia

Within the dirt of the sound, this album is produced with the force and the crude cruelty with apparently simple riffs but with a dull and dark hue, this accompanied by the guitars makes a good outline of the feelings of displeasure and discomfort as can be heard in "Energy", one could say that it contains some hardcore punk elements that are comparable with respect to the energy transmitted in both riffs and percussions. The melodies are simple and somewhat monotonous, but they reflect the grunge feeling of the early 90's. Something characteristic in this band is that the guitar tuners have a rugged hue however the voice is not so much, in that sense it could be seen that in songs like "spokojnie" there are inclinations towards the post grunge emerged from a gentle stream of alternative Rock. Also Download from jamendo

RODRIGO SOUZA - Down the River

1.      RODRIGO SOUZA - Down the River
Blues Rock from Brazil

A achievement of rhythms are perceived here, including sounds that belong to the line of classic hard rock and Blues Rock, what can be noticed with obvious appreciation is the defined use of instruments that reflect excellent performance with drums, electric guitar and electric bass. The influences most likely come from 70s and 80s hard rock bands. The second part of the songs contained in this album are instrumental and it is here without a doubt that guitar solos can be perceived in detail. The rhythm is very consistent and maintains a unique fluidity. Also Download from jamendo

BLC MIRROR CLB - blc mirror clb

1.       BLC MIRROR CLB - blc mirror clb
Indie Rock From France

The Cure-influenced band, Smashing Pumpkins, Dead Weather and Sonic Youth, formed in 2017 and describe its sound as “powerful and impressive rock that invites a macabre ride through the labyrinth of the human soul”. The truth is that its sound offers a transcendental characteristic, the guitars together generate a quite suggestive relaxation and dreamlike feeling that undoubtedly transports the listener in other planes (as can be perceived in “the organ song”). The structure of the songs impress by their degree of creativity "the evil way" shows a bit of a confusing but well-achieved atmosphere that is right to correspond with the music and percussions, finally the song "kamikaze" is very complete soundly resembling a Hard rock sound achieving an interesting sound mix and with a good intro. Also Download from jamendo

SADME – Alive

1.       SADME – Alive
Psychedelic / Indie / Alternative Rock From Russia

Influenced by artists such as Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Joy Division, Massive Attack and UNKLE, this band formed in 2012 gives us a very interesting sample of Indie Psychedelic rock through this live album where they show a rich sound Surprisingly, the percussion speaks a lot to classify this sound in the psychedelic wave, at the same time that complementary electronic sounds are implemented and with a Cello that together with the prolonged guitar notes achieve a great effect. You can also perceive some elements of grunge Rock which mix very well with the sound described above, many things resemble the psychedelic era of the 60s as can be seen in the song "Done With U" also in an approach with the Metal proto. Some orchestral sounds can be heard creating an epic atmosphere, and in other songs like “Zarathustra” it creates a whole story with a sound landscape included, songs like “freeball2 are quieter but with an impressive character and obviously with a fluid and laborious structure, "Joke" is a bit more opaque song with some folkloric touches in the percussion but still transmitting strong feelings for which it is highly recommended to listen to it, The distribution accompanied by the guitar shriek in the song "Mary" makes you remember you were definitely of rock that represent the 60s and 90s simultaneously. Finally the song "No Love" has a more electronic essence achieved as if they were purely percussion instruments transmitting a large amount of energy that then comes to be accompanied by good guitar riffs. Also Download from jamendo

Black City – Demo 60

Black City – Demo 60
Death Thrash Metal From Colombia
This time this demo enters into an atmosphere created exclusively with arpeggios, very suggestive with melancholic feelings until it enters with the song “Epidemic of madness” where strenuous gallops feel, however there are some incoherent cuts in this song, the Mixing a scale and a guitar mutation is not in line with the organized structure, however what if I really like it is the guitar solo that is projected in the middle of this song, “inhuman acts” is more blunt and handles a certain virtuosity in the rapidity of the guitar, something characteristic in this and other songs is the low speed cut accompanied by three shades of guttural. "Control" and "regression" have a heavier metal bearing speed and fluid riffs without so many abrupt cuts, while "cruelty" is much faster tending to a heavy metal power with guttural interventions and bordering on the shred. Also Download from jamendo

KRAJA - Tagebuch Eines Toten (Demo)

1.       KRAJA - Tagebuch Eines Toten (Demo)
Black Metal From germany

Influenced by bands like Der Weg einer Freiheit, Ellende, Harakiri For The Sky, Mgla, Thy Light and Nargaroth, this lonely project created by Segeseth refers to dark and desolate feelings implementing depressive and atmospheric Black Metal. The vocalization is acute guttural and according to the style, in terms of the provision of the demo it can be detailed that it was well worked since the intro and the Outro define sound limits congruent with the shape of the songs contained, the electric guitar picking tremolo It is essential as well as the brightness achieved in the percussions with dishes since they are very clean and precise, the screams are often heartbreaking and very well accompanied by the riffs that although monotonous reflect the opacity and the gloomy aspect of this demo.

Avi Rosenfeld – Forever

1.       Avi Rosenfeld – Forever
Hard Rock / Blues Rock / Folk Rock From Israel

Avi Rosenfeld again surprises with this pleasant work that mixes different musical genres associated with rock and folk with a great variety of instruments such as the organ, the Hammond, piano, Flute, congas, Wurlitzer keyboard, electric bass, electric guitar and of course A drum percussion. Consecutively we also see a considerable number of artists that are exchanged as the songs change, including good instrumentalists and vocalists, as usual in Avi. Something true is that many similarities are found with the first Deep Purple albums, this because the band is an important influence on the music contained in this álbum.


1.       LENNY WILES LIONSTAR - CONSPIRACY Pushing Paranormal Levers
Space Rock / Psychedelic Rock From U.S.

 band info

This composer definitely achieved what he had never achieved so successfully before, transporting the listener in a true harmony with an unknown dimension, the sound effects are quite credible and credible since the songs are shown extracted from a hidden underground place without need if it is heavy music, it is rather music with a ghostly approach that if not listened to with caution, could make the listener vomit. Very strange sounds can be perceived as crow songs that fade or resemble human screams of agony, in short this is a work that at first glance seems like a parody of rock eccentricity focused on achieving unique effects in music. The songs are really long and thirsty they should listen in placid environments since in anguish this could cause adverse effects in the listener. Also Download from jamendo


1.       VINCENT KARABOULAD – Consistency
Hard Rock / Rock Pop From France

What characterizes this album is its impeccable lead voice that can be comparable to the power of other rock artists such as Ronnie James Dio, absolutely every song reflects a sentimentality but inclined to strength, power and optimism. You can notice a subtlety in the instrumental handling since not all the time electric guitars are used, the few times they are used are for guitar solos or some riffs, instead the synthesizer is used repeatedly. Some choirs and structures resemble the Rock of the 70s and 80s, the truth is that the songs express greatness and eloquence at the same time. Download from jamendo


1.       NSFL.ID – EXPO
Alternative Rock/pop From Indonesia

Influenced by local bands such as BILLFOLD, TOTALFAT, SHANK and HEY-SMITH, this group consisting of four members handles an exceptional instrumental technique, involves some elements of hardcore punk and Metal however it is too inclined to pop, and this is not due to The vocalist's high voice is due to the melody and singing being related to the style of Pop ballads, which makes this album something desperate for anyone looking for aggressiveness or epic power in rock, This album seems very inclined to the commercial and modern tendencies for which we value the parts of the songs that most rhythmically resemble Hardcore punk, irrespective of the lyric and the way of singing, as is the case with the song "world class end". Download from jamendo

NOOSFERA – Distinción

1.       NOOSFERA – Distinción
Avant Garde metal From Mexico

On this occasion Gildardo Rábago Cacho, the unique composer of this project, makes use of his experimental ingenuity to include elements of tribal music within this new album, within the lyric lacks of harmony you can hear incitements to misanthropy and the destruction of the humanity, which is nothing unusual among noosphere works. It can be noted that the songs with odd numbers correspond to environmental songs and without voices where the use of native instruments of tribes from many parts of the world predominates (including oriental and aboriginal sounds) while the songs with even numbers correspond to songs whose base is similar to that of contemporary avant-garde classical music, where disorder predominates under the pretext of sharpening the ear. Download from jamendo

Nephesh – Nephesh

1.       Nephesh – Nephesh
Death Metal From Mexico

This album is made by Rehearsal, this is because this work belongs to an inaccurate date of the early 90's after the band was formed in 1994. The voices are guttural with a complement of highs and lows, but with greater prevalence of acute. Here an excellent piece of the underground of the time can be appreciated considerably, the distortions and the quality of the sound were poor but precisely that gives it an afterlife character. The riffs are not excluded to those of serious notes, you can also hear very twisted but strong acute notes. Download from jamendo

Apocryphetic - Dawn of Lamentation

1.       Apocryphetic - Dawn of Lamentation
Death Metal From U.S.

solo project created by Brandon Love synchronizes the instruments very well with the programmed percussion with the purpose of offering a violent and aggressive product reflecting the brutality in this demo. The closest musical influences of this project are bands such as Suffocation, Cryptopsy, Defeated Sanity, Avulsed, Deeds of Flesh, Mental Horror, Houwitser, Atrocious Abnormality, Ancestral Malediction, Brodequin, Ophiolatry and Abhorrence. The technical handling is very accurate with the traditional Death Metal manifesting anguish with the riffs and the thick guttural. The change of compactness in the middle of the song “dawn of lamentation” shows a good handling in the composition structure, It could also highlight the speed reload times, the good changes, cuts, guitar riffs and the achievement of guttural thick with treble. Apocryphetic has also released the album Apocalyptic Prophecies which is available on bandcamp.

Doctor Cock - Short Stories: Possible Victims of Murder

1.       Doctor Cock - Short Stories: Possible Victims of Murder
Goregrind / Death Metal From Canada

Some sucks regurgitations begin this demo taken from the rotten graves of the underground, each song refers to a situation where there are victims of murder, for this reason the effect on the voices has a surprising reverberation related to the ghosts of dead people, precisely the track “Possessed by a Ghost from the Freezer” refers to a frozen body after being brutally frozen. Here you do not hear disorders or saturations of distortions as usual in many goregrind bands, in this demo they use subtle sharp riffs and good guitar solos that perhaps remind part of what the underground was about in the early 90s. Likewise, percussion does not need to be quick to transmit violence and gore. In general terms, this demo represents the Goregrind perfectly harmonized with classic Death Metal.

MindFak – Treter (EP 2016)

1.       MindFak – Treter (EP 2016)
Groove Metal / Metalcore From Poland

Influenced by bands like Panther, Down, Vader, Machine Head & Black Sabbath, we have a portentous and aggressive EP released in 2016 that recreates the essentials of the Groove Metal of the early 90s, this form of Groove is more connected with Thrash Metal not only with their riffs but for their percussions as can be seen in the song "Wolf", the breakdowns are very subtle and proportional as can be heard in "skoczniak" which gives credibility when making changes of compasses. The song "Jestémy" aptly presents several elements of the classic Groove including vocalization very well worked with a duplication effect. Finally, the song "Prehistoryczne Psy" offers a riff where low tunings predominate very similar to those used in traditional Doom Metal. At the moment the band is promoting their new album “Wierutny (2019)” which they can buy from bandcamp , from this link you can download Treter (2016) from soundcloud.

CHOREA - Chronicles of the Darkened Earth

1.       CHOREA - Chronicles of the Darkened Earth
Symphonic Black Metal From Ukraine

A journey between the darkest of the middle ages we can hear here, under a classical and symphonic essence we can realize that musically this album represents a good quality elaboration, Under the melodic extreme Metal standards elements of the Melodic Death Black can be perceived. The songs have a mystical touch that captivates the listener with blunt melodies and very successful with the medieval context but without losing its dark essence, the guitars that are often used for the picking tremolo and the heavy gallop are accompanied by very good solos of guitar and symphonic and atmospheric passages. This album has 6 songs and 4 atmospheric intros that are gradually introduced into imaginary contexts. The structure of the songs is very complete and carefully worked, it is perfectly known at what moments to make the cuts and the change of company, especially highlighting the songs “Chronicles of the Darkened Earth” and “the Hooks”. As for vocalization, mainly shriek and acute guttural predominate, although it is efficiently combined with thick gutturals such as "Teutonic Knights" and "the plague". In general this album is highly recommended.

NERO - chapter two

1.       NERO - chapter two
Synth Rock From Italy

What can be heard here is a series of compositions aimed at melodies that often tend to gloomy and dark environments, but on other occasions they express a positive emotional feeling like “Before the storm”, the changes are very interesting, you can easily make a transfer from the aggressive to the soft. Download From jamendo

Osorios – 69 variaciones

1.       Osorios – 69 variaciones
Blues Rock / Hard Rock From Spain

musical project created by the Osorio brothers, this time comes this instrumental album that was recorded and self produced by David Osorio. You can listen to sexy and delicious guitar solos that accompany the melodies throughout their journey with impeccable performance. The most notable songs within the universe of Hard rock and rolly Blues are: "out69roll", "R69Blues" "Old69blues" and "rock69emotions". The 69 variations surely refer to all those combinations of major and minor concatenated in the traditional 12-bar structure within the blues. The scales are traditional within rock and roll, hard rock and Blues rock, but they undoubtedly show spectacular technique. Download From jamendo


1.       CRUCIFIXIÓN - Al Límite
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal From Spain

In this fully instrumental album, the essentials of the Heavy Metal of the 80s are rescued, using as a sound resource synthetic and epic effects that immediately manage to transport the listener in that golden era of Heavy Metal. What can be detailed in songs like "go to hell" and "l limit" is an unstoppable energy that reflects a lot of the rebel spirit of Heavy Rock, among some elements is the refreshing gallop, the long notes in their proper moments, the powerful percussion and the blunt character of the leading guitar in conjunction with some effects. "Rubicon" is the typical sample of the crossroads and suspense riff, while songs like "hope" and "just leave" are somewhat more emotional and appropriate for hard rock ballads. Download From jamendo


1.       SIMPLEFIXTY – Alive
Industrial Rock/ Metal, Synth Rock From Norway

Here we have an unconventional form of industrial rock metal that includes more sublime elements of electronic hardcore, in addition to dark samples and approaches with darkcore and accelerated Jungle music. It is remarkable the amount of resonant and thunderous effects that are manifested in this novel album. Additionally, choirs and spontaneous orchestral arrangements can be perceived. This album is ideal for those who like the strident sounds of electronic music fused with the distorted guitars of industrial rock. Download From jamendo

Cygnus Vox - De naturaleza sencilla

Cygnus Vox - De naturaleza sencilla
Synth Rock From Spain

Again we present this solitary musical project whose instrumental base is achieved through synthetic sounds, perhaps the riffs, as mentioned before, are very monotonous, but we must highlight the versatility with which it appropriates the range of sounds to make them sound in harmony, as with the guitar solos that are heard eventually, there is a lot of emotion and softness in songs like "I change everything for you", "While the rain falls around me" and "difficult without you". Songs like "distant and dimensionless" sound very melancholy and appeased, almost tending to a depressive Indie rock, instead songs like "I just need to be with you" is more inclined towards the base of 12 rock and roll compacts but with a touch calmer to judge by the way of singing and in fact it is one of the few songs where you can see that the melody of the song is consistent with the instrumental music unlike other songs where you feel a disagreement, the song “this world is about to explode ”is a rock inclined to the Heavy Hard Rock sound when judging by the way you play the guitar as in gallops, reminding you of the Deep Purple sound. Download From jamendo

AL RYDEN - Переменчивое Постоянство

1.       AL RYDEN - Переменчивое Постоянство
Blues Rock / Hard Rock From Russia

Once again we present another album of the AL RYDEN group, this is released in 2005 where we can detail some good melodic nuances in the middle of an environment that leans towards the Bloes Rock and the classic Rock of the 80s. from track # 5 “Проходит Стороной Мир Красочный, Большой” a great influence of hard rock inclined towards heavy metal can be noticed. This work, despite being little known, handles good standards in rock music. Download From jamendo

SOLO - I don't play

1.       SOLO - I don't play
Alternative Rock / punk From Spain

Once again we soundly contemplate another of SOLO's works, this time we have an album more inclined to the ambient sound achieved thanks to a special guitar effect that makes it sound deeper. The riffs are too monotonous but retain some of the punk style, it should be remembered that this punk is a more friendly and less aggressive way as the musical genre is usually classified. Something that can be observed in this and later recordings is the simultaneity of high and low sounds with bass guitar distortion. As for the song, this is shown at the beginning of the album as a bit bitter and as the songs go by you can see a change towards a more optimistic version which makes us doubt much about the true affinity with punk, so It is more prudent to classify this album as an alternative rock. Download From jamendo