Mysticus Radio (Iradeo)

Mysticus Radio (Iradeo)


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This blog, created in 2013, was created with the noble intention of spreading all those rock and metal bands around the world that authorize the public download of their musical works. Until mid-2020 this blog made reviews, now it gives the freedom for each listener to rate what they like in the comments

sábado, 17 de agosto de 2019


1.       JUAN GUALDA PROJECT – Salvaje
Heavy metal / Hard Rock  From Spain

 band info

This solo project, although it does not have the best sound quality result, has a great fluency in instrumentation to respond as an interesting musical structure, excellent guitar riffs, electric bass and percussions, however rare sounds are perceived that seem that come from an effect on the electric bass or drums, in short this album reminds us of an era of Heavy Metal of the 80s when Spanish-speaking underground bands still emerged, is a good reference for those who have heard great bands in cassette format and LP that were generally not well known but their music was spectacular. Download From Jamendo

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