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Dear and damn readers

Dear and damn readers:

This blog was created with the humble intention of announcing those bands that authorize the free and public downloads of their discographic works, under no circumstance we support the piracy and the illegal downloads, Also if you really know to appreciate Rock and Metal in any of Its expressions, the best thing you can do to support the scene is to buy music or official accessories of your favorite bands, any download link shown in this blog comes from each band or label´s official bandcamp, reverbnation, Mega, Mediafire and Jamendo pages. The inhabitants of the European Union are informed that this blog uses cookies from Blogger and Google.

domingo, 8 de diciembre de 2019

Bands November 2019 (Releases for Free And Legal Downloads)

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10.A.M – Schizophrenia Indie pop/Rock

1.       10.A.M – Schizophrenia
Indie pop/Rock From France

the style that is handled here is very inclined to a soft form of rock that does not border on the romantic or cheesy, but emphasizes parameters of relaxation, many of the things that can be heard correspond to the use of acoustic guitar and sometimes of distorted electric guide. Enough similarities can be drawn with forms of folk rock that involve only the acoustic part and acapella. Download From jamendo

POLYCHROME - Majeur et vacciné

1.       POLYCHROME - Majeur et vacciné
Progressive / Hard Rock From France

The songs contained in this wonderful album are complementary to alternative rock since it involves many sounds that mix very well with rock, mainly if you can feel an eighties air that is possibly integral with many other rock genres, at the same time you could affirm that there is a sixties air rooted with the ballad and psychedelic rock and roll of the time, however here a more relaxed aesthetic is handled without emphasizing aggressiveness but in fresh sounds. Songs like "mademoiselle" please the ear for its mix with synthetic sounds, something can be said after listening to the entire album, retains a classic essence faithful to an aged rock but with a boom of loneliness and implicit simplicity. Download From jamendo


Black Metal From Russia

A dark and submerged voice in desolation characterizes this demo launched in 2019, handles a very good Black Metal technique, keeping the essentials of this style, basically they are accelerated percussions at a moderate pace with uns riffs achieved with tremolo picking and surely with “fifths” ”, The voices go quite well coupled with reverberation effects and a rhythm that echoes in the head of every listener, the style is similar to the depressive Black Metal but it is ruled out because the latter tends to have other levels of guttural screams accompanied by similar riffs .

Remembrancer – Haunting

1.       Remembrancer – Haunting
Atmospheric Doom Metal from U.S.

The sound represented here is quite dense and heavy, it could be said that it is a Doom Metal strongly influenced by the riffs of the first record album of "Blck Sabbath", track 1 "haunting" is extremely shocking and to some extent sleepy, requires patience and surprising strength not to fall asleep, "revenant" is quite close to an atmosphere and half of the song already reveals the Doom Metal. Regarding the style of Doom Metal executed, it could be said that it is a Death Doom / Funeral Doom Metal.

ANCHOR FIELD – Claustrophobia

1.       ANCHOR FIELD – Claustrophobia
Progressive Power Metal From Russia

This album was released in 2012 and refers to a lot of instrumental skill with an environmental accompaniment achieved with synthesizers, the female voice is really decisive and reinvindicative with Metal, although it is handled cleanly with some torn ups and downs, the intervention of electronic sounds also makes a formidable combination. Several of the songs shown here are undoubtedly emotional, some reflect desolation and others reflect triumphant tranquility as in "soliloqui" or "love charm" Download From jamendo

Embryonix – Embryonix

1.       Embryonix – Embryonix
Progressive Heavy/Thrash Metal From Italy

Extinct and without knowing anything about this band, Embrionix has been defined within a syncretic genre that mixes Heavy Metal with the essentials of Thrash Metal and progressive Metal, the truth is that you can see great similarities with Heavy Metal bands that They have tried to adapt to the trends of the mid-90s as is the case of the iconic band "Metal Church". The main riff in each song is a powerful and at the same time relaxing energy for those of us who have heard the evolution of Metal in the years after the 80's. The intros in all the songs are simply amazing and are accompanied by good bass, especially the song “In My Silence” exposes a heavy and slow way of doing Heavy Thrash metal without having any relationship with the Doom Metal, the cuts and the sequence are an important part of this song And you can see the progressive part perfectly.

Playdown - Demo 2

1.       Playdown - Demo 2
Groove/Thrash Metal From Serbia

Influenced by bands like Iron Maiden, Panther, Therapy ?, Six Feet Under, Metallica, Paradise Lost, Alter Bridge, Crowbar and Queensryche, this band releases this second demo in 2016 showing a skill and good synchrony of instruments, notably a syncretization is done of several styles of Metal including Heavy Metal, but with a total predominance of Groove Metal, it is not for nothing that the band bears that name, the use of breakdowns is essential in this album. The guttural is intercepted many times with clean voices, however the main thing is aggressive singing, so such combination is not impertinent, although much of the essence of the 90s is rescued (listen to “luci mind”)

Solipsis – Disociativo (single 2019)

1.       Solipsis – Disociativo (single 2019)
Groove Metal/Deathcore From Nicaragua

The lyrics in this single are centered around nihilism and dark instrospection, the song is supported by basic synthetic sounds, the riffs are extremely fluid and with a predominant bass, the gutturals vary from thick to sharp, often seem regurgitations but Without reaching the extreme of the grindcore, the melody has sound ups and downs, where you repeatedly feel a fresh sound and then perceive blunt with progressive elements. Currently the band premieres the EP "vesania" available in bandcamp.

Believe The Lie - Dying Star

1.       Believe The Lie - Dying Star
Progressive Groove Metal From Spain

Currently the band has changed its name and is called The ox. This project is definitely an underground piece with a darker and rotten form of Groove Metal quite committed to Hardcore Punk, alluding to the good riffs that are very close to Death / thrash Metal. The cuts and tempo changes are formidable and exemplary because they establish a form in the whole song that attracts attention and causes you to listen to it for a long time. The gutturals are partly torn and validly blunt and aggressive. Regarding the “progressive” style, it can be seen in some parts of songs where in addition to some riffs with fast scales and an intermittent cut in the rhythm that makes it expanded. I recommend listening to the songs "Dying Star" and "On the Day That never Ends." The band currently under its new name expresses influences from bands such as Neurosis, Intronaut, Gojira, Mastodon, Toundra, King Crimson, Opeth, Black Sabbath and New Keepers of Water Towers.

Termogenesis - Entre los escombros

1.       Termogenesis - Entre los escombros
Electronic/Heavy Metal/Rock From Spain

Musical project created by Eto Morales who from the beginning mixed electronic music very well with Rock / Metal, especially with the Melodic Heavy styles nearby with Power Metal. The use of electronic rhythms and synth wave are recurrent and concordant in rhythm to the drum percussion, the vocal technique is explained. The song “without reason” is especially highlighted, which handles many elements of traditional Power Metal with psychophonic electronic elements. The author expresses that it is inevitable to sound dark but this is not the ultimate intention, beyond this he seeks the reinvindication of life over death. The last three tracks "sinful substance", "by the times" and "thermogenesis" are shown with a more modern hardcore electronic sound.

FenrisWulf - Wolves of Odin

1.       FenrisWulf - Wolves of Odin
Melodic Death Metal From South Africa

influenced by bands like Amon Amarth, Kataklysm, trivium, Insomnium and Eluveitie, arise in the city of Secunda launching this EP in 2018, it contains an obvious emotional charge with a good instrumental performance that allows us to say that it is a good job , the guttural handling is very broad and melodically consistent with the sounds, the leading and rhythmic guitars are in complete synchrony manifesting themselves in melancholic pickings and a percussion present in the opportune moments, the electric bass is very preponderant and certainly gives relevance to the guitar riffs which can be seen in greater detail in songs like "age of steel".

CRISIS BENOIT - ...just a RAW demo

1.       CRISIS BENOIT - .​.​.​just a RAW demo
Death Metal / Grindcore from italy

Only one word defines this demo: belligerent. Launched in 2017, this demo describes the best features of aggressive grindcore with strong influences from Crust and Death Metal, the central lyrics managed by the band are wrestling, a theme that is substantially coupled with the musical style, especially if it refers to the bloody wrestling. It is clear that the sound quality is not very good but certainly the style is well executed.

Project Ruins - Project Ruins

1.       Project Ruins - Project Ruins
Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore

This musical project was initiated by the sound engineer David Beaumont who at some point dreamed of doing a tour but before the impossibility he decided to show through an academic project how international collaboration can be achieved for the formation of a band using software and available technologies, the result is that this project was successfully achieved whose first album was released in 2009 and can now be downloaded freely, the sound that can be found in this album is very modern, not conservative with any Metal style and more aligned with the Metalcore without vestiges of Death Metal anywhere, the speed and the structure conditional on certain standards combined with certain extra technical sounds prevents more unusual things from being perceived, the riff of the song “Vague Ideas” could be highlighted Of Sin ”whose fluency sets the mood in a sophisticated technological system. Currently the band has released "closing the season", their most recent production almost 10 years after releasing the first album.

Ashkira - The Honor of Defeat (Preview)

1.       Ashkira - The Honor of Defeat (Preview)
Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore From U.S.

influenced by bands like Darkest Hour, Lamb of God, Heaven Shall Burn, Parkway Drive, Devil Wears Prada, August Burns Red and Machine Head surge are band from the United States to show their style of making opaque melodic Death Metal under the line of Viking Melodic Metal bands like Amon Amarth and Enslaved. The constant use of tremolo picking and fluid riffs makes this band a good reference in the execution of standards of this metal sub-style. The Metalcore facet basically arises from the shape of the screams and the structure of the song.

Severe - Severe EP

1.       Severe -  Severe EP
Black Metal / Crust Punk From Belgium

The sound of this project is defined as a Black Metal framed in the origins of the musical genre that moves away from the standards of the new wave of the current Black Crust, here you can certainly appreciate a more faithful sound with the beginnings of the second wave of Black Metal, we speak of course of the first vestiges of bands like Arckanum and carphatian forest. The sound and ambience is completely dark and sinister where without resorting to sitetizer arrangements they shake the ears.


1.       CIRRHOSE ATAK - S/T
Thrash Metal/Hardcore Punk From France

A powerful load of aggressive Hardcore Punk can be seen in this good Ep released in 2015, absolutely the entire repertoire is of fast songs and with strong riffs, very surely strongly influenced by bands like Ratos de Porão, Soziedad Alkoholika, Exploited, Agrotoxico and Sherwood Pogo The essence of the old-school thrash Metal is maintained simultaneously when applied along belligerent riffs and blast beats. The cuts for rhythm changes are so good that sometimes the transformation perceived in the execution of the riffs is surprising. The song “La mort ou TchiTchi” is notable for its structure and shape that highlights a kind of prelude made with percussion.

Black City – demo 61

1.       Black City – demo 61
Death Metal From colombia

In this new installment, the mysterious composer of this underground project decides to expand once more his techniques in electric guitar with good results noticing a virtuous guitar handling, sometimes two guitars are noticed. After listening to the previous demos, these songs could be considered a new sight of continuous improvement, however it should be noted that it is necessary to change the gestures and times regarding the change of rhythm or rhythm, it has been repeated countless times that the singer has an acceleration with pauses that really becomes annoying for having previously heard repeatedly. Download From jamendo

PRIGIONE ETERNA - Terricula et Phantasmata

1.       PRIGIONE ETERNA - Terricula et Phantasmata
Avant garde Metal from Italy

The origin of this project remains a mystery, the project is basically composed of sound experimentation, here a series of inconsistencies will not be heard, on the contrary, the notes and songs retain a relevant logical sequence with the cuts and time changes . Iff are a bit repetitive but they are well achieved, their sound quality is very acceptable and good at the same time, the voice is interspersed between clean and guttural, the songs are usually permeated by unconventional sounds especially of unknown instruments and synthetic electronic effects in lesser extent. Download From jamendo

Mohria - The Traveller of Worlds

1.       Mohria - The Traveller of Worlds
Melodic Heavy Metal From Brazil

The melody is the main component in this Brazilian band composed of 4 musicians, mainly because thanks to the orchestral and environmental effects and arrangements very interesting scenarios are achieved. The use of the keyboard is probably in most of the album especially where those atmospheric effects are mentioned, but there are two songs with the accompaniment of the piano: “city of gold” and “Sailor of the stars”, songs like “Here I am ”shows an excellent use of two guitars accompanying a riff, while“ Revolution Begins ”is a song with gutturals in a style similar to Thrash Metal with a rhythm similar to old school speed Metal, it is noteworthy that in all the Excellent guitar solos will be heard on the album that put this band instrumentally at a considerable level, in some songs a female voice can be heard that can sing high-pitched or in soprano as can be seen in the first songs. The only aspect that should improve the band is the main male voice since it lacks technique especially in that instrumentation that takes a good level of work.

Defective reality – Demo 2015

1.       Defective reality – Demo 2015
Groove/Death/Progressive Metal From Germany

Combining the most powerful of the percussions of Death Metal, along with the structures of Progressive Metal and some notes in Groove Metal tunings, this good trio of musicians that make up this musical project since 2015, however, it should be noted that this band theoretically born in 1991 with the name "veredict" achieving truly accelerated and forceful sounds in this completely instrumental demo. The songs are really a story told in several parts that includes as a main component the recalcitrant mystery of Death Metal, it should be noted that the battery is possibly programmed with some software but the sound achieved with two guitars and a bass really surprises as in the song "The Great dormancy." "Noises of torment" awakens an elastic sensation as it lowers the rhythm of the percussion on several occasions making there is time to appreciate the movement of the guitars, "Stranded in the void of afterlife" refers to a combination of a slow and dark riff with an accelerated percussion, which mixes very well with each other and with possible sound effects achieved with the distortion of one of the guitars.


Sludge/Doom Metal From Germany

This duo does what could be considered a Doom Metal with Post Hardcore influences, so it is classified in the Sludge Metal, you can perceive a lot of aggressiveness and hate in this album loaded with heavy and dense electric guitar riffs, in addition to a forceful percussion that marks extremely slow rhythms that are easily coupled to feelings of heartbreaking bitterness considering the song that expresses agony and sometimes comparable to the screams that are usually heard in the DSBM. The album consists of an orchestra of darkness distributed in three parts and two additional tracks of shorter duration, the track "II" is focused on the Dark ambient with really ghostly and sometimes desperate atmospheres, in contrast you can hear that the song "Montagmorgen ”Is a little more energetic but without neglecting its aggressive and dark essence.

Aladecorb - Ni Déu ni señor

1.       aladecorb - Ni Déu ni señor
Heavy Metal From Spain

It is a mixture of recalcitrant melodies with influences of Hard Rock, Melodic Death Metal, Progressive Metal and Thrash Metal with a marked predominance of the eighties Heavy Metal, it is undeniable that in this album released in 2012 are some comforting songs that are conservative with the essence of the Heavy Metal genre. The band belongs to Catalonia and for its technique and good singing it can be compared with many bands of renowned name such as Iron Maiden or Saxon. The album begins with an introduction to a Heavy Metal loaded with good riffs and some very technical solos without scratching the virtuous, from the Track “Cop de Gracia” you can notice a greater influence of thrash Metal with the incorporation of accompanying choirs the main voice, follow some songs with a more emotional and melodic focus until you reach “entropy”, a song with a very strong character and hand in hand with the old school of Heavy Metal, then follow the track “colors” where you can see a hoarse voice as a narrative and the instrumental "Aladecorb" that contains arpeggios, solos and good riffs, finally the song "talaia" is the best worked since its instrumental intro fits quite well with an epic song that gives the feeling of A story with mythical and fantasy themes.

UWIKA - Country Kisses

1.       UWIKA - Country Kisses
Indie Rock / Country Rock From Germany

Since some notes related to country ballads and the wave of rock twist are heard, it could be said that this album is a good approximation to those essences, however it should be noted that there is a relevant aspect regarding the voice, when usually the songs In these musical styles they are soft or torn, in this case we hear a serious and hoarse voice that, despite not being conventional, fits well with the songs. Download From jamendo

CRUCIFIXIÓN - Juguete Roto

1.       CRUCIFIXIÓN - Juguete Roto
Heavy Metal / Hard Rock From Spain

This fully instrumental album reflects a form of heavy metal very forceful but with an air of motivational inspiration, for example "In the silence of the night" shows a good complement between the classic sound of Heavy with the sounds made by synthesizer, also the “Bad company” song has an adventurous and unimpeded character, while “broken toy” is a bit more emotional and inspires more melancholic feelings whose guitar notes accompanied by a frost effect are shown just like the romantic glam rock ballads . From the eighties. Download From jamendo

ALVARSOVY - Dawning pulse

1.       ALVARSOVY - Dawning pulse
Psychedelic Rock / Synth rock / avant garde rock From France

undoubtedly this album recalls some melodic aesthetics of the motivational music of yesteryear, we are talking about the retro era of the eighties where the synth wave took great relevance, you can also see some influences of styles such as psychedelic rock and classical rock. The sound quality is frightening, however in terms of composition it is not so bad. His experimental essence allows him the luxury of mixing totally artificial sounds with percussions and guitar notes, giving rise to the monotony of rhythms without any change of compaz. Download From jamendo

THE GUTA JASNA – ixotope

1.       THE GUTA JASNA – ixotope
Blues Rock from Slovakia

Sounds that feed the rebel spirit, based on rock and roll and ambient music, it really is a good compilation that is worth listening to for its harmony, melody and essentially for its conservative style with rock derivatives and precedents such as Western, Country and blues and even heavy Metal (song 2j), among the many instruments detected are the piano, drums, atmospheric sounds, the synthesizer (Breakdown_remaster), bass, acoustic guitars and electric guitar. Download From jamendo

LENNY WILES LIONSTAR - Hillbillies Of The Universe

1.       LENNY WILES LIONSTAR - Hillbillies Of The Universe
Space/psychedelic Rock/ Avant garde Rock From U.S.

After listening to several albums of this lonely project in turn, it has been possible to notice that the author definitely seeks to make diversity of experimental sounds from rock or possibly is crazy, the truth is that this album compiles some aspects in the fastest way and Country move: the hillbilly, originally this musical style is played with banjos, guitars and violins, however here you can see some psychedelic and very confusing mixtures that may suggest that several of the songs could be copied and altered from original works, for example the song “White lightning has cracked the sky” is an approach to speed Thrash Metal, however when you listen carefully you can hear an alleged reference to the Thrash Death Metal of the iconic possessed band, and some Speed Heavy Metal bands, it would not be for nothing that these songs are heard with voices whose speed has increased to the point that the loudest voice sounds Give, at least one original song, what is your need to alter your voice? Well, this is still in doubt, the truth is that this album contains a large number of genres related to hill Billy, country and rockabilly, blues rock. If a perfectionist in sounds and composition listens to this album, he would surely vomit Download From jamendo

SOLO - Di negocios

1.       SOLO - Di negocios
Alternative Rock From Spain

This time this solo project comes with new songs, the sound quality in this album leaves much to be desired, an imbalance in the sound is heard especially in the song "train destiny to hell" despite having a good riff, many times the hoarse and soft voice does not coincide in the song with the sequence of the musical rhythm, it is noted that many words accumulate in a rhythmic sequence which forces it to be said faster, there are songs like “neither forgiveness nor oblivion” that has a closer focus to surf with some rock ballad that in turn has a good change of pace at the beginning but in its progress a lot of monotony is noticed, in “Another unresolved case” as well as in other songs the percussion is desperate, there is a rhythmic base that It does not match the rhythm of the other instruments and the singing. Finally I draw attention in this and other albums the bad sound that transmits the sound of the electric guitar when they make notes with it. "ETA's latest attack" is perhaps the only punk rock song. In general terms, the tendency of SOLO is perhaps of experimentation, very few albums surprise, since a transcendental change in innovation or improvement is not observed, however the songs serve to set some bar or something similar. Download From jamendo

Orchestra Of The Drowned - Reavealing The Arcane

1.       Orchestra Of The Drowned - Reavealing The Arcane
Black Metal / Industrial Metal From Russia

Essentially we are listening to an ambient black Metal here, possibly with some influences from bands such as Cradle of Filth or carpathian forest, the basic sound in the background corresponds to a combination of dark atmospheres and orchestral arrangements that provide shocking sounds, the vocalization is obviously guttural with a tendency to be drowned but with a recurring emotion that invites you to feel comfortable under this sound. The industrial component can be seen to a greater extent in other albums of this solo project led by Edelian Shine.

Endless Drain - War of My Hate

1.       Endless Drain - War of My Hate
Thrash/Groove Metal From Czechia

Thrash Metal is definitely the style that dominates this musical project when judging by the structure of the songs, the band calls itself Kodern Thrash Death Metal, but the truth is that it involves some elements of Groove Metal and post-Hardcore punk (listen to “Sky of Lies”), The riffs as well as the guttural are extremely aggressive and with a bit of darkness, probably the song “Psycho Shot” is the most faithful to the Speed Thrash Metal sound when listening to its speed and kinship with The eighties style. This album was released in October 2019 and is available for legal download. Download From Bandzone


Melodic Heavy Metal From Colombia

here we have before our ears a great singer in a solo project of Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Power Metal with an emphasis on vocal technique quite consolidated, the singing is powerful and well worked and comparable with great singers of the musical genre. Here are available a couple of songs titled "thamara" and "ancestral dream", which show the constant intervention of orchestral arrangements and arrangements in simultaneous electric guitars that harmonize perfectly with the available percussion of blasting, this makes the songs tend to a symphonic Metal style similar to the sound of bands like Epica. Obviously this Ep is consolidated as an authentic sample considering that a confluence between a rhythmic Power Metal base (best heard in the song "ancestral dream") and the pleasant and extraordinary voice of singer Yimark Gonzales is successfully achieved. Yimark Gonzales is a woman studied in music from renowned Colombian institutions and universities under the instruct of a renowned singer named Obdulio Campo, also part of bands like FENIX and the female group Highway. The disc "ancestral dream" is for sale in physical format and is also available on music platforms. Fanpage

Joe Rotten - Reversible Blood

1.       Joe Rotten - Reversible Blood
Heavy Metal / Shred From Brazil

The main feature of this solo musician is virtuosity, the songs have good riffs, percussion and bass, however the main emphasis is on guitar solos, showing much of the Shred style, but sometimes obscuring what could be done in terms of melody of base, since generally it is a structure of guitar riffs that vary very little, although if you can notice some obvious changes of compactness and rhythm of percussion that are quite consistent and opportune. Something that could stand out in some solos, depending on their form, immediately equate to an appropriate riff, which can be an opaque or large amount of energy riff. The song "bloodline" contains a riff with tremolo picking, very familiar to those who like to listen to Blck metal, the percussion tempo is slower but also shakes the song. "Behind the Evil Mask" is a little more technical song with elements of Death Metal very versatile in solos and techniques for Shred on guitar that sound great, although the base of the background riff is too monotonous. Finally, “Road to Count´s Castle” reminds us a lot of the 80's Heavy Metal era due to the shape of its riffs that do not present monotony at all, as well as being accompanied by terrifying environmental sounds and good guitar solos.


Thrash Metal / Crossover From U.S.

The style that the band manages at the beginning is partying and aggressive, it reminds a lot of the old punk Rock and hardcore punk guard thanks to its predominant riffs, the voice tends to be sharp, raw and somewhat whispered, something similar to that used in the black metal. Generally the songs begin with dialogues which puts them in lyrical context. The “Steiner Math”, “The worked shoot” and “I´ve cena –nuff” songs are a bit darker because of their slower and more shocking riffs, which in turn are accompanied by what looks like speeches that sometimes omit the raw song. The song "The muta Scale" is equally dark riffs but is faster and more aggressive appropriate for the mosh pit.

THE RIDERS - Reality Resistance

1.       THE RIDERS - Reality Resistance
Southern / groove Metal  From ukraine

What can be seen here is a band that makes use of its musical faculties to address the most characteristic of southern rock in apology to Groove Metal, from a distance a strong influence of Metallica is noted in its modern stage, where they preach rhythms away from Thrash Metal but retaining some features such as voice or in other cases preserving some percussion blast beats. Some good riffs and alone can be perceived with dynamic and monotonous songs that give enough time to appreciate. Also Download From Jamendo

Wulf Blitzer - Lite by

1.       Wulf Blitzer - Lite 
Black/Death/Hardcore punk From U.S.

The name of this band is a parody of the renowned television presenter called Wolf Blitzer, his style has similarities with crust punk for his aggressiveness and the bass of the tuning of guitars, but you could say that here the structure of the hardcore punk post predominates , there are moments and cuts where in another style come incessant screams of the hardcore post, but instead there are more grounded songs from black and death metal influences. You can also hear a combination of tremolo picking and hardcore riff, it is a short time transition that is not so inconsistent and does not sound bad.

Kaostrophobia - Adictos al Caos Adictos al Mosh (SINGLE)

1.       Kaostrophobia - Adictos al Caos Adictos al Mosh (SINGLE)
Thrash Metal From Dominican republic.

This band is simply consistent with the essence of thrash metal, that is, lyrics that lead to excess alcohol, dementia, rebellion, chaos, etc. This corresponds to a single released in 2014 which reflects a fast and forceful style with its riffs, if the lyric line of the band is analyzed in depth, it can be seen that it is aimed at war and destruction as usual among the bands of This genre of Metal. Fortunately this band manages to release an Ep in 2017 that contains 5 songs which are not available for free download. Also Download From Reverbnation

Somah – Somah Ep 2019

1.       Somah – Somah Ep 2019
Thrash/Death Metal From france

This band has Thrash metal as its central axis, the presence of Death Metal may be related to vocalization, although this is very ambiguous since the purest Thrash Metal has a wide range of voices that could even resemble those of Death, Heavy or Black Metal, certainly the band has a good riff with moments of sound illumination and acceleration as well as a change to slower tempos accompanied by good guitar riff, the beginning of the song “kill or be killed” is extremely striking since it It is a percussion very suggestive of aggressiveness, gradually entering the rhythm that defines the riff (which tends to be more monotonous and close to Black Metal) and the rest of the song.

Fakultura – Untitled

1.       Fakultura – Untitled
Thrash Metal From Czechia

.Its beginnings date back to 1988, making a greater presence and notoriety in the 90s where they released a demo and some rehearsals, their current style is strongly influenced by Metallica of the 90s, although some songs, tuning and distortion arrangements can be perceived very similar to Groove metal as in the song “wolves”, the songs “Friday 13th”, “it's noneof your fuckin´business” are the most conservative with Thrash Metal with a melodic structure and a forceful riff, instead the song “ Forbidden love ”is very inclined to the soft tendency of Metal rock inspired by Metallica's works after the 80s. The vocalization tends to be soft for the style he drives and sometimes very similar to that of James Hetfield of Metallica, without However, it is noteworthy that the songs have a good formula that prevents them from being monotonous and having an interesting configuration in their ears. The song "team america" has an intro that resembles oriental culture and then begins with a good guitar riff that gradually gives the Thrash metal shape, finally the song "brainstorm soundwaveblast" is an instrument that uses arpeggios and It is very soft but fresh. About the name of this album nothing is known but it was most likely recorded between 2010 and 2011. Download From bandzone

Igne Crematur – Agnes (promo single)

1.       Igne Crematur – Agnes (promo single)
Death/Black Metal From Poland

The following single is part of the EP "The last Witch" released in June 2019 which talks about the torture of the middle ages and the Holy Inquisition against witches and any desecration, the style is quite crude, definitely It is a good traditional Death Metal ensemble with Black Metal with some moderate speed riffs equalized with some shocking bass, likewise the guttural tends to vary from serious to acute, especially in screaming, with reverberation effects that make the theme played credible in the lyrics.

Illarith - Unknown Origin (single 2019)

1.       Illarith  - Unknown Origin (single 2019)
Depressive Black Metal / Ambient Black Metal From U.S.

From the first moment you hear this simple feel an extremely heavy atmosphere that belongs to the Ambient Black Metal style with emphasis on the Depressive style, however it should also be noted that due to the slowness and heaviness of its rhythm it closely resembles the Doom Metal, so much so that this song could be classified as Doom Black metal. The theme handled in this single and throughout the discography is suicide and death.

lunes, 4 de noviembre de 2019

Bands October 2019 (Releases for Free And Legal Downloads)

click on the album you want to listen and download from the band's official site (LEGAL AND FREE DOWNLOADS), the links lead to a review about each album ¡ thanks for visit this blog ! Subscribe for more notifications

ΑΛΓ - Draft 9

1.       ΑΛΓ - Draft 9
Alternative Rock / Grunge From France

This musical project recreates a versatility of sounds that is always based on an opaque and somewhat dry essence, however it is a good album that, in addition to the good sound quality, reveals a disturbing way in essence, in the song “Ghost of the past ”you can notice a transition from complete desolation towards an emotional rhythm but without losing its calm essence with some experimental touches,“ Quetzalcoatl ”is very interesting because it closely resembles Doom Metal but with a few grunge touches,“ le vaudou ”It has a base similar to that of blues rock and roll but with a very dull and bitter voice, although guitar solos definitely awaken another feeling given their technique and presence. "Golem de Chair" begins and ends in a subtle and quiet way with notes that seem like neoclassical music and cabaret, presenting in the middle of the song some very emotional and energetic solos. Finally, "orage" is completely instrumental and involves various atmospheric sounds and percussions of tambourines and bongoes. the name of this band reads like alpha, lambda, gamma. Also Download from jamendo

Blood Eyes – Demo vol 2

1.       Blood Eyes – Demo vol 2
Heavy Groove Metal From Brazil

The soul as a path of critical reflection is the central and thematic axis that sustains this group, the style is very Groovy t Thrasher of the 90s, the riffs are very strong and forceful but with a good harmonic and melodic base that makes the songs do not be monotonous always handling good transitions which can be detailed in songs like "Ofideos", the main voice is a constant transition between the Heavy Melodic and the Groove Hardcore but this does not prevent the songs from being heard well, in fact, the Two styles mix very well.

Muyrak - We're Still Alive

1.       Muyrak - We're Still Alive
Heavy Thrash Metal From Brazil

The riff is strong and forceful and is very well accompanied by a bass and percussion that gives it a very convincing character, also the melodic song and the choirs, clarifying that they are inclined to the eighties melody, reflect a classic tint in this single . The singing and the changes of tempo are excellently worked without mentioning how good the cuts sound. The main influences of the band are with iron maiden, metallica and helloween.