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Dear and damn readers

Dear and damn readers:

This blog was created with the humble intention of announcing those bands that authorize the free and public downloads of their discographic works, under no circumstance we support the piracy and the illegal downloads, Also if you really know to appreciate Rock and Metal in any of Its expressions, the best thing you can do to support the scene is to buy music or official accessories of your favorite bands, any download link shown in this blog comes from each band or label´s official bandcamp, reverbnation, Mega, Mediafire and Jamendo pages. The inhabitants of the European Union are informed that this blog uses cookies from Blogger and Google.

lunes, 1 de julio de 2019

Bands june 2019


Confidance - (T)error Belongs to Us

1.       Confidance - (T)error Belongs to Us
Melodic Death Metal From Czechia

The constant dynamism is a characteristic feature of this group, specifically in this EP released in 2014, an interesting composition is heard: Death Metal submerged in melodic passages. Given the speed in these three songs could be established things in common within Heavy Metal Power, especially within the guitar solos that take center stage in certain songs. The guttural is thick and predominates throughout the duration of the songs, eventually you can hear a sharp guttural as in the track "Kingdom Of Heaven". Download Bandzone

BABILONISH - Hatred Against the Gods of Life

1.       BABILONISH - Hatred Against the Gods of Life
Death/ Black Metal From Italy

The non-commercialization of extreme music is the philosophical line of this one man Project consolidated in Italy, "P.C. I hate "is a multi instrumentalist musician belonging to several bands of the Italian metal scene such as Enbilulugugal, Funeral of God, In League with Satan, Mincer, Red Bible Black, Septulchu and The Worst. As you can see in this album there is not a sound well worked, however this does not take away its dark character and it retains that essence of Nordic Black Metal of the late 80's and early 90's when many bands released their music in format cassette, judging by the darkness of the guttural could also make the comparison with some underground bands of Brazil, remembering those pioneers like Sarcofago and Mystifier.

El Arte de Hacer Ruido (Compilation)

1.       El Arte de Hacer Ruido (Compilation)
Hardcore Punk From Colombia

This compilation is made by the record label ZERO RADICAL RECORDS in a collaborative act of different bands of Hardcore punk from the city of Medellin all under the philosophical vision of making noise, not referring to bad music, better referring passion and good execution of the genre that makes this an art as expressed in the last track called "Nuestra voz” In this compilation you can find local bands like SOMOS MIEDO, BXPXM, ERRANTE, REC&AHORAXNUNCA, FUERADEFOCO, GOLIAT, ACTITUD NEGATIVA and ROSITA & LOS NEFASTOS. Download from jamendo // To Buy CD

Epitafio – Poder e Impunidad

1.      Epitafio – Poder e Impunidad
Death Metal From Colombia

Coming from the city of Bogotá, this band makes reference in its lyrics to a social criticism about something that happens very often in Colombia: impunity, The gutturals vary from the thickest to the guttural highs, bordering with the shrieks of Black metal, what can be highlighted in general terms is the versatility of rhythms within the same song, some accelerated and well achieved percussions, as well as an excellent harmony between the guitars and the electric bass.


Death Metal From U.S.

As with the iconic Mortification band, this musical project achieves great valued standards, not because of its Christian lyric, but because of its musical technique. This album complies with all the musical parameters of Death Metal, variant speeds, good blast beats, appropriate distortions, rhythmic electric bass and a well-managed guttural. The cover, although with Christian intentions, has an illustration worthy of being recognized technically since its level of detail and its colors are surprising. Demonic Extintion receives influences from bands like Death, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Cancer, Gorguts, Morgoth, Sepultura, Slayer, Kreator, Sacrament, Vengeance Rising, Believer, Opprobrium, Oblation, Mortification & Crimson Thorn.


1.       THE THANATOS – Ether
Death/Thrash Metal From France

From the first moment that this band is heard, one is undoubtedly transported to the traditional Thrash Metal style of some bands of the 80s that mixed solos and clean voices with the distorted guitars, in turn reminds of a notable influence of the band pioneer in Death Metal: Possessed. Draws attention and cuts of time where you can easily make the transition from the most brutal to a relatively smooth sound of arpeggios and guitar solos. The band comes from a long time ago product of repeated transformations and changes of name. Those who like Megadeath, Metallica and Slayer from the beginning of the 80s, will surely enjoy this Album. Download From Jamendo

NOOSFERA – Anuncio

1.       NOOSFERA – Anuncio
Experimental/ Synth/ Progressive Rock From Mexico

For those who like rare and vulgar things musically, here is a sample of progressive experimental rock that some might consider avant garde, which at first glance could be identified is a person with mental problems making incoherent sounds by repeatedly pressing the keys of a synthesizer or keyboard with rhythmic effects, but after listening carefully perhaps we could infer that it is an introspective journey, which is why you can hear a kind of critical and schizophrenic discourse instead of songs, perhaps with some meaning beyond the terrible melodies and lack of rhythm. Another interesting aspect is that despite the dissonance each song has a particular feature, despite all the author Gildardo Rábago Cacho could provide a particular atmosphere to each song with different sounds. Download From Jamendo

Synapse Failure - Submissively Welcome Death (preview)

1.       Synapse Failure - Submissively Welcome Death (preview)
Death Metal From Slovakia

A good blasting and guitar riffs are heard in this preview, two songs from this fantastic album are available, "Demon in Us" and "Angel Of Mercy" are a good example of Death Metal with rhythmic influences of Black Metal, apart from that sometimes you hear thick gutturals next to guttural highs, handle some excellent transitions, exceptional cuts and a good work of electric bass. Also Download From Bandzone

In Corvus Faucibus - Final del sendero (demo)

1.       In Corvus Faucibus - Final del sendero (demo)
Groove Thrash Metal From Costa Rica

A good variety of times can be perceived in this demo released by this group, here we have from breakdowns, strong and cut notes to fast guitar riffs. The most remarkable and striking is the effect that is put on the voice that makes it sound more profound and demonic (specifically in track 1 and track 4), the lyrics revolve around social criticism. Predominantly the demo is groove metal but maintains an axis that crosses thrash metal and death metal.

Sammontakojat – Sammontakojat (2013)

1.     Sammontakojat – Sammontakojat (2013)
Folk Metal from Finland

The ancestral poetry of the lands of Kaleriam take musical form in this album, the band Sammontakoat is a combination of genres among which are heavy metal, folk, progressive rock that correspond very well to romanticism and the history of folkloric filandes, The composer of the lyrics is the renowned poet Tuomas Keskimäki who gives a good touch of literature to this good work. Here is a EP of 2013 when the band was just beginning its trajectory, it can be noticed that since that year they have been handling an excellent sound and instrumental quality, folkloric wind instruments, the intervention of corors and keyboard arrangements can be perceived. undoubtedly offer a rustic and festive atmosphere, similar to the celebrations of victory of some tribe or clan of those lands, these three songs are aviable for free download, loaded with sensations and good lyrics.

Listen The Most Recent Work of Sammontakojat

Faces of Annihilation – Demo

1.       Faces of Annihilation – Demo
Blackened Death Metal / Deathcore from U.S.

This project contains many things rescued from both Death / Black Metal and Deathcore, Primarily it is necessary to mention that the breaks are typical of Hardcore Punk although very well combined with the riffs of Death Metal, you can hear solos of guitar and dense riffs that accompanied of percussion provide a good repertoire of songs, it should be mentioned that sometimes you can hear similarities with Groove Metal or Nu Metal in some occasions. The vocalization is guttural typical of Death Metal, although sometimes the songs and cries typical of Metalcore are perceived. The cover of the demo is very well achieved, showing a surrealism applied to the mystique of death.

Svízel - Propasti zapomnění

1.       Svízel - Propasti zapomnění
Black Metal From Czechia

Essentially this album works a Black Metal with tendencies towards the depressive or ambient style, in contrast to what the band considers itself as a Punk Rock with technical influences of Black Metal. The tremolo picking is predominant in the whole album with a blasting of percussion, although we know that Black Metal in its origins had a lot of influence of Hardcore Punk but in this album it is scarce and almost null the influence of any Punk Rock style, only you could see on the track "Propasti zapomnění" and "Zapalte policejní koně" some slight influence of the Post Hardcore Punk on the initial guitar riffs, but it has more similarities with the post Black Metal. The grouping is considered of the Punk Political current, exactly against the currents of the NSBM. Also Download From Bandzone

Thorns of Grief - Anthems To My Remains

1.       Thorns of Grief - Anthems To My Remains
Funeral Doom Metal From Poland

The extreme desolation is the property of this album belonging to this project one man band, directed by Nebiros. This album has 5 songs of which 2 were available for free download. The songs are not as extremely prolonged as in other cases of bands of the genre Funeral Doom, in this case the two songs are around 10 minutes, instrumentally has a constant percussion and marked in the same patterns of the most pronounced and heavy notes of the guitar riff, along the songs you can perceive the intervention of a keyboard or synthesizer complementing more heaviness to the album. As for transitions and changes, they are scarce in the "Thorns of Grief" track but they are more constant in the track "Till Our Rebirth" that initially is quite aggressive and gradually becomes more depressing. The lyrics are only available in the first track "Thorns of Grief" and indicate a kind of song dedicated to what could allegedly be deduced as death (gratifying and humiliating).

TUNIKAH - Daemonium Semita

1.       TUNIKAH -  Daemonium Semita
Black / Death Metal / Ambient From spain

Tremendous and poignant is this first album released by this One man band, which he describes as Digital Black Metal, the songs contained in this album show segments of ambience that surely transport the listeners to a temple of satanic rituals because they are heard some choirs and bells belonging to this religious current, the distortion and the riffs are forceful, although in a poor sound quality, and the main voice is supremely chilling, it is noteworthy some guitar notes that together with the howls of the wolf the sinister Download From jamendo

BLACK CITY - demo 57

1.      BLACK CITY - demo 57
Heavy/ Death Metal From Colombia

When listening to the simplistic and smooth intro of this demo you can take a false impression, this demo released this June 2019 is number 57 of a great list of this project called Black City, This demo could be described as a Death Metal with focus on the plucking and guitar arrangements, with a low emphasis on the distorted riffs as is usual in traditional Death Metal, The cuts and the sequence are good however there are parts in which you feel that you need maybe some notes for complete certain connections or transitions, something like a bridge between transitions of comparisons or rhythms. Usually this demo is a good job. Download From jamendo

CHRIS WORDMAN - Edgar's tear

1.       CHRIS WORDMAN - Edgar's tear
Alternatvive/ Indie/ Gothic Rock From Grece

Darkness and melancholy are two words that describe this album released by Chris Wordman, to hear it is associated with several movements of dark rock among which we could mention the Grunge, Goth and post punk, the vocalization is very slow and depressive, the percussion varies between drums and tambourines, the sound of the guitar is very fluid, however in the song "THESE WALLS" there is a more serious sound and prolonged guitar passages, and in the instrumental "RUN" a little more is perceived. dynamism with a basic riff very similar to heavy hard rock with other secondary guitar ornaments. Download From jamendo

RODRIGO SOUZA - Different Roads

1.       RODRIGO SOUZA - Different Roads
Instrumental Rock From Brazil

A wide variety of related genres and rock derivatives are found in this compilation of songs composed by Rodrigo Souza, probably a very didactic way to learn about different rhythms that includes styles such as Hard rock, Blues, Indie, Jazz, Metal, Glam and Pop Rock, in general the rhythms are of the order of what can be considered motivational and Cool. Download From jamendo

ASERRADERO - Cuentan en esta aldea...

1.       ASERRADERO - Cuentan en esta aldea...
Alternative Rock / Country/ Celtic Hard Rock From Spain

Created in 2010, we find this sample of unconventional Alternative Rock, where you can listen to a mix of Country music, Celtic music and Hard Rock, On certain occasions as " Ministerio de la santa sed " and " la fiesta de la Siega "is perceived in the ripped song an air of Hardcore punk, other songs like" La Danza del espantapájaros “ a narrative and storytelling approach, Musically it is very interesting as they use unconventional instruments in rock like the Bodhran and the Cigarbox , which give it a folkloric and at the same time mystical atmosphere to the songs. The instrumental harmony is coherent and constant in accordance with the song, for example, the song "just" has an interlude that comes out of the monotony. Download From jamendo Official Page

VintergatA – Смородина

VintergatA – Смородина
Symphonic Metal / Melodic Black Metal From Russia

The album is a journey through several tales of epic fantasy around with a language typical of ancient times, features interesting elements of symphonic metal with which they feel excellent orchestral arrangements thanks to the acute shrieks and the interventions of women in the voices coral, the cover of the album reflects the bridge that crosses the Smodorina river that represents the transition between the world of the living and the dead. Download From jamendo
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Blankvers – Nákaza

1.       Blankvers – Nákaza
Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore From Czechia

The compasses and choruses handled in this Ep are obviously well executed, the markings can be perceived clearly, additionally although the voice is an excellent throaty technique is very steady and flat making missing perhaps a little more irreverence and changes in intent that makes it stronger in some parts of the songs (This effect of intention is best achieved in the acceleration of the song "chram"), and above all that gives more power in the screams, with respect to the other instruments are very well synchronized and very pertinent to the musical genre that corresponds to them. Download From Bandzone

Lionstar n The Marshmello Angel Popsickles - SPACE OPERA COMIX V

1.       Lionstar n The Marshmello Angel Popsickles - SPACE OPERA COMIX V
Psychedelic / Avant Garde/ Experimental/Space Rock From U.S.

The author of this musical project is LENNY WILES LIONSTAR, someone who probably found the inspiration to create music in this way thanks to supernatural experiences with UFOs according to his Biography, this whole album is quite careful because its strange musical passages and mixtures atmospheric can have a hypnotizing effect, instrumentally it is very varied what can be heard referring to electric guitar, drums, synthesizers and keyboards. It is noteworthy that in the songs can vary in their content, there are some very rich songs in terms of diversity of rock rhythms while others are limited to some sounds with voices of what seems to be radio talk. What is certain is that the music found here has many similarities with the psychedelic rock of the 60s and it was to be expected since Lenny Lionstar receives influences from Hawkwind, Jimi Hendrix, Devo, Gary Neuman and The Space Lords Download From jamendo

Corpse Carcass - Obliterating The Remains

1.       Corpse Carcass - Obliterating The Remains
Brutal Death Metal From Brazil

Authentic and powerful Brutal Death Metal to the vein, this EP reflects a conservative style of Death Metal, with Slaming and very interesting cuts like sudden pauses and percussion pauses with guitar solos, it is definitely to highlight the good work of drums and the excellent handling in the sequence of rhythms, vocalization is deep and guttural showing a good technical work, although the band is just a duo has a good support with a good foundation in the techniques of death metal. The band receives influences from bands like Suffocation, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Monstrosity, Crimson Thorn, Dying Fetus, Brutality, Nile and Vital Remains.

Space Hamster - The Ascent to Nothingness

1.       Space Hamster - The Ascent to Nothingness
Death Metal / Deathcore from Czechia

A mix of rhythms can be heard on this good album, it is a Deathcore with some impressive transitions, sometimes very abrupt, between Death metal, Metalcore, all mixed with the undoubted influence of progressive Metal, this can be perceived by the cuts and type of rhythms witnessed, especially with regard to percussion. On several occasions you can find a very good handling of the electric guitar in solos that shake the ears, the vocalization is deep guttural in the style of Death Metal but with the accents and sequences that resemble the Post Hardcore. In short a good album to learn to differentiate drum rhythms and guitar cuts or Breakdowns. You can also Download From Bandzone

Bazofias - Naturalmente Metal

1.     Bazofias - Naturalmente Metal
Heavy Metal From Argentina

The Ep enters with the song "Hoy" that apparently gives a first impression that the band performs well the Heavy Metal style but it is very simple and monotonous in rhythm and melody, but entering the second song called "The price of the bullets" and the other later songs an improvement in the changes of rate and sequences within the song is heard, although the vocal handling could be improved. The song "Globalizando la miseria" has a slower time showing also good contrasts in the transition of rhythms, the song "Blood and fruit" is the most emotional and with its style ballad rock focuses its lyrics goes in gratitude to mothers, finally "Tu estrella" is a more dynamic and sonorously complete song whose lyrics are in tribute to the philosophy of Ernesto Che Guevara. Download From Mediafire

Трава – Сугроб (Snowdrift)

1.       Трава – Сугроб (Snowdrift)
Avant garde Rock / kraut Rock From Germany

Here we have an interesting sample of the Kraut Rock movement that consists basically in the assembly and union of psychedelic music and electronic music, in the fundamental sense of the musical genre it was sought to make a claim to the German tradition, here in this album you can notice influences of many musical genres such as psychedelic rock, experimental Rock, progressive rock, Funk and Folk music. This album could be considered as a true trip of the senses since it mixes the music with different sounds of strange origin introducing the listener in a mystical environment. It is remarkable the song "Коля Колин" for the use of a torn and emotionally loud voice and the song "Cher" that mixes very well genres like jazz, psychedelic rock and Folk with tinges of oriental music. This album is available at Jamendo

Meconio - Promo 2018

1.       Meconio - Promo 2018
Grindcore From Chile

The Black Humor and satire are the main line of the lyrics in this EP released in 2018, This band receives influences from Napalm Death, Nasum, Terrorizer, Rotten Sound, Lock Up, Magrudergrind, Genocide SS, Witchcraft, Phobia, Convulsions, Messiahlator, Autopsy, Kru $ h, Râtos De Porao, Birdflesh, among other recognized bands, their tempos are quite accelerated and the songs are short (about a minute long) as is common in this style, despite the enormous distortions you can notice a very interesting variation in the rhythms within the same song, this is what makes the Grindcore quite moved, in terms of the vocalization it is noted a fervor and a heat induced by the same speed of the song, sometimes with the accompaniment of a second voice more serious and guttural, in certain songs like "Undergrind" can be evidenced the root hardcore punk.


Alternative / Synth / Experimental Rock From France

If you like sound and space travel such as those heard on Pink Floyd albums, surely this album will please you. This work mixes very interesting elements of rock and industrial music to result in a rather abstract sound landscape, it is very tentative to affirm the use of synthesizers, drum machine and sequencer, the riffs used in several of the songs are quite captivating and mpas when accompanied by those excellent guitar solos that undoubtedly give the songs an air of freshness and rebelliousness, this is why this album is quite close to classic hard rock especially in songs like "DESPERADO ALERT" and "OPERA ROCK ", This album is available at Jamendo

Max Trixi - To the Max 1987/1990 (2017 re issue) Heavy Metal / Hard Rock From U.S.

Max Trixi - To the Max 1987/1990 (2017 re issue) Heavy Metal / Hard Rock From U.S.
Heavy Metal / Hard Rock From U.S.

As it has happened with many bands, Max Trixi was one of those undervalued bands that due to its musical quality deserved to be among the most recognized, unfortunately due to personal issues of the members it was completely dissolved in the year 1991, however the Guitarist and founder Kenny Young decided to take advantage of the technological advances to make public this wonderful compilation of songs that span the period from 1987 to 1990 where Kathy Young participates as vocalist and co-founder of the band that allegedly seems to be Kenny's sister judging by the last name, Jimmy Stewart former member of another extinct band called Annex to an important role in electric bass and other members such as Brument, Valenzuela and lariviere. The style is focused on Heavy Glam Metal of the 80s with excellent musical melismas and an excellent vocal technique from Kathy that sharpens her voice making her listen more rebellious and strong similar to vocalists like Rob Halford (Judas Priest), UDO ( Accept), Biff Byford (Saxon), Chris Boltendahl (Grave Digger) and Blackie Lawless (WASP). It is remarkable the good melodies focused on the golden age of Metal, you can feel without effort the power with which the songs were made. 5 re-issued songs of the year 2017 are available for free download from ReverbNation