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Dear and damn readers

Dear and damn readers:

This blog was created with the humble intention of announcing those bands that authorize the free and public downloads of their discographic works, under no circumstance we support the piracy and the illegal downloads, Also if you really know to appreciate Rock and Metal in any of Its expressions, the best thing you can do to support the scene is to buy music or official accessories of your favorite bands, any download link shown in this blog comes from each band or label´s official bandcamp, reverbnation, Mega, Mediafire and Jamendo pages. The inhabitants of the European Union are informed that this blog uses cookies from Blogger and Google.

miércoles, 2 de octubre de 2019

Bands september 2019 (Releases for free and authorized Download)

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1.       DAYDREAM FLIGHTS – Whisper
Post Black Metal / Shoegaze From Russia

Melancholic atmospheres and dreamlike environments characterize the wide sound of this album, when combined with elements of black metal, seen from the guttural and singing along with the accelerated percussion of raw black metal, reflects a loud sound but without scratching on the unbearable and which implements the melody throughout, as can be seen in the Black Metal post here guitar effects are used simultaneously without distortions ranging from reverberation and flanger, which gives a fantastic and mystical touch to the songs. Although, there are similarities with the Depressive Black Metal regarding the structure of the song and the way it is composed, but this time the sound is more inclined to the English Shoegaze. Download From jamendo

Black City – demo 59

1.       Black City – demo 59
Death / Thrash Metal From Colombia

This September the Colombian band Black City, which is very possibly a lonely project, launches its most recent demo which begins with a shocking intro of synthetic arrangements that induce fear, vocal management is guttural raw, which gives it a character dark and sinister to the demo, it has excellent changes driven by an increase in speed or change of battery power, the track 3 “self destruction” has some interesting pauses that leave anyone who listens on hold, however it loses conviction and attention to the extent that the pause becomes very repetitive in moments that are not so crucial, the “proliferation” song has a very fast and direct initial and final rhythm to the point, the truth is that the handling and execution on the guitar is exceptional, just Some adjustments are missing regarding the role of the other instruments. Songs like "extreme violence" evidence what was said before. Download From jamendo

SILENCE IS NEGATIVE - Best Of BloodshotMusicInk!!!

1.       SILENCE IS NEGATIVE - Best Of BloodshotMusicInk!!!
Alternative / Hard Rock From U.S.

The sound that is perceived here can only be described with an expression: “All Right”, well, at least that is what can be interpreted by listening to the album and reading the title of each of the songs that end with the expression “ … All rights ”, the truth is that this album has internalized influences of Southern Rock, Stoner rock and Hard Rock, without losing sight of the rebel attitude that transmits its songs in a relaxed and violence-free way. It is remarkable the use of powerful guitar solos approximately in the third third of all the songs, also the predominance of a quite technical bass is surprising. For hard rock lovers this will be a good album that they can taste as many times as they want. Download From jamendo

BEN5BASS – Skógafoss

1.       BEN5BASS – Skógafoss
Pop Rock / Rock Progresivo From France

The essence of this album is tranquility, it is compared to the style of many bands that emerged in the late 70s as toto and alan parson Project, because you can hear a great predominance of the electric bass which gives it hypnotic characteristics, without However, it is admirable how this bass is mixed with the electric guitar notes, assuming that from time to time unusual percussions are heard, incline in the style of the 60s where the tambourine sound predominates (as in the “Une accalmie”) the most Amazing is the use of that soothing sound that often helps to change musical notes or compasses (that sound can be perceived at the beginning of the song "Skeleton in the Cupboard"). Download From jamendo


1.       FASHIONPLEASURE - the Pops
Punk Rock / grunge From Russia

the drums are quite suggestive, and the sound in general is a reflection of a dark form of rock that mixes elements of Punk, Grunge and Indie Rock, The riffs are very heavy and consistent with the rhythm that is carried at all times in percussion, the songs have very well achieved tones and change of rhythms, for example the song "One Night Stand" is a faithful reflection of Grunge Rock when judging by its rhythmic base achieved by bass and percussion, pro if we look at the general structure of the song we We realize that it is based on the usual punk structure. Download From jamendo

IN SITU – Epìlogo vol. 1

1.       IN SITU – Epìlogo vol. 1
Heavy Metal / Hard Rock From Spain

Very surely the main influence of this band is around the Heavy Glam Rock of the 80s, judging by its riffs and the “cheerful” tone that it transmits, Although it is very conservative with the Style it manifests with its sound a transcendental letter that plays several aspects of youth life with a motivating intention. The Electric Bass makes a perfect game with the electric guitar that together perfectly complements the percussion. Finally, the voice and song is very consistent with the style, it is a voice sometimes torn or clean and quite energetic and alive. Download From jamendo

NOOSFERA – Mención

1.       NOOSFERA – Mención
Avant Garde Metal From Mexico

This musical project is created by Gildardo Rábago Cacho and in his vast musical influence ranging from Rock, Metal to Folklore and traditional music is based on experimentation to achieve atmospheres and ambient sounds that reflect madness, just as it happens with Modern society, that is, this musical work is a true reflection of modern life. Something notorious in this album, and it is clear that this was done on purpose, is the lack of harmony and tone of the instruments, especially when it comes to guitar riffs and percussions, although if the instruments are separated and heard separately, It could be said that they have good execution. The song is dreary and similar to the song of "big Boss" in the iconic album "Zjeveni" by the black band Metal Root (although not at that level obviously), the lyrics play themes ranging from existentialism, introspection and Successful criticism of the supposed social values. From the musical perspective, this work is an ephemeral since the use of diverse sounds without meaning is hopeless (except for instrumental songs where only acoustic guitar is Heard) , but if you look beyond this, a comparison could be made with the avant-garde musical movements with a feeling of protest, whose objective is not limited only to compose disgust but to reflect an internal conflict or express indirect criticism. Download From jamendo

PU PEWMAFE – Soñadores

1.       PU PEWMAFE – Soñadores
Folk Rock From Argentina

Essentially it is a soft music album, however it draws great attention as the bass predominates in a spectacular way, not referred to virtuosity, but to the power, amplification and the force with which it is executed. The lyrics are oriented towards nature and also towards a feeling of protest inspired by the Mapuche cultures (name of the aborigines that inhabit regions of Argentina and Chile). The riffs can be heard on electric guitar but also on other native instruments, such as drums and mouth harps (song "RAMtun" and "Maybe Tomorrow"), although a very elegant and cool rock style that represents Latin rock well predominates of the 90s. The song "Kishulewen" is very oriented to a more classic style that resembles the Blues Rock and is more conservative with the rock spirit, The song "Calfucura" is very inclined to the Stoner style, that is, it implements part of the essence of the psychedelic rock of the mid-60s with a very suggestive riff and percussion. Download From jamendo

Primitive - Instintos Primarios

1.       Primitive - Instintos Primarios
Crossover Thrash Metal / Groove Metal From Spain

Influenced by Slayer, Testament, Megadeth, Sepultura, Kreator, The Haunted and Lamb of God, the members of this group show an irreverent and critical attitude within this EP launched in 2011, in addition they allude to the resolution of conflicts via the violence. The style in his first impression seems Hardcore Punk of the 90s, however if you listen carefully you feel the riffs quite inclined to Thash Metal as well as the perceived rhythm changes. This EP also has an ancestral and mystical identity, especially to refer to a reflection that deepens that all humans are equal in nature by apologizing to the pride of fighting in a group (in the clan).


1.       CRUCIFIXIÓN – Héroe
Epic Heavy Metal From Spain

This solo musical work composed by Blas Morenilla Rodriguez is receptive to symphonic orchestral arrangements achieving a much more epic and fantastic setting, however, as with many other soloists, musical movements are prolonged too much, they are excellent melodies and sound choruses but not There is a clear limit of how long to finish. This album explores Heavy Metal and Hard Rock riffs perfectly combined with synthesizer sounds which could be greatly facilitated when you want to make a live concert with a philharmonic orchestra. Download From jamendo


1.       SÅÑA ØLZKÈ GÆŠPÄNS – Beschimpfung
Dark Ambient/ Avant Garde Rock /Industrial Rock From Russia

Listening to this album is really a sonic journey through the wings of synthetic sounds, a comparison could be made mostly with musical movements such as Dungeon Synth, Doom Metal, Space Rock or Industrial Rock, however focusing only there It is very small to characterize this entire album. What we can bear witness to is that here there is a good performance of bass, percussion, electric guitar and synthesizers. Some sounds take out of context and transport to another sound reality, however it maintains a structural cohesion that is not lost despite the experimental, The avant Garde is applied in all its splendor, with a perennial darkness in the songs. Download From jamendo


Hard Rock/ alternative rock From France

This album is completely experimental, not in the strict sense of innovation as in the avant garde, but it shows the absence of a general structure that stands to think that the compositions were properly worked, if we can observe some good changes and a good Performing the instruments but they are very monotonous and repetitive, rather they appear a Jam session. The sound needs to be worked out because a very good percussion is noticeable but its sound does not help much, although “exploitation privee” has an innovative form of percussion in addition to the drums, also the guitar riffs are heard quite badly, the distortion can be improved in its quality, except in "Puissante Harmonie" where we hear a good job in the riff more inclined to alternative rock and well-crafted guitar arpeggios. Finally the song that bears the title of the album is not very convincing precisely because of the excessive saturation of noise in the riff given the poor sound quality. Download From jamendo


1.       AVI ROSENFELD - Cup Of Coffee
Rock/Pop/Psychedelic Rock From Israel

This album is quite inclined towards mainstream pop, sometimes becoming desperate to listen to some love-inspired songs with a romantic tone far removed from the essence of rock, however I review this review to highlight a few songs contained in this album that represent with better emphasis what it is is rock, with respect to energetic songs that tend to rock movements of the late 60s and early 70s I highlight the songs “Sleeping on the edge” whose style is pure Rock and roll mixed with some hard distortion rock very similar to the rock that used to be heard at the beginning of the 70s, the song “sing to my woman” is also a faithful representative of hard rock since it has interventions of what looks like a hammond organ, excellent rebel riffs and some alone well eleborados (resembling Deep purple). Finally we see songs that are inclined to the ballad without scratching in the cheesy as for example "Mama dont go" and "Lonely Butterflies", as for other songs, remind us a lot of the relaxing facet of the sound implemented by the Beatles at the time. Download From jamendo

World Below - 2018 Demo

1.       World Below - 2018 Demo
Death Thrash Metal From U.S.

This band has what it takes at the musical level to play with all the forcefulness of the moment, the band calls itself exclusively as metal but the truth is that here elements of Metalcore and Post hardcore are handled that cannot be omitted, so much so that the first impression of the first song of this demo was Crust punk, starting with the peculiar form of singing that closely resembles the Groovy style and sometimes crust sometimes, guitar riffs are exquisite and accompanied by good guitar solos that sometimes spread in a good time of the song. I highlight the song “wraith procession” which consists of some excellent rhythm changes according to the genre, generally when the riffs are intermittent they are accompanied by good solos, at the end of the song you can hear a powerful and excellent change of very optimal rhythm whose transition is towards the accelerated gallop .. Now the band is releasing its most recent album called "carrion" which is available on bandcamp.

Morbid Vitality - Beyond the Realms of Obscurity

1.       Morbid Vitality - Beyond the Realms of Obscurity
Death Thrash Metal From U.S.

This is a band that is undoubtedly considered wasted since it had potential but unfortunately it is not active, which is clear that these members were very clear about what the old school of extreme Metal is. In the first room the guitars sound very well with a rather underground distortion with a remarkable handling of fast notes in one of the guitars, as well as a good rhythm, bass and percussion guitar handling, additionally the rhythm changes and the pause is impeccable, This can be seen in the track "Necromantic Incantation". Unfortunately the songs are not heard with a good mix, it is surely understandable for being a demo, but the voices are definitely heard far away.

Nenuial - Path of Illumination (Single)

1.       Nenuial - Path of Illumination (Single)
Black Metal From Germany

desolation, bitterness and occultism can be seen within this song that is part of the recently released album “Zwielicht (Schattenwanderer)”, an interesting contrast between the depressing and the accelerated is really handled, it could be compared to the atmospheric by the prolongation of the notes and its tempos are slow, although there are times the increasing rate of speed while maintaining a bitter background.

Worst Behavior – Isolation (Single)

1.       Worst Behavior – Isolation (Single)
Crossover Thrash Metal From U.S.

This song is impregnated with the speed and aggressiveness of Thrash Metal with an obvious pinch of Hardcore Punk, some punk choirs are noticed, as well as brek downs that perfectly combine with the thumping and riffs of Thrash Metal. If you listen to this single from afar you can find many points in common with the crust punk. The band is currently releasing the album "No Escape" available for digital sale on bandcamp.

Dead For Ages - Crushed Velvet Tombs (Single)

1.       Dead For Ages - Crushed Velvet Tombs (Single)
Progressive Rock/Metal From Australia

implicitly this single has a lot in common with the rock of the 70s. the structure and the song reminds a bit of bands like Toto and Journey, as for the guitar a lot of technique is reflected to manifest a plot of ups and downs with very well crafted guitar scales, The lyrics are about concepts, abstraction and drugs. This single available for free download is a promotion of the album "In Defense of an Ordinary Life" which was released in August 2019.

Chris Wordman - No Vampire is Dead

1.       Chris Wordman - No Vampire is Dead
Alternative Gothic Rock From Greece

This work is loaded with an unquestionable darkness, the musical style is classified as alternative rock but with an inclination towards Gothic rock when judging by the desolate song and the bitterness of the riffs. The totality of the songs conceived in this album, especially the track "under my scars" and "wild summer" have a very dense rhythmic base that could easily be compared with those of the Doom Metal but obviously they are not the same for their performance of the guitar and the singing. In the song that bears the name of this album you can clearly notice the use of soft guitar riffs exclusively to create ethereal environments and increase darkness. The song "promiseland" has a constant riff that changes subtly according to the need of the moment and in complete harmony with the voice and percussion. "All or nothing" has a slightly more dynamic rhythm and a slightly more torn voice. The song "black tears in blue eyes" contains more elements of post rock when judging by the subtlety of voice and rhythm. Download From jamendo

ALLAN MAYNE - False Control

1.       ALLAN MAYNE - False Control
Progressive Rock / Post Grunge From U.S.

This album is completely instrumental, it reflects the most sublime features of grunge and modern rock with a good performance of the instruments. The riffs are heavy and with a predominant bass that makes it incline to the rock era of the early 90's when grunge was booming. Specifically here you can notice the preponderance of hard rock inclined to Groove/southern tendences judging by the strength of the riffs, it is also worth mentioning the symbiosis between sharp and thick distorted sounds. The track "false control" has many tendencies to the sounds of hard rock. Download From jamendo

1 OHM FACILE - L'Air De Rien

1.       1 OHM FACILE - L'Air De Rien
Chanson / Rock From France

This is a solo project where 100% of the songs are achieved by an acoustic guitar, the instruments that can be heard are: bass, a percussion based on the basic dishes and tambourine, orchestral arrangements and keyboard. The bass definitely has an immense dominance in all the songs, it even gives a darker essence to some songs like “saveurs” “la peur Des Mots”, orchestral arrangements are essential to transcend songs like “Noire” where you can see the harmony with the other instruments, also the keyboard is used with intelligence and insight Percussion is usually aimed at the sound of the rock of the 60s and the rockabilly of the 50 with a predominance of the brightness of the tambourine, although songs like “Droit ”Does not use such brightness. The song "revolution alt" quite reminds psychedelic rock for its structure and distortion. Finally, just as there are happy, irreverent and dark songs, you can also find relaxing songs like “the retrouver” and “noire” that work with the orchestral and keyboard effects. The implemented voice is suggestive and very characteristic of the French essence. Download From jamendo

Apofis Imn - La palabra de Satan (Promo EP)

1.       Apofis Imn - La palabra de Satan (Promo EP)
Black Metal From Republic Dominican / Argentina

Authentic maleficiency and occultism can be smelled in these songs, these compositions were definitely performed with the darkest intention coming from hellish minds, two guitars and a bass load an atmosphere full of mystery, it is for this reason that a deep shudder can be perceived. The composition is achieved with an excellent structure that balances the rawness and melody in a very sinister way, so the time dedicated to these musical elaborations is noted. In "invoking the evil one" you can see the dedication in the elaboration of this 7-minute song that also has some interesting changes consistent with the plot of the sound also with dark guitar solos and predominant sonorous bass. Something to highlight is the synchronized and sometimes alternated vocalization of a duo, this makes a dominant effect heard where a sharp and raw voice accompanies a deep guttural and taken from the deepest of darkness, the latter can be noticed a lot in “ My pact with darkness ”. Finally the song "The word of satan" is a bit faster, distressing and with excellent tempo changes but does not lose that raw essence that characterizes the band.

martes, 1 de octubre de 2019

ART-PLUTONIA - Без плоти и крови (Metal compilation 2016-2019)

1.       ART-PLUTONIA - Без плоти и крови (Metal compilation 2016-2019)
Avant Garde metal/ Gothic Metal from Russia

atmospheric passages accompanied by good and forceful guitar riffs is the main feature of this album, which is why it is comparable with Gothic Metal works but without the lyric component since here all the songs are purely instrumental. Structurally the songs go with the intention of telling a magical story through a sound landscape that goes in perfect harmony with the environmental sounds and the riffs. The rhythm changes are acceptable since they have consistency with the consequent rhythm. The incorporation of synthetic choirs as well as piano keys make this sound very interesting as can be seen in the song "Бездна", the only unpleasant thing is the excess of keyboard notes as in the song "Изувер" however here you can listen to a powerful riff perfectly synchronized and accompanied by some adornment sounds consistent with the rhythm of drums. The influence of retro sounds of the New wave of the 80s is repetitive as is the case with the song “Форма гнева”. The song "Массовая катаракта" is more aggressive than all the others, with an eccentric children's choir and some orchestral arrangements taken from the film, it also happens with the song "Трон дракона" that if you listen carefully is a journey in mysterious adventures, very appropriate for mystery and fantasy movies. In short, this whole compilation is a fantastic journey, despite not belonging to any classical or traditional rock and metal stream, it is certainly a good start to appreciate different musical styles that complement well with rock. Download From jamendo

SIMPLEFIXTY - The Void : Last Chapter

1.       SIMPLEFIXTY - The Void : Last Chapter
Synth Rock/ Industrial metal / New Wave/ EDM  From Norway

Once again we have the characteristic experimentations of this musical project by a soloist whose name is not well known. "Hidden in the smile" and several songs are a sample face of Rock Newwave, without being dark enough to be classified as Darkwave, but it certainly has industrail rock dyes in its sounds. The electronic influence is singularly prominent throughout the album and can be compared quite a bit with the alternative metal accompanied by some synthetic orchestral sounds. (Listen to “forgive Me” and “Feed the Machine”), the song “Force of life” definitely has the Implicit EDM component since it is made for this type of dance very close to those of the industrial Goth. Finally the songs "evil Twin" and "Cyborg" are a sign of versatility and extreme experimentation that can become hypnotic if the listener focuses on instrumentation and not so much on the riff and the consecutive song. Download From jamendo

Monolith - Demo MMXII

1.       Monolith - Demo MMXII
Sludge Doom / Death Metal From canada

The musical project is essentially Death Metal influenced by Elements of post Hardcore Punk and Sludge Metal, there is no doubt that guttural and guitar handling is impressively good, but we must consider that this work shows a facet of heavy death Metal, without being exactly death Doom Metal, much less funeral doom Metal, but judging by the game of change of singing between grunts, raw guttural (similar to black metal) and torn screams typical of hardcore Sludge. An interesting aspect that makes this work something unusual is the incoprporation of the hardcore punk choirs as well as guitar slides but adapted to Black Death Metal, it sounds very interesting. Likewise, the use of Break downs and slams within this form of Death Metal make it seem very similar to the Funeral Death Doom Metal without being exactly that (listen to the song “Deceiver / Home of the Rats”), finally the song “Liar's Tongue” It has a distinguishable initial structure quite hardcore and adapted to the context "Death Black" once again.

While You Were Asleep - WUWA Demo 2017

1.       While You Were Asleep - WUWA Demo 2017
Progressive Death Metal From U.S.

This musicl project is purely instrumental, it is composed of a trio which combines guitar shreds, slaps and blast beats in complete synchronization, the music is focused on a somewhat complex structure which implements cutting techniques and changes of own Metals progressive bars. but with the heaviness of Death Metal. Sometimes accompanied by very strong galloping riffs (listen to "creepshow") and very slow break downs as in the “ pond wáter” song. Here some funk and jazz vestiges are included considering that the rhythmic base has a certain complexity. Currently the band releases the album "Nocturne Delirium" which is available on bandcamp.

Ozone Layer - Rapada Fusil

1.       Ozone Layer - Rapada Fusil
Thrash Metal From Colombia

Undoubtedly a vestige of those who prefer the sound of the old school, here you can notice a marked influence of Black Thrash Metal that characterized the beginnings of iconic bands like Kreator. In this EP released in 2016 you can highlight some classic Thrash Metal riffs, approaching Speed Heavy metal quite a bit, also the song is extremely raw without scratching completely on Black Metal, rather with the purpose of marking an identity with respect to underground metal South American where many bands implement the same aggressive order of singing. The lyrics are focused on the issue of protest from different angles considering that its origin is a country with a lot of internal armed conflict and also the social and environmental situation that crosses the entire planet. Additionally, it is worth noting the undeniable virtuous handling of the electric guitar that is executed in such a way that it gives a sensation of a terrifying atmosphere without pretending to be some aspect of progressive or shred Metal. The band is currently preparing their next album and in constant activity in rock music events.

Amoklauf - Mournful Prophecies Of A Dying World

1.       Amoklauf - Mournful Prophecies Of A Dying World
Technical Brutal Death Metal from  Argentina

This EP released in 2014 shows an excellent execution of the technical Death Metal, extreme speed is a characteristic feature of this group that positions it as one of the best with 4 members who handle their musical skills very well. Without neglecting the good guitar effects perfectly proportioned without entering modern styles, we can highlight the gutturals that individually and in chorus shake any listener. The main influences of this band come by bands such as Death, Cynic, Cannibal Corpse, At the gates, Fleshgod apocalypse, Aeon, Necrophagist, Carcass, SYL, Fear Factory, Burial, Morbid Angel, God Dethroned and Suffocation. Recently, the band releases the album "Paths of Shattered Thoughts" available on Spotify and Youtube.


Death/Thrash Metal From Spain

This is a not so traditional Death Metal, rather it is influenced by Groove sounds when judging by some thrasher riff and by the vocalization influenced by the Groove and the hardcore post, the guitar solos like those perceived in “no eskrupulos” "And" an eye for an eye "are impeccable and very convincing. The picking tremolo is comparable with the more classic Death Metal but the rhythm and structure is more comparable with the post thrash metal.

'Iisnááhí - Death to the Tyrant

1.       'Iisnááhí - Death to the Tyrant
Black Metal From U.S.

This musical project is made entirely by the soloist Mista King, who makes use of his hidden and musical faculties to perform this EP released in 2018 under the label of Diné black metal (native). The style of black metal is conservative with repetitive riffs but mixed very ben to adapt easily to the changes of compas and tempo, the vocalization varies from the traditional shrieks shrieks to the screams and the hoarse nasal sound that reminds bands like Immortal or Inquisition . The percussion is excellent, very consistent and without exaggeration as can be seen in the song "baa yaa hasin" and its great final guitar solo. Finally, the song that gives its name to this Ep shows an initial constancy in the riff with a percussion that in each period of time ends with several strokes in an elegant way. You can also hear a great guitar solo in the middle of the last song and in the end a silence that awakens a shouting scream with a guitar solo. This work is also accompanied by a cover of the Rammstein band with the theme Ich Will. the album "Wolves of a Dead Generation" is currently being promoted


Groove Metal from Russia

This band originally from Russia obviously has an attachment for the fast and sophisticated sounds of Groove Metal, almost bordering on Croosover Thrash Metal or metalCore, however you can hear the use of low tunings on the guitar and intermittent interventions made with effects electronic as in the song "Honey" also you can hear some very interesting changes that makes you fall in love with the sound despite having already been repeated in previous choruses, finally the song that gives title to this EP shows some Groove effects Nü Metal, with emphasis on the grumpy song and the modernity that characterized the movement of the alternative metal of the early 90s, in this song the speed is not emphasized, however the environmental effects of screaming and ambulances sure move the listener to a Story full of problems. Currently the band is promoting their latest album called "2 dollar whorehouse".

Apathy Again – Mechanic

1.       Apathy Again – Mechanic
Groove Metal From Czechia

This band composed of 3 members brings together the best features of Groove Metal more convincing. The album "mechanic" released in 2017 retains much of the mid-tempo and bright electric bass that reminds us of the "chaos AD" of the iconic band SEPULTURA and numerous albums of the renowned band PANTERA, ALSO you can see the constant use of tuning Get off the electric guitar and its dark emphasis away from being fast like thrash metal, although you can see some influences from the hardcore punk post. Generally the band dont emphasizes on the riff , however the song “ Mechanic” have a great electric guitar riff , that accompanied by the percussion and the gutural screams do for this a great song. Download From bandzone

Northern - New Album Preview (promo)

1.       Northern - New Album Preview (promo)
Sludge Doom / Post Metal From Canada

This band belonged to one of the few who dared to experiment with the sounds offered by the sludge metal, so they tried to mix elements of the post metal at the time. In the song that is part of this preview we can notice the emphasis on atmospheres, ambient, noise and psychedelic when judging by the density of the guitar effect. Unfortunately, the band broke up a while ago but there is an expectation that I will return to the musical activities to know how the completion of this album ends. However, this "preview" is available for free download.


1.       Sewer  - GORE GROOVY MADNESS
Goregrind From Brazil

Band fond of sexual paraphilias like the "Cock And Ball Torture", calls itself Groovy Goregrind. It has some very sticky rhythms appropriate for a Mosh of enjoyment, what can be heard in addition to the good riffs are excellent changes of compaz as can be seen in the song "merde's payback". Something very interesting is the vocalization, it is a watery and disgusting guttural that seems like regurgitation attempts, the percussion is explosive and with twisted lyrics that can only be compared to the roars of a gorilla fused with a pig.

Room 101 - The Burden (Promo Preview)

1.       Room 101 - The Burden (Promo Preview)
Psychedelic Sludge/Doom Metal From U.S.

Room 101 is the first band in its style within the city of Lansing, it is influenced by bands such as Neurosis (US), Crowbar, Eyehategod, and Acid Bath, it seems that the scene in this place is scarce but very good. This promotional corresponds to a preview of the EP “THE BURDEN” that was released in August 2019, being a pioneer album in mixing doom, sludge and psychedelic elements within the region where they perform. You can purchase the Ep CD through the facebook


1.       BUNE – BUNE (EP)

The band consists of two musicians who have made a career in some Metal bands, consider their music to be classified as dissonant and heavy. The lyrics are written in Italian by Christian Montagna, lyrics inspired by pessimistic thoughts about the existence and horror of living. This EP demonstrates a standard in the execution of true heaviness and bitterness accompanied by the wrath of Sludge Metal. This EP was released in 2017 and is recommended for those who love Heavy Metal Doom and Noise Hardcore Punk

RATTLE OF BONES – promo cd

1.       RATTLE OF BONES – promo cd
Death/Groove Metal From Spain

A good example of a fusion between the Swedish death metal school and the old American Death Metal school, this group launches in 2017 this Ep which is a promotion for a CD that will soon be released. Musically, the strong influences of Post Thrash or Groove Metal are evident, which also makes it have an influence around the new North American school, this when judging by the rhythmic base and the effects of modern slide on the guitars, although the song “blinded "It has a structure more inclined to the classic Death Metal both for its tempos and for its vocalization, however here you can notice elements such as Break down accompanied by songs similar to the hardcore punk post (not being equal to slam death metal). Apparently it will be a good CD that launches the band, at this time they are launching the split 10 ’WxOxB / RATTLE OF BONES which is available for orders from the official website of facebook