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Dear and damn readers

Dear and damn readers:

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domingo, 31 de marzo de 2019

Court of Beasts - demo 2019

Court of Beasts - demo 2019
Doom Metal  From U.S.

This demo gathers the essential characteristics of old school Doom Metal, of course a clean and lyrical voice as it is traditional in the epic doom metal hand with classic bands like Candlemass, the riffs are quite open, strong, deep and very heavy, or which complements very well with the change of lyrical voice to guttural thick and guttural acute. It is to write down the good changes towards faster parts but without losing the density of the doom.

DOB - livetrip demo

DOB - livetrip demo
Sludge Doom Metal  From Russia

This group has a sound similar to experimental metal, its sound is supremely dense with very deep guturles and taken out of the crypts, almost like those used in Death Black Metal Underground bands, the sound of this demo is a live sound so you can see some sound adjustments, no doubt retains much the essence of hardcore punk and the density of Doom.

Only Vendetta (Singles)

Only Vendetta  (Singles)
Groove Death Metal From Mexico

This band from Mexico has death metal as the central axis of their sound with a tendency towards metal Groove, judging by vocalization, the rhythm of most parts and guitar chords very low, the vocalization is of modern tints without leaving aside the forcefulness that undoubtedly characterizes this band, also their lyrics are quite critical with emphasis on social and religious aspects.

Infeccion - A sangre y fuego

Infeccion  - A sangre y fuego
Thrash/Death  Metal From Mexico

This group rescues the most sublime of Thrash Metal, its execution is quite good, including Guitar Riffs, Bass and above all the raw Vocalization that has a guttural component framed in the essence of the dark and unknown, in the aspect of the implemented vocal melody. similar to that of TRANSMETAL, a renowned Mexican band, the band is finally characterized by a lyric around violence and murders.

Disrupcion – Introspectiva

Disrupcion – Introspectiva
Melodic Death Metal from Argentina

Hailing from the city of Salta, Disrupción includes in its sound everything that refers to modern techniques within Metal, without doubt maintaining elements of progressive Metal, Melodic Metal and post-Hardcore, its main influences are bands like Lamb Of God, Gojira, Meshuggah, Periphery, At The Gates, Revocation, Soreption, Carcass and Dream Theater. The lyrics center around a critique of human selfishness and its way of maintaining the system despotically, it also has a pessimistic focus on the future.

Mongool – Floep

Mongool – Floep
Raw Black Metal from Netherlands

It is a black metal project aligned by a duo from Netherlands (NL), in March 2019 they release their demo "Floep" which starts with an intro taken from the deepest of the dark , something almost subrealistic, later the album it develops with an authentic black raw metal, with an analogous sound quality and a sound of extreme morbid brutality, it is possible to notice a similarity with bands like Silencer, Arkanum (SE) and BURZUM.

Hollow Bodies - Blood, Knives And Pizza

Hollow Bodies - Blood, Knives And Pizza
Thrash Metal Crossover From U.S.

This original group of New York has strong influences from Hardcore and Horror Punk that can be noticed at the base of percussive rhythms and riffs, the technique used is clearly guttural similar to that used in death metal , it should be noted that they present a very good secuancia of sound rhythms that go from soft intros as in the song "I'm going To" to powerful riffs like those that can be appreciated in "Purgatory" or in "Stalker". Making a comparison the sound of this band has similarities with the album "Speak English Or Die" of the band "S.O.D.", eventually feels the influence of bands like Danzig, Misfits, Unleashed and Six Feet Under. Finally, the Hollow Bodies lyrics are about Monsters, black humor and everything related to horror. Fanpage

domingo, 3 de marzo de 2019

ILLT - The Pitiful Shadows Of The Past

ILLT - The Pitiful Shadows Of The Past
Black Metal from Russia

This demo released in 2018 has some lyrics focused on the occult and disappointment, you can see a high-speed percussion with good variations in the composition of these two songs, in "Mind leaves Me" predominates the tremolo picking and gutturals deep, despite the high speed nuances are handled that show a sad atmosphere. The song titled "The Pitiful Shadows of The Past" is more aggressive and includes more compelling changes of compacts.

Plague Crawler - Thoughts Of The Erotically Misinformed

Plague Crawler  - Thoughts Of The Erotically Misinformed
Black Metal From Ireland

This is a black metal project created by the soloist Shane Cullen, from Ireland launches this powerful album that involves the darkest essence of the genre with torn cries, extenuating vibrations, an undeniable heavy atmosphere that carries feelings of hatred and desolation, structures generally it is presented as variations between violence and melancholy, within this work are notes in organeta, the presence of orchestral arrangements, synthesizers and the intervention of sounds of crying and sound effects of animals. This is a quite technical album in what refers to the essentials of Black Metal, the disposition of all the senses is noticeable for the detailed creation of these songs. FB

Eden's Demise - Towers of Vanity

Eden's Demise -  Towers of Vanity
Metalcore From Russia

This is the first EP of this group formed in Moscow in 2008, with the implementation of Metalcore, the managed vocalization is constantly guttural acute own post hardcore, coming to resemble the shriek used in black metal, other times a thick Growl is used and in reiterative interventions uses a clean feminine voice but without technique. It is very clear that at least two vocalists are involved in the songs. The structure of the songs is accompanied by good brekdowns and a good variation of riffs with the use of guitar effects techniques.

Kollapsed - The Sky is Burning

Kollapsed  - The Sky is Burning
Atmospheric Sludge Metal From Sweden

Kollapsed is a Swedish band of Atmospheric Black / Sludge Metal, it is an interesting mix of genres that includes predominantly tremolo picking and the nuances of black metal and the hardcore style of Sludge Metal, resembling at first a form of Black Crust punk , the change of compaz comes in the third part of this single where you hear a very classic guitar riff in the Doom Metal (specifically similar to the intro of "Children of The Grave" by Black Sabbath) FB

AMANYX - Vows To Sacrifice

AMANYX  - Vows To Sacrifice
Melodic Death Metal From Mexico

Amanyx is a Mexican band founded in 2012 strongly influenced by the metal of the 90s and early 2000s, which is why you can hear in its sound the strength of sounds like Groove metal and some tinges of Nu metal, the sound of the guitar solos becomes dark and very nfluenciado by Dimebag Darrel de Pantera, tambie you can appreciate the intrinsic darkness of tremolo picking own Black Metal that together with the guttural gives an essence similar to the Funeral Doom Metal as you can see in songs like "Memories of Sand", the rhythmic base of this album could be considered melodic with some progressive departures. According to the band, emphasis is placed on the characterization of chaos through songs. FB

Wythersake - Angeli Devium

Wythersake - Angeli Devium
Symphonic Black/Death Metal From U.S.

This single released in January 2019 contains an interesting mix of melodic Death Metal with synthesizer sounds that give a fantastic atmosphere, that's why they include choirs and some elements of symphonic black metal, you can clearly see that in the lyrics they have an inclination towards the religious referring to Lucem Ferre or the fallen angel. FB

Breath of Death - Dych Smrti

Breath of Death - Dych Smrti
Thrash/Death Metal from Slovakia

Active band since 2013, but created from the remnant members of an old band called destiny active in 1992 that made the demo "Gate of destiny", This band is strongly influenced by Sepultura and Death, show a good example of harmonization of sophisticated guitar solos, they contain the characteristic percussive rhythm of death metal in many parts of the structure of the song, the guitar solos are heard quite well generating moods during the sounds.

Download From Bandzone



Band formed in Buenos Aires whose current status is unknown, but in 2015 they left in evidence the realization of this EP called "wake up your truth" where the simultaneity of the guitar solos is impressive, the vocal technique is very good with the sporadic intervention of acute guttural and chorus, the accompaniment of the riffs has a small influence of Groove Metal but does not lose the essence Power Metal, The melody implemented is quite good because it gives a sense to the sequence of the rhythms. FB

Gate of mind – Demo 2016

Gate of mind – Demo 2016
Thrash Metal From France

Gate of Mind is formed in Montpellier, France in 2016, the group launches in September 2016 this demo that includes the essentials of Groove Metal with predominance of Thrash Metal, the demo starts with "feed my hate" a composition that includes movements and speed of the forceful Thrash Metal, In "Destroy to Honor your name" and "twisted circle" undoubtedly the beginnings and the changes executed by the percussion have a power in the potentiality of the sound. FB



Sacrodeath is a band from Chile dedicated to making Death Thrash Metal from the locality of La Ligua, they were formed since 2004 influenced by bands like Slayer, testament, exodus, kreator, criminal, pentagram chile, exe and crator. They are close to the release of their latest EP "Road to Torture" which starts with an orchestral intro where a rather dark atmosphere is felt, followed by "The Domain of the Serpent" that intrinsically reflects the strength of Thrash Metal with excellent guitar solos during the accelerated riffs and percussions heard, the track "Ruinas" has a very interesting variation of times, starts with an intransigent speed and then slows down after a breakdown which highlights the qualities of the guttural voice , "Revenge of Cain" also has some good rhythmic changes helped by a careful intervention of the percussion, finally "Ritual" has some riff more typical of the post thrash Metal, with some excellent changes that make these riffs along with the voice turn to a "grindcore", later to a "Death Metal" and already with a change of speed is more "Thrash Metal". Here we leave a sample in download authorized by the band.

facebook (demo 2006)
facebook (2007)
El Dominio De La Serpient MP3

Legacy - Discography

Legacy - Discography

Band founded in July 2012, they are very conservative style Power Metal in its beginnings in the early 80s definitely see influences from bands like attacker, helloween, Iced Earth, Metallica, Megadeth, Lamb of God, Devildriver, Stratovarius and Kamelot. the lyrics are aimed to absolutism of any establishment on humans destroying him ending dreams.
intro is very calm, has arpeggio and a guitar solo giving entrance to a stronger and vibrant sound, here described the great dragon under which prevail natural laws of man.
"Embers Fall" has a rather extreme entry, similar to styles like black speed and then becomes a basic thrash metal. They speak of a system or oppressive magic that enslaves men and kill dreams.
the song "beyond the gates" has many fast parts that makes the transition between speed and thrash metal, here you can see some good effects of lead guitars and on some occasions an accompaniment to the main voice with a throaty voice.
"Dragon Den" has a strong start and a good harmony of instruments in its development.
"frozen chaos" has a totally thrash metal component, characterizes the aggressiveness and speed handling even guitar solos remember the American thrash metal and death metal of the 80s this song talks about how to escape the distorted reality through the inner eye and resaltad phrase "I'm not a pawn I'm the king".
"Empty tears" is a melancholy theme with parts that resemble medieval music and use of arpeggios characterize this song speaks of the frustration to know that the sacrifices are in vain and ideals are lost in death.
"Chosen one" certainly the phrase that characterizes this song is "I will not surrender" is an aggressive and upbeat song that talks about following your own way, independent and the way to be king, the constant use of gallops and solos gives you a pretty good impression to this song.
"The Howling" This song begins with a very calm and arpeggios verses, then enter the drums and distorted guitars in this song is given priority to the benefits of the moon, like a deity that calms the soul wrapped in the chaos of the world.

Listen Full Album "LEGACY"  Here:

The album Oblivon released in May 2018, presents a good performance of Thrash Metal, this time away from the sound of Power Metal, however you can hear very technical details in the guitars and drums that transport the listener to different vibration states , undoubtedly the technical Thrash Metal is reflected in songs like "Rivers of Blood", the 'power of the guitar riff is felt in songs like "Into The Gates of oblivion" and "Metal Hymn", within the structure of The songs have a preponderance in the guitar solos and in the compass changes that make the songs entertaining and dynamic, some songs like "Sometimes Forever is not Enough" have a very interesting contrast since the softness is coupled with the aggressiveness of Thrash Metal, this without actually being power but a few segments of soft rock, it should be noted that the vocalization is similar to that used in styles such as Arcore and the Groove Metal.

Download: (You can support the band Buying the songs or Only Download if you can´t buy)
Soundcloud (demo)
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Species Traitor - Silence Equals Death

Species Traitor - Silence Equals Death
Heavy Metal/Hardcore Punk from Finland

This is a group formed during a hardcore punk festival in 2006 called K town in Finland, only one member is known Jari Pohjonen and that this project lasted until 2016, the content of the lyrics is about introspection, a reflection about the ironies of the system and life with an emphasis on rebellion and good rhymes. This band is classified within the queercore movement rejecting heteronormative norms and in its style you can notice an influence of heavy and punk Hardcore, it is quite close to what would be a Sludge but the movements are not so pronounced and rather classified within the hardcore with heavy metal dyes.

Koza Dereza - Tut tobi j smerť

Koza Dereza -  Tut tobi j smerť
Black/Thrash Metal From Ukraine

This Ukrainian project created and composed by Oleksa Vypaskudeń who is the only member, is about horror and condemnation, this demo translates The death of Tut Tobi and is classified into thrash metal, you can hear some good riffs but very monotonous to Throughout the songs with the exception of the track 1 that has the best variation in the sequence, the whole demo focuses on the Speed Thrash Metal with some influences from the Black Speed Metal of the mid 80's. The band at the moment is called Merzotna Potvora Koza Dereza is the character of Ukrainian fairy tales. "Koza" means female goat. FB