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Dear and damn readers

Dear and damn readers:

This blog was created with the humble intention of announcing those bands that authorize the free and public downloads of their discographic works, under no circumstance we support the piracy and the illegal downloads, Also if you really know to appreciate Rock and Metal in any of Its expressions, the best thing you can do to support the scene is to buy music or official accessories of your favorite bands, any download link shown in this blog comes from each band or label´s official bandcamp, reverbnation, Mega, Mediafire and Jamendo pages. The inhabitants of the European Union are informed that this blog uses cookies from Blogger and Google.

sábado, 17 de agosto de 2019

bands july 2019

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Messier - Firmes hasta el final

1.       Messier - Firmes hasta el final
Power/Progressive Metal From Peru

 band info

this group of the city of Lima present since the 90s as Andromeda made the re-recording of some of their songs to compile them in this wonderful album, here we have before you a well-done work that contains the speed of Power Metal and the virtuous technique of Metal progressive. The lyrics focus on introspective thinking in which there is reflection that concludes that society is a contagious disease, which generates a number of questions by not understanding the reason for suffering, which can only be evaded under the illusion of dream represented in the letters by a female figure who in suggesting an eternal peace could refer to the same death, an alleged yearning even if consciousness is lost. Download From Jamendo


1.       JUAN GUALDA PROJECT – Salvaje
Heavy metal / Hard Rock  From Spain

 band info

This solo project, although it does not have the best sound quality result, has a great fluency in instrumentation to respond as an interesting musical structure, excellent guitar riffs, electric bass and percussions, however rare sounds are perceived that seem that come from an effect on the electric bass or drums, in short this album reminds us of an era of Heavy Metal of the 80s when Spanish-speaking underground bands still emerged, is a good reference for those who have heard great bands in cassette format and LP that were generally not well known but their music was spectacular. Download From Jamendo

DOPE (SOUNDRIDER) – imperfection

1.       DOPE (SOUNDRIDER) – imperfection
Heavy Metal / Rock From Russia


This time DOPE surprises us with something a little more technical and inclined towards Metal, we can hear in these three songs a good structure in the songs, realizations that explicitly show the musical quality tending towards Progressive metal and Groove Metal. Download From Jamendo

Black City – demo 58

1.       Black City – demo 58
Death/Thrash Metal / Shred From Colombia

 band info

The technical performance of the guitar is remarkable, without a doubt it is close to the shred style where a virtuosity can be noticed in regards to solos, riffs and scales, the good variability is also remarkable although there are songs where the riffs and scales are repeated very constantly getting to the point of being bored, also in track 2 #traumatized ”because of the monotony a coherence between the scale, the riffs and the vocalization is not heard, as for the other songs if you can notice a good balance and balance in duration and variation, the most remarkable thing is the song “fury” that simultaneously plays two guitars in the middle of the track, making it look stronger and stronger. Download From Jamendo

FEARWORKS - Fire Threads

1.       FEARWORKS - Fire Threads
Stoner Doom Metal / Progressive Hard Rock From Spain

 band info

basically this album works its completely instrumental execution, except for the song “The wolf” where you can hear some guttural voices and shrieks characteristic of black Metal, on the other hand you cannot deny the progressive line judging by the intermittent cuts and fluidity of the songs . The guitar notes are prolonged to the point of atmospheric atmosphere but not to the point of considering Doom Metal, what can be heard is a closeness with the stoner rock influenced by some Metal riffs and alternative rock. The main influences of this musical project created by Antonio Salgado are: Mastodon, Paradise Lost and Alice in Chains. A curious fact is that all this work was done using the GARAGEBAND software on an iPad. Download From Jamendo


1.       DOPE (SOUNDRIDER) MUSIC – Graffiti
Groove Metal / Metalcore From Russia

Once again we note that the music line of DOPE SOUNDRIDER is entirely instrumental and ideal for setting video games or movies, here you can see some influences of Hard Rock but especially the alternative Metal which includes the line of Un Metal, Groove Metal and Metalcore , noted mainly in electric guitar riffs. What is true is that it has an exceptional and forceful percussion. Download From Jamendo

ILYIN – Enemy

1.       ILYIN – Enemy
Contemporary Classical / Metal From Russia

 band info

It is an entirely instrumental project, created by soloist Ilyin who moves between the genres of classical music and metal music, however the influence of Metal is very slight, the central axis of the music is the Piano with influences of styles that They are far from the dissonant and experimental wave of contemporary classical music of the early twentieth century. The truth is that whoever listens to this album must be a good listener of classical music. Ilyin describes this album like this: “As 2019 year - is the international year of unhuman," Enemy ", second album of the project tells you about yourself. Exactly, about human absolutes ant treasures, that does not presented in you or does it in upsidedown view. The album is music, and does not making interest. ” Download From Jamendo

SWIN.DEL - Белый шум поколения пурпура (White noise generation purple)

1.       SWIN.DEL - Белый шум поколения пурпура (White noise generation purple)
Alternative Rock / Experimetal Rock From Russia

 band info

“Single-man project of different waves and vibrations woven in the rope by metal grooves and noise deconstruction tracks” “A new album on the threshed theme of urban absurdity, the madness of society and the place of man in this madness ”Is the self-description of this musical project that is mainly based on alternative rock, This album is instrumentally surprising because it makes good use of simple percussions next to guitar riffs and electric bass, additionally accompanied by atmospheric atmospheres that constantly immerse the listener in travel sensations. Sometimes Heavy Metal riffs are perceived and at other times electronic music elements are perceptible that complement the mix of sensations that would eventually be acceptable for a movie or video game. Download From Jamendo

XYZ - One – One

1.       XYZ  - One – One
Space/Kraut/Alternative Rock / Electronic From Spain

This musical project is definitely a trip in every sense of the expression. In addition to containing atmospheric and orchestral passages, it has some synthesizing elements responsible for setting the background while listening to some good guitar solos. The sequence of the songs have a coherent sense and it is a transition by planets after making the decision until it seems that it enters another dimension until ending with “Ethereal”, eventually the songs become exclusively electronic as in the case of “From mars to jupiter ”“ jupiter ”, some other songs are more inspired by the New Synth Wave movement of the 80s like the song“ Outer Space ”, others inspired by the industrial / Alternative wave of the 90s and other songs like“ sheena ”tend to Dark ambient and the wave of relaxation music. On few occasions you can hear the voice, mostly it sounds instrumental. Download From Jamendo


1.       BENT MUFFBANGER – Jafu
Indie/Synth Rock From U.S.

 band info

Here we will find “insightful lyrics, driving guitars, polished bass lines and their characteristic harmonies,” as expressed by the author of this project on his website, you can mainly find a versatility in rock rhythms since we see songs that bet him al Psychedelic Rock (Track1, track2, track 8), Synth Rock (Track3, track 4, track 7), Alternative 80's Rock (Track 5), traditional rock and roll (track 6). Additionally, the good guitar solos and the synchronization of the riffs with the rest of the instruments stand out. In general terms there are songs that could be classified within the old guards of various rock styles while other songs are too soft in singing tending to instrumental romanticism and far from being classified purely within a rock with rebel emphasis. Download From Jamendo


Alternative Rock From Italy

 band info

Not much is known about this musical project, only that it is possibly a one-man project, which is very interesting in that, despite being soft rock, it efficiently recreates a fresh style, between acoustic arpeggios and environmental riffs they allow all the filters to pass through essential components of alternative rock that most likely contain indie rock trends, the reverberant vocalization is bitter and sleepy but very consistent with the appeased rhythm without scratching the romantic, the first impression is a style that was handled by the BEATLES in several songs of his last stages, such as "the long and winding road" obviously without piano instrumentation and "something" Download From Jamendo

Xenolith - The Chthonic Chapters

1.       Xenolith - The Chthonic Chapters
Technical Death Metal / Deathcore From From Australia

 band info

This band receives influences from bands like Rusty Cooley, Cattle Decapitation, Behemoth, Beyond Creation, Devourment and Jason Richardson. In addition to its technical component, it also has a notable trend towards Progressive Death metal accompanied by an excellent execution of Slam Death Metal. This EP is completely instrumental and corresponds to a recent July release.

The Festering – Demo 2011

1.       The Festering – Demo 2011
Death Metal From U.S.

 band info

The influences that mark this band formed in 2007 and originally from Washington are: Dying Fetus, Origin, Suffocation, Cephalic Carnage, Spawn of Possesion, Deeds Of Flesh, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, GWAR, CTTTOAFF, Black Breath and Trap Them. The theme and philosophy of the band goes around blood, violence, Jackass, Boobs and Metal Music. His style is an integral Death Metal that handles instrumentation very well, with powerful blast beats and elegant synchronization of guitar riffs and electric bass, in the background some progressive technique is noted when judging by the good changes made in short periods of time and intermittent.

Deathcon 42 - Theistic Cancer

1.       Deathcon 42 - Theistic Cancer
Death/Black Metal From Austria

Huge blast beats and electric guitar riffs are heard here, basically this demo consists of a Melodic Death Metal with a notable influence of Black Metal, something formidable is listening to the versatility in rhythms and vocalizations also the great variability of good changes that make the Songs be a trip. The band releases this demo in 2011 and its conceptual theme is war and anti religion. Also Download From ReverbNation

Okult – Batalion (Promo)

1.       Okult – Batalion (Promo)
Death Metal From Czechia

The style that manages this band is mainly Death metal in the instrumental part, however in the vocal part there is an inclination towards the hardcore post, which does not sound bad to the songs but is not very conservative. There are very interesting melismas and percussion changes, you can also hear some moments of suspense and gallop on electric guitars. The central theme is war in ancient times. Download From Bandzone

CERBEROS – Compilation 2003- 2004

1.       CERBEROS – Compilation 2003- 2004
Heavy Metal From Czechia

 band info

This is a group founded in 1997 from an old project started in 1996 called Tadrm, in general terms the sound is exceptional, quite conservative with Classic Heavy Metal, especially in the melodic line reminding bands like ARIA From Russia and not neglecting the remarkable influence of Speed Metal that served as a bridge for the discovery of primitive Heavy Heavy Metal, undoubtedly Bass and the electric guitar take on a good role along with impeccable percussion. Among the songs that you can find for download are some belonging to the albums of the years 2003 and 2004, it is worth mentioning the excellent guitar solos and the powerful riffs, which are not always Metal but are very good, as in the case of the track "Sportka". Download From Bandzone

Eredar - Game Over

1.       Eredar - Game Over
Heavy Metal From Czechia

 band info

This group has been active since 2015 and until today has released an album and some recent singles that are part of its nascent discography, the style that is handled here is classic heavy metal with some interventions of alternative rock and Hard Rock in some very specific parts, you can also notice good guitar solos and arpeggios, however the distortion of the guitars, the voice and the percussion transitions are not so convincing when talking about sound quality and performance, otherwise This band handles a good variety of rhythms throughout the songs and reflects good synchronization between instrumentalists, all the songs retain the style of the classic Heavy Metal inclined towards the soft and romantic side, except for the song Znam To that classifies within a style Stoner Doom Metal Download From Bandzone

il Body - Cristianesimo a mano armata

1.       il Body  - Cristianesimo a mano armata
Post Hardcore Punk/ Punk Rock From Italia

 band info

Punk is present here with forcefulness, however this style is presented as a bridge between Punk HC and the hardcore post with some approach to Crust Punk, the whole album is written in Italian and apparently has a critical and social approach playing issues such as double standards and discrimination, the latter explains why the band calls itself part of the Queercore movement, the variety in the structure of the songs is remarkable and there is always a synchronization of optimal instruments, implementing distortions and clean guitar sounds. Download too From jamendo


1.       DOPE (SOUNDRIDER) MUSIC - To the Max
Progressive Metal / Rock From Russia

 band info

This musical project was designed for video game soundtracks, it consists of 6 tracks set in progressive metal and heavy metal accompanied by atmospheric passages and eventual electronic sounds, the sensations that are experienced are around cybernetic and futuristic environments, it is similar to Riff and gallops with the Groove is awesome. . Download From jamendo

LENNY WILES LIONSTAR - Put The Supernatural Gear In Reverse

1.       LENNY WILES LIONSTAR - Put The Supernatural Gear In Reverse
Psychedelic/ Space Rock / Pop Rock From U.S.

 band info

Once again, Lenny Wiles Lionstar surprises us with its sound oddities, this time with a journey towards a rock that reminds us of a period of time between the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 80s since surf rock rhythms are heard , 60's pop rock and some remnants of melodic punk post. In accordance with Lionstar's previous works, you can listen to a couple of speeches in this album, this speech talks about the origins of the musical project and about the communion between humans and aliens. Download From jamendo

OBIKYAMA - Something Big

1.       OBIKYAMA - Something Big
Blues Rock/ Country Rock/Southern Rock From Germany

 band info

Here you can find classic sounds like Rock and roll, rithm and blues, Blues Rock and Country, especially on the tracks “Continue” and “Pumping with Steven”, where you feel the musical structure of rock and roll with an air of Traditional blues also accompanied by excellent electric guitar solos. The chant attracts a lot of attention so it does not fit the traditional forms, it is almost in the style of an apparently improvised speech, even so it sounds good, otherwise the presence of hamond passages and typical country instruments can be mentioned. Download From jamendo

ТРАВА - Песенки Песни и Пляски

1.       ТРАВА  - Песенки Песни и Пляски
Folk / Avant Garde Rock From Germany

A wide range of sensations can be perceived in this album that combines folk with many musical styles, mainly rock, among the instruments that are rescued is the accordion, the trumpet, the hamond organ, various forms of percussion, atmospheric passages, synthesizers , acoustic arpeggios and of course some good electric guitar riff as you can see on the track "Между землёй и небом". The voices sound very native to regions of Russia which reaffirms the folk character of the album. Among the most innovative things is the percussion rhythm of the track “Печаль и тоска” and the use of the accordion as a rhythmic base similar to the gallop of heavy metal perfectly combined with atmospheric sounds that can become hypnotic (Cон С.Я.), likewise they are heard alone of accordion of quite quality. Download From jamendo

Slečna Anal Phabet - Zombie Business

1.       Slečna Anal Phabet - Zombie Business
Thrash/Grind/Black Metal From Czechia

 band info

A good conglomerate of elements can be heard here, you feel the bitter tearing of Black Metal, the aggressiveness of Grind Death metal, the transgression of post hardcore punk and some of the forcefulness of thrash Metal, eventually some soft and character parts are perceived melancholic and occasionally quiet while talking about sexual relations in the lyric, the above tend to rock. Download From Bandzone Currently the band is promoting their latest album "antibiskup" whose preview of three songs can also listen from bandzone

Sic Semper Tyrannis - demo 2013

1.       Sic Semper Tyrannis - demo 2013
Groove Metal / Metalcore From Austria

Soilwork, The Sorrow, In Flames, Machine Head, Trivium, Soil, Deftones, Fear Factory, As I Lay Dying and Wovenwar are some bands from which Sic Semper Tyrannis receives influences. This is the first demo released in 2013 with which the musical career of this band starts and with which more people join this project. The structure of the songs is very interesting since it is versatile in the rhythms and pauses and includes solo guitars, riffs and breakdowns, the vocals are mostly managed as a melodic element evidencing a good technique at the level of melismas, it should be noted the good coupling of atmospheric passages as in the song of the same name of the band. finally you can see a very Groove air remembering the post thrash era of the 90s.

Primezero – Bravery

1.       Primezero – Bravery
Heavy Groove Metal / Alternative Rock From Brazil

 band info

Emerged from Sao Paulo, Primezero has a distinctive sound that rescues some post grunge and alternative rock with influences of modern heavy Metal, essentially has good instrumental and vocal technique quite close to the alternative rock sound of the late 90s. Some songs are very emotional, others enhance softness, in general it does not represent aggressiveness or rebellion, except in some riffs and songs (as in the song “Bring Back the chaos”) only manifests feelings of happiness, which may seem boring for traditional heavy metal fans.

BAKAN – Viôt

1.       BAKAN – Viôt
Indie/Alternative/ Folk Rock From Italy

 band info

It is a group of yesteryear that influenced by many popular Italian music artists such as Dael's Povolâr Ensamble and Cjansionîr Popolâr, managed to emerge with its current name from 1994. Usually the songs focus on short stories about everyday life and Emotions, what can be highlighted as something that attracts a lot of attention, is the constant use of the accordion, very well complemented with the sound of the batteries and guitar riffs, sometimes used as a rhythmic component and sometimes used as a main element for solos. Download From jamendo


1.       THE CAVEBEAR CLAN – Mammoth
Space/ Synth/ Alternative Rock / Progressive Metal from France

 Band Info

The content of this musical work is divided into two parts: the Hard side and the soft side, it is worthwhile to note that it is necessary to work on the compression of sound specifically in the parts where there is a change of rhythm, this is note more in the soft songs. For the rest it is an entertaining compilation of instrumental songs that includes some electronic music, space rock, Metal and ambient. Additional note: the band is defined as an E-band (electronic band) composed of musicians from different countries who explore various genres such as electronic music, the Prog metal / rock, RnB and Dubstep. Download From jamendo


Garage/Alternative Rock / Upbeat From Germany

 band info

About this album it can be said that it is a compilation of several styles sustained by the garage rock, initially it is perceived as a band that rescues much of the pop rock of the early 60's with some interesting riffs that mostly implement the clapping and scraping of strings, there is also evidence of delicious guitar solos in the style of hard rock, you can hear hip hop songs in the song "DO THE MUDDLING THROUGH", rockabilly influences as in the song "Willy The Mad", you can also hear them good guitar solos, funk influences, soft rock and classic rock. Download From jamendo


1.       X-HAI – FSMW
Heavy/Thrash Metal / Alternative Rock From Ukraine

 band info

This project is completely instrumental, you can hear a predominance of the sound of a rhythmic guitar generally in charge of the distorted riffs essentially of Thrash / Heavy Metal, simultaneously an electric guitar intervenes with a little less distorted sound to sound scales and guitar solos well achieved referred to alternative rock, in terms of percussion, this is the basis for good changes in tempo, as well as acceleration of forceful pace. Download From jamendo

ART-PLUTONIA – Обольститель

1.       ART-PLUTONIA – Обольститель
Ambient/ Synth / avant garde/ Heavy Metal From Russia

 band info

This project is a rarity and therefore an interesting way to show avant-garde, the album is completely instrumental and its title translates "seductive", very surely the title is due to the implementation of environmental sounds and instruments that can easily be associated with practices meditative in an oriental geographical environment. Art Plutonia does not consist of a metal band, rather it is an electronic music project where here you can detail the experimentation with metal achieving this interesting result. Among the instruments that can be heard, whether with digital effects or not, oriental drums such as the Hari Om and the Hang, choruses in the style of Gregorian or Buddhist meditations, peat crowd atmosphere, atmospheric passages, sound reproduction of bees and organs of tubes, all combined and well synchronized with very good riffs and percussions of Metal. Download From jamendo

Nekroyd - The Ruination

1.       Nekroyd - The Ruination
Death Metal From Russia

Despite being a band with only two members, it has a lot of potential and relevance to Death Metal, you can easily distinguish a string instrument with a defined tuning that as expressed in its technical sheet Encyclopaedia Metallum, it is a bass electric, battery and throaty voice also have an important performance, so we could speak of an extreme duet that has skillfully implemented the electric bass to make it sound like an electric guitar. Regarding the structure of the songs is quite elaborate, without remnants of monotony, always taking some interesting musical turns.

Syn TZ - Syn TZ (demo 2014)

1.       Syn TZ - Syn TZ (demo 2014)
Heavy Metal From Brazil

 Band Info

This demo has some very characteristic features being nice for those who like The Heavy Metal simple with some touches of modern rock, this work falls short as to what in this blog called the essence of rock Metal since it has an air to ballad and passivity, even though the performances are impeccable and both the instruments and the voice reflect a good quality.


1.       CONTRAPUNK – Bojkot
Punk Rock From Poland

 Band Info

Riffs, sound, percussion and rhythms of the original punk rock combined with melodies and a sweet female voice that suddenly awakens an interest in the impressive contrast that is heard, and inspiring choirs that seem to come from commercial announcements, however it is very coherent, it is not a band that is immersed in the absurd to make rare pieces or compare with the first version of the renowned singer Blondie, fortunately Contrapunk is the sample of a punk without musical alterations that blends well with the tranquility that inspires the voice of the singer manuela "MANU" Zarzecka. Download From jamendo