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Dear and damn readers

Dear and damn readers:

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jueves, 26 de febrero de 2015

Agatha - Gravis Atque Gravior

Agatha - Gravis Atque Gravior

Agatha is a two piece girl band based in Milano, Italy. They are Pamela, bass, pedals, noise and voice and Claudia, drums, beats, and loud cymbals. The first three songs from this album are difficult to distinguish at a glance perhaps by the initial riff. "1981" talks about the surprise they have spent so many years since this year, a melodic and heavy succession of guitars and drums and you can appreciate a drum solo near the end of the song.
"Right Not Right"  is an interesting concept of what being original "not right", you can see a major change of compasses with increased speed finishing the song. The song "Black Owl" speaks of an analogy of passing life and that animal, has remarkable guitar solos and finally a saturation of guitars and drums, "A Song For The Different" remarks that there is more to do than music, this song has greater distortion guitar and greater visibility of electric bass , the battery remarks fine transitions , the riffs are more distinguishable from previous songs and exist a change in the tone of the voices. "Planets Conspiracy" exalts the planet Pluto as a dominant, the song starts with a  very pessimistic sound, also a raw voices stands out as which is often used in black metal. 
"Not About Who Rules" talk about personal matters, has a rhythm with a marked influence of hardcore punk with parts of southern rock and has an interesting guitar riff. "Keep Breathing Please" offers a tecnical softer voice, defined an aggressive sound with influences from punk Hc also that it is included one other detail of space rock and psychedelic
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