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Dear and damn readers

Dear and damn readers:

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miércoles, 20 de julio de 2016

Evil Fate - Black Project

Evil Fate - Black Project
Heavy Metal From Italy

By the inspiration and the deep need of expression of a musical concept more personal and deeply related to the increase of soul, was born from Loris frismon (composer and guitarist) what will take form in a project characterised by controversial and obscure aspects. The darkness, inherent in the soul of the dreamer, inspired the creation. The same darkness that is cause of the inevitable human detachment, which is full of suffering and meditation, but nevertheless impetuous and powerful in its explosion. So was born the Black project.

 The origins of the inspiration to the sound and the deep attachment to that which over time will become an inseparable core of friends and musicians, are Hard Rock and heavy Metal of the origins, also practiced in the first breaths of the cover band Evil Fate that will take its own path at a later date. Here we meet the nucleus around which the spirit of Evil Fate revolves: - Loris Frismos: composer, guitarist, drummer - Tomas Valentini: bass player - Alex Zancanella: singer, lyricist (/song writer) Evil , as well as one part of the name of the band, seems to be our fate which fights strongly to achieve the long-awaited stability. Our personal idea is based on the will to express in our own way, moreover with a genre that perhaps has seen its better days gone by, a revisiting characterised by decadent tones, nevertheless powerful and poetical, of a maniacal thought, shared by the members of the band and soaked in reflection on life.

Black project (album) - 2013 In a swirling contrast with reality and its anti-human dogmas, the themes, expression of the need of contemplation and the ability of criticism , evolve from a social and existential observation to a final destructive breaking off: the only possible solution in a world dominated by humans abuse of power with regards to others. For all these reasons, the album 'BlacK Project' is the real representation of its creators.

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