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miércoles, 20 de julio de 2016

Volition - Vengeful Satisfaction

Volition - Vengeful Satisfaction
Thrash Metal From U.S.

It all started some time ago in 2013, a group of musicians got together with a vision that was different than a lot of other metal bands in Tulsa each with their creative ideas and their drive to achieve as musicians they began throwing they settled with a name that stuck out like a sore thumb: VOLITION.

With rapid drums and quick riffs influenced by motorhead, voivod, exodus, death, Sodom, atheist, kreator and many more groups, the band's sound became a mixture of thrash with some death metal in it. 

the band gains a loyal following in Oklahoma, playing shows in the area, soon the band will reach out to other cities and states in the near future, gaining shows and fans in the process, with their abrasive form of extreme metal and intense live shows. an album will also be released soon. Until then, KEEP IT HEAVY!!!!!!

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