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Dear and damn readers

Dear and damn readers:

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domingo, 21 de agosto de 2016

Life Burns Low - Demos

Life Burns Low - Demos
Death/Stoner Metal From U.S.

LIFE BURNS LOW has metals. Very much for to has metals. Influenced by Max Cavalera era Sepultura, the Sabbath/Zeppelin/Hendrix trifecta, NOLA stoner/sludge, grim and frosty Black Metal, late 80's/early 90's death metal, 80's doom and 80's thrash and 80's crossover, Mastodon, High on Fire, Celtic Frost, 90's post-thrash ala Pantera and Machine Head. 

In 2004, riding the wave of newfound guitar-drums chemistry created in their jam band, Moon Jam Troopers, Mike and Gabe got down to jamming out some metal tunes with an interest in combining the speed and aggression of thrash, death and black metal with the dirty grooves of doom, stoner and sludge metal, with a dash of weird pschyadelia. By 2005, the pair had turned out their first album "Absolution-Introspection", followed in 2006 by "Bastard Divinity". With the addition of longtime friend and MJT bass player Andrew into the fold, Precipice started work on new material. Although they were musically pushing beyond their former confines, personal differences cropped up and the band went on extended hiatus. In the meantime, Moon Jam Troopers remained active, and in 2010 incorporated former Hidden Agenda bassist Kurt Jahn into their revolving-door membership. With this new chemistry established, Precipice was reactivated and picked up right where they left off. With the addition of metal journeyman Kevin Orlic on lead vocals in early 2011, the band took on the moniker LIFE BURNS LOW, with an eye on completing the unfinished material Precipice left behind, playing some shows and getting into new material as soon as they are able.

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