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lunes, 15 de agosto de 2016

OMOPHOR - War Prayer

OMOPHOR - War Prayer
Melodic Death Metal From Georgia

Omophor was formed in the city of Rustavi,Georgia in 2013 The first original members were: vaxo barbaqadze (Lead Guitar) daniel oqropiridze (bass) and giga nodia (keyboards) After a period of time sandro brokishvili (drumms) davit miqautadze(vocals) and George mdinaradze, the second guitar player, joined the band, and in 2014 daniel oqropiridze was replaced with bakuri batsashi The final formation of the band was in 2014 after which the band moved from Rustavi to Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia. The first debut was held on 9th of November 2014 in club “divani” on “Georgian Metal Festival” After the first concert the band started working on their first studio single which was released on 28th of December entitled “heroes feast” – in this song, the elements of Georgian folk was used as an experiment, which appeared to be successful. from January 2015 the band started working on it’s first album which was released on 6th of June 2016 entitled “war prayer” the album contained 10 songs of which the main genre was Melodic Death Metal, the album also contains songs which are now known as “Georgian Folk Metal” on 18th of April 2015 the band played live on Metal Attack Festival in Erevan, Armenia. And also had several concerts in Tbilisi on Georgian Metal Festivals, in Magti club, Raven studio and Night office. Currently the band is working on their second project, a new album, which is willing to combine Georgian national folk instruments with metal and will feature new compositions and songs, further to make this new genre more variable and easier to evolve.

Influenced By bands like Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth,At The Gates,Dying Fetus,Nile, In Flames,Kalmah,Hypocrisy,Dark Tranquility,Insomnium, Soilwork,Machine Head,Pantera,Metallica,Megadeth,Slayer,Exodus.

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