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Dear and damn readers

Dear and damn readers:

This blog was created with the humble intention of announcing those bands that authorize the free and public downloads of his discographic works, under no circumstance we support the piracy and the illegal downloads, Also if you really know to appreciate Rock and Metal in any of Its expressions, the best thing you can do to support the scene is to buy music or official accessories of your favorite bands, any download link shown in this blog comes from each band or label´s official bandcamp, reverbnation, Mega, Mediafire and Jamendo pages. The inhabitants of the European Union are informed that this blog uses cookies from Blogger and Google.

jueves, 7 de febrero de 2019

Papéri - NieddArburedU

Papéri  - NieddArburedU
Ambient Black Metal / Experimental from Italy

Papéri means "paper" in Sardinian. Something very interesting in this project of the soloist Papéri Emperor Wolf is the use of paper noise as a substitute for percussion in drums, the sound is quite curious since it gives a touch of mysticism and bizarre at the same time. The textures of the dark atmosphere are impressive and the lyrics cover topics such as nature and folklore. If you listen carefully you realize that this album is a true journey into the unknown.

Contagium - Reanimated by Maggots

Contagium  - Reanimated by Maggots
Death Metal From U.S.

“Formed in July 2018 in Franklin, NH. Contagium continues the early 90's tradition of guttural, bleak, and brutal death metal. “ Recorded in the basement, quick rough take of what will be on the demo late 2018/early 2019me>

Arktis - The Northwestern Rainforests (EP)

Arktis  - The Northwestern Rainforests (EP)
Ambient Black Metal from Canada

Ambient black metal project by the soloist Ben Day, the lyrics of this Ep released in 2015 about a rural town in the United States, Ben's place of origin. There is a polyphony in the gutturals that show a harmony between the bass and treble, always under a somber and dark atmosphere. The band name translates to 'Arctic'.

Hegemony - The Reign over the Fallen

Hegemony - The Reign over the Fallen
Black Metal From Greece

Band composed of Konstantinos Karakitsos, the only member of the band, this is a Greek black metal project that includes the essentials of style and also stands out for having a good ensemble of choirs and gutturals, as well as instrumentally making a great ensemble with the symphonic arrangements and electric guitars, in the moments of calm and siencio you can hear some great compaz changes that accentuate in a fantastic way the states of the songs, especially in that song that is homonymous to the álbum facebook

Spread The Disease - The Sheer Force Of Inertia

Spread The Disease  - The Sheer Force Of Inertia
Blackened Metalcore From Canada

Undoubtedly a pioneering band in the Blackened hardcore style, this album released in 1999 generally contemplates something truly novel for those years, in repeated occasions you can hear the way in which the guitars are played in accordance with black metal and also the use of breakdowns very characteristic of hardcore, this album also contains special effects of synthesizers in "Noise 3" and a conversation in "prank phone calls"

Sickle of Dawn - The Battle of Britain (Demo)

Sickle of Dawn - The Battle of Britain (Demo)
Black Metal From Canada

Benjamin Day is the composer and only member of this band of Black Metal with thematic directed towards the war, who clarifies that this musical project has nothing to do with political issues. This demo was his last record since 2014 and talks about the Battle of England in 1940 during the Second World War. The way the song is structured is good, following the standards of Black Metal and promotes feelings of rawness and desolation.

Sekator - Brain Scan EP

Sekator  - Brain Scan EP
Thrash Metal from France

This French band is characterized by playing a traditional and old school thrash metal, has a slight influence of death / thrash metal and Hardcore punk on their songs, they also make some very good riffs and guitar solos. They describe their theme in this way "Several themes are treated within our lyrics. Some songs simply talk about music and violence, while others take inspiration from fictions. Finally, several songs deal with our society and the social behavior of mankind. "facebook

Goblet of Ashes - The Taiga of Benighted Succubi ( compilation)

Goblet of Ashes   - The Taiga of Benighted Succubi ( compilation)
Melodic Black /Gothic Metal From Canada

This group of two members has an undoubted good instrumental management, although it is unknown if they themselves are the ones who play the instruments, the truth is that one of them performs the lyrics while André Ashes is the vocalist in this compilation of songs from his discography since 2014, it is noted that the greatest influence of the band is Cradle of Filth, however, it exceeds in similarities with this band (the vocal handling and the logo design are almost the same).Facebook

Homo Macabrus - Homo Macabrus

Homo Macabrus -  Homo Macabrus
Death Metal from Greece

This group directed by Teo Kakouris in its instrumentation, that is, a band of a man who handles guitars, bass, drums, incorporates in this album the participation of 8 vocalists from different countries who make their contribution in each of the songs. The structure of the songs is varied with a high performance of the instruments and voices. The theme dealt with in this work is about death, the apocalypse, despotism and inhumanity. The band receives influences from Vader, Nile, Origin, Bloodbath, Misery Index, Hate Eternal, Pig Destroyer, Exhumed, Decapitated, Cryptopsy, Immolation, Veld, Monument of Misanthropy, Mass Infection, Hour Of Penance, Hideous Divinity, Inveracity, Katalepsy, Analepsy and Ingested. FACEBOOk

Ov Mhurn - Twisted Thoughts of the Mist

Ov Mhurn - Twisted Thoughts of the Mist
Ambient Black Metal / Dark Ambient / Doom Black Metal From Spain

The origins of this band are in Terrassa, Spain, in their style they incorporate enough atmospheric and orchestral arrangements, among which synthesizers and piano harmonies are heard, they frequently use blast beat in their drums, express a lot of aggressiveness and some transitory changes towards scenarios of dream. Regarding the vocalization, there is also a handling of effects that affects the voices to a cruder and inframundane aspect. facebook

viernes, 1 de febrero de 2019

Violated Flesh - The Mutilated Face Of Terror

Violated Flesh - The Mutilated Face Of Terror
Death/Thrash Metal From U.K.

This group combines very well the elements of traditional Thrash Metal with the modern sounds of Post-hardcore and death metal, resulting in an ensemble of blast beat, bending and breakdowns throughout the songs. Facebook

Mere Mortal - TARTARUS

Mere Mortal - TARTARUS
Thrash Metal / Hardcore From U.K.

Soon the UK band Mere Mortal will release their EP TARTARUS in 12 "format, that is why they release this single as a preview of their work, it is a Thrash Metal with a strong influence of old school hardcore

Nedreverden - The Spectral Dusk (Demo)

Nedreverden - The Spectral Dusk (Demo)
Black Metal From U.S.

Black Metal from the United States, "The Spectral Dusk" was released in 2008 and you can see an excellent handling of the melody, they are not monotonous songs, you hear an accelerated rhythm at the beginning of the songs, but later it calms down to emphasize in the feeling and pronunciation of the song, at this moment the band is on hold


Black Metal From France

Raw Black Metal whose base is cold melancholy of early / mid Northern 90's scene as the band describes it, the band originates in France and in this promo tape released in December of 2018 they show a good performance of this genre with voices of agony and ferociously distorted guitars. Facebook

jueves, 31 de enero de 2019

The Dark Believing - The Dark Believing

The Dark Believing - The Dark Believing
Melodic Death Metal From Germany

The Dark Believing is a group of Schwerte, Germany. they have a particular style, having in mind the structure of the songs moments of absolute clamor, clean and technical guitar arrangements , also the aggressiveness that can not be missing in Death Metal. it is noteworthy that clean guitars show a quite sophisticated accompaniment, remembering the melodious style of classic heavy metal like Aria (RU), they are influenced by Metallica, In Flames, Dissection and Gates Of Ishtar, however melodies are noticed similar to those of amon amarth. In "Dark Deception" you perceive tendencies towards black metal. Facebook

lunes, 31 de diciembre de 2018

Genetic Error - Demo 2012

Genetic Error - Demo 2012
Death Metal From Colombia

death metal from the city of Bogota formed since 2008, in this demo released in 2012 many influences of the goregrind and grindcore are noted in the structure of the songs, the gutturals and treble gutturals typical of death metal stand out in what resembles a polyphony of well-matched voices.

sábado, 12 de mayo de 2018

Miseria Postmortem – Fria Existencia

Miseria Postmortem – Fria Existencia
Crossover Thrash Metal From Colombia

Miseria Postmortem is a thrash metal crossover band founded in 2010 in the city of Medellin, it can be noticed that there is a marked influence of the Colombian ultrametal of the early 1980s that is characterized by a raw atmosphere defined by the punk movement of those Times, the lyrics consist of Pessimism, corruption and society, all with a highly belligerent approach.
Download link in Video Description

Mmapakat – El Renacer de las leyendas

Mmapakat – El Renacer de las leyendas
Folk Dark Metal From Colombia

Mmapakat is an extreme Folk Metal band founded in Bogotá around 2015, receives influences from bands like Finntroll, Arkona, Ensiferum, Guahaioque, Eluveitie, Amon Amarth and Korpiklaani, the instrumentation comes strongly accompanied by ancestral winds such as flutes and panpipes, Something that makes his music unique is that accompaniment is constant throughout the song unlike the other known metal folk bands, harmonizing perfectly with guitar riffs and chords. The use of different types of gutturals is constant and to be well appreciated in the folkloric context one must have an open ear to alternatives, the lyrics are inspired by the vast magic of the legends of the Andean prehispanic culture.


Círculo en el Sol - Roquedal

Círculo en el Sol - Roquedal
Progressive Stoner Rock/Metal From Chile

The Quena is an instrument that undoubtedly prevails in this band that makes a stoner metal that recalls the old hordes of doom Metal and psychedelic rock of the 1970s and the late 1960s, their relationship with progressive and experimental rock give them a touch of authority to the Roquedal demo, which in itself is an interesting journey through classic rock and the strange atmospheric sounds that accompany literature, nature and magic. Fanpage

VULGAR - Diagnostico: CAOS

VULGAR - Diagnostico: CAOS
Groove/Thrash/Southern Metal From Argentina

Groove Metal from Argentina that brings together several styles among which one can name the southern, the post thrash Metal and the hardcore punk, the band receives influences from bands like Panther, Machine Head, ANIMAL, Slipknot, Metallica, Sepultura, D'mente, Carajo, Fear Factory, Hellyeah, Damageplan, Soulfly, Slayer, Symbiosis, Iron Maiden, Korn, Lethal, Deftones and Tool, their lyrics are about honor, uprising and hatred.Fanpage

Septic Order - Imprisoned in Sanity

Septic Order - Imprisoned in Sanity
Groove/Thrash Metal From SLOVENIA

This band works around the groove metal with a greater inclination to thrash metal, it was founded in 2014 in Slovenia and has toured the country in several concerts and festivals, the quality of its sound is excellent being able to notice all the confluence of instruments that are part of the devastating production of this demo debout Fanpage

Tallene - International Wrestling Federation Presents

Tallene - International Wrestling Federation Presents
Southern Metal/Punk From Brazil

Tallene is a musical project of Brazilian southern Metal that started its activity since 2009, inspired by bands like Every Time I Die, Maylene Sons Of Disaster, Pantera and Cancer Bats. Surprisingly they manage to harmonize elements of the Groove metal with the ones of Southern Metal that are reflected in powerful riffs and percussions, very marked breakdowns and dramatic musical nuances in the middle of the songs, noticing very well the influences of the old country. FBpage

Disarthia - Aggressive lies

Disarthia - Aggressive lies
Metalcore From Chile

Disarthia is a Chilean Metalcore band whose current status is unknown, it is known that they ventured into 2013 with an independent production called Agressive Lies, of which we do not know if there are more songs, likewise here we leave this good single full of speed and good guitar solos accompanied by elements of Thrash Metal. Fanpage

Disease – demo 2017

Disease – demo 2017
Grindcore From U.S.

Disease is a band of grindcore that in 2017 grinds its demo debout loaded with violence and pestilence contained in 20 tracks, it highlights the darkness of this production since the gutturals are reverberating and with an incessant speed complemented with excellent changes to Slaming.

Morning Dead - Inmerso en el Abismo

Morning Dead - Inmerso en el Abismo
Doom/Death Metal From Chile

It is a one man band emerged in 2014 in Riobueno, Chile, creates a death thrash metal with atmospheric passages and with the accompaniment of instruments such as piano and keyboard for the intros, this debut demo is full of desolation and sadness with slow and dense sounds, certainly a good approach to the doom metal funeral. fanpage

Neziv - Korota

Neziv - Korota
Death/Doom/Black Metal From Croatia

The heavier forms of extreme metal have a decisive influence on this demo whose authorship is attributed to unknown people who are part of the band, death metal is the predominant style although it is a synthesis of an ensemble of several styles with a rather dark sound and rotten underground.

Predawn – year zero

Predawn – year zero
Doom Metal From Sweden

Predawn is a Doom Metal band that emerged in 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Their lyrics are about science fiction, mythology, their style is directed towards the Epic Doom Heavy Metal from the vein of Cirith Ungol and also receives influences from bands like Sabbath , Cathedral, Saint Vitus, Dream Death and Paul Chain. This band is copose of three people who managed to preserve the style as the doom metal of the second wave, adding that it has good guitar riff and cuts. Fanpage

Klan - V tvojej hlave

Klan - V tvojej hlave
Heavy/Stoner Metal/Rock From Slovakia

Klan is a quartet that combines Heavy Rock with Metal Stoner, they originate in Zilina, Slovakia and release this first album in 2010 whose title translates (In your head)

Download From Bandzone

Carcolh - Rising Sons of Saturn

Carcolh -  Rising Sons of Saturn
Doom Metal from France

Carcolh is a French Doom Metal band of the old guard, they arise in Bordeaux and their name comes from a mythological beast from French folklore. The Album “Rising Sons of Saturn “vcontains some extremely dark melodies and of slow tempo, their sound is not limited to riffs heavy, they too have very well elaborated scales and guitar passages that reflect mystery. Fanpage

Earache My Eye - Demo 2017/18

Earache My Eye - Demo 2017/18
Deathcore From Germany

Earache My Eye is a German Death Metal / Deathcore band that emerged in 2007 in Saarland, its demo released in 2007 has a clear inclination towards the doom Death Metal with its slow tempos and with some deathcore elements, this demo of 4 songs contains a song titled Ozzy and Dio, in honor of the first Black Sabbath vocalists. Fanpage

Headless Death - Headless Death demo

Headless Death - Headless Death demo
Grindcore/Death Metal From Australia

Headless Death is an Australian band of grindcore that combines elements of Powerviolence and Death Metal, its style is extremely fast, its last two demos: "Proxy Death" and the "Ultimate Resentment" show a clear preponderance of Death Metal also in free download .


Thrash Metal/Crossover/Crust From Slovakia

Hrobar was born in Banská Štiavnica / Slovakia in 2015, this style of Metal is very connected with different trends of hardcore punk such as Crossover thrash metal and crust Punk, this demo was released in 2017 and contains 8 songs that show his good execution. fanpage

Subjugated Black Death Immolation - Portal to Incantation

Subjugated Black Death Immolation - Portal to Incantation
Black Metal From Chile

Subjugated Black Death Immolation is a band composed of a Chilean duo, both manifest their guttural disturbances and screams in a surprising way, totally manage to make a chilling sound of the underworld while preserving the sinister essence of the primitive metal of South America. This is the second Demo released and it is positioned in the list of the darkest bands of the Chilean scene.

Huaicont – Sentir

1     Huaicont – Sentir
Progressive Death/Groove Metal From Argentina

Huaicont comes from Arentina specifically from the city of Santiago del Estero, playing Death / Groove Progressive Metal since 2010. This EP recorded in 2016 and released in 2017 contains many elements of what can be called South American modern Death / Thrash Metal, However It is of standing outits powerful percussion, the breakdowns and the morbid voice that describes the lyrics, in essence it is about dark melodies that are manifested through strong electric guitar riffs and sometimes with soft segments, the songs have excellent cuts and it is a worthy example of a good mix between death / thrash metal and progressive metal as can be Heard in the track "The rest of us" Fanpage

Twisted Truth - Green Horns Games

Twisted Truth  - Green Horns Games
Grindcore From Czech Republic

Twisted Truth is a Czech Republic band with a wide trajectory, its fast and unscrupulous style shows the essence of traditional grindcore using the guttural stinking chords with its constant slaming, here you can download some songs from their last EP "Green Horns Games "(2015) and the compilation" vegetarian Barbarian - Grindfather Production "(2015).

Download from Bandzone

Nunca - Kânon I

1   Nunca  - Kânon I
Black Metal/Crust Punk From Brazil

 "Nunca" is an anti-fascist Black Metal / Crust Punk band that emerged in 2016 in sao paulo / Brazil and is made up of three musicians. It can be highlighted in the performance of its crust facet a perfect harmony with a black metal full of nihilism , remembering that ancient and diffuse link between both genres as you could hear in old bands like arkanum and carpathian forest with their song Deathcrush, if you analyze it carefully you can notice a great approach with the structure of traditional punk rock like the song "Black Bloc", the only song in Spanish. So far the band has released two Ep and two Demo.


viernes, 16 de marzo de 2018

Corruption - Death for Sale

Corruption  - Death for Sale
Thrash Metal From Canada

It is a remembrance of a work done around the year 1991, that defends the aggressiveness of the thrash metal of the 80s, in some occasions with a certain approach to death Metal considering the handling of the gutturals. Absolutely all the songs contained here incite shaking the head with the powerful and fast guitar riffs along with the bass and percussion. You can also exalt the way they elaborate and execute their musical compacts, one could say that there is a repetition of very good melodies and rhythms and with coherent transitions.

Aroma de Saturno - Aroma de Saturno EP

Aroma de Saturno - Aroma de Saturno EP
Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal From Brazil

The density of this EP translates to a magical journey that crosses psychedelia and darkness sensations simultaneously, this is summarized in passages of the Metal stoner and the Sludge Metal, predominantly the traditional Doom Metal, all the themes are purely instrumental and you just need to leave carry by the heaviness, however it is also to highlight the frequent bending of guitar, the role played by the percussion directing the direction of the songs and finally the preponderant bass that offers a sense of depth.

Drainage - demo 2017

Drainage - demo 2017
Death metal / grindcore From Poland

this Polish duo makes grindcore crudely and openly in an explosive manner, revealing the disgust in its greatest expression, the songs that can be heard in a short time are "conspiracy of thieves" and "brainwashed"

Al Khannes - Demo II

Al Khannes -  Demo II
Black Metal From Germany

manifests bellicose and anti-religion feelings through this eleborado demo which is the second that they release after two years of releasing their first demo, the structure of the songs maintains a very particular form, breakdowns and unusual changes are noticed without losing the essence of black metal

Cold Killer - Live at zapata -Brutal Grind XV

Cold Killer -  Live at zapata -Brutal Grind XV
Brutal Death Metal / Grindcore From Brazil

band from Sao Paulo, is categorized in the traditional techniques of grindcore also rescued by chance the classic sound of old formats like the cassette, this achieved partly because it is a live recording, finally you can detail a recreation of the war through the percussion of some songs

Eyes to the Sun - Broken Places

Eyes to the Sun - Broken Places
Melodc Death Metal / Metalcore from U.S.

This American band focuses its lyrics on a form of apology of religion based on motivation, the technical execution of the instruments and the production of sound is very good, its style mixes elements of post hardcore, melodic death metal and metalcore with riffs of blunt guitars and breakdowns at specific times, likewise the way he performs electric guitar solos is admirable.

Paranoid Fantasy - Everlasting Madness

Paranoid Fantasy -  Everlasting Madness
Death Metal from Algeria

Death Metal of Algeria formed by members of bands like Cruality of Madness and Nightmare Delirium, the lyric content focuses on internal conflicts of being related to suicide, ego, idolatry and the control of the masses. It is an old school style Death Metal execution with elements of Brutal death Metal, without a doubt a sound landscape of blood and destruction that motivates listening to this album several times.

Krodha - Batrabanthadharma​!​!

Krodha -  Batrabanthadharma​!​!
Industrial Black Metal/ Ambient From Hungary

Single member band that combines elements of ambient, symphonic metal, indutrial, black metal and neofolk, showing an interesting transition of musical and sound elements that move to a landscape in constant transformation, the lyrics are written in the native language of Hungary expressing a analogy of human ignorance and negativity as the wrath of the universe product of the evolution of being, that's why this album is loaded with misanthropy and indvidualism. It is interesting to note that this album is composed of three identical themes in its structure with the same intro.

Zajetí Kouře - Vyřešíme si to sami!

Zajetí Kouře  - Vyřešíme si to sami! 
Thrash Metal/Groove Metal From Czech Republic
 The style that can be heard in this Ep is that of a forceful Thrash Metal and very inclined to the wave of post thrash metal of the early and mid-90s of which were leading many recognized bands when they entered this decade. You can notice the eventual implementation of breakdowns in the guitar, riffs of Thrash Metal, Doom Metal and Groove Metal, progressions and few elements of post hardcore.
Download From Bandzone 

lunes, 12 de febrero de 2018

Draugr - Forgotten Realms

Draugr -  Forgotten Realms
Black Metal From Finland

band composed of two members who in the midst of the atmospheric melodies of keyboards, distorted guitars, percussion and bass, make this wonderful demo that contains 5 tracks of pure Finnish black metal and the school of the second wave.