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Dear and damn readers

Dear and damn readers:

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jueves, 25 de enero de 2018

kush - kush EP

kush - kush EP
Death Metal / Grindcore from Argentina

From the city of Zarate comes this aggressive band of death metal grindcore who undoubtedly know how to harmonize very well the changes in time and compasses, making possible a satisfactory transition between one riff and another, not to mention the fabulous breakdown and those moments of silence that leave the listener in suspense.

Monmuuth - Vailgrave

Monmuuth -  Vailgrave
Doom Metal From Ukraine

Vailgrave is a compilation of the one-man band Monmuuth, here is the remastering of the first two EPs: "Grave" - 2014, "Vail.Act One" - 2015, Quaker who is the mind behind this project He has been able to complement very well the atmospheric sounds with guitar distortions and sound effects in such a way that each song resembles a journey through a story. The lyrical theme that is handled is death, despair and hatred towards all kinds of gods.

Ленар Деллерт - Время

Ленар Деллерт -  Время
Death / Doom Metal From Russia

One-man band from the Kazan city in Russia, who composes and plays all the instruments is Lenar Dellert. In this work entitled "Время" which translates "time" reflects a sound landscape of symphonic arrangements, atmospheric passages and acoustic guitar arpeggios, perfectly combined with the heaviness of Death Doom Metal, this much influenced by the second wave of doom metal of the 90s

Gorilla Troops - Страшный Суд (Last Judgment)

Gorilla Troops -  Страшный Суд (Last Judgment)
Crossover Thrash Metal From Russia

Band from Saint Petersburg city strongly influenced by the sounds of old school punk hardcore and bands like Slayer and Burial, you can notice a strength in this EP that can make anyone who appreciates thrash metal bang the head, It is very satisfying to listen to the riffs that are presented throughout these songs and their impressive way of downloading energy with percussion, bass and voice.

Outlaw - Total Devil Worship (Live Demo)

Outlaw -  Total Devil Worship (Live Demo)
Black Metal From Brazil

occultist black metal band from the city of Sao Paulo, its dark sound is accompanied by lyrics about the doctrines of anti cosmic luciferism and the Mahapralaya that consists of the cyclical dissolution of the universe in the Hindu culture. It is an extreme metal form that closely approximates the sound of South American underground metal. Now they are about to release their most recent album "Path to Darkness 2018" , as a curious fact all the members of this band are called with a letter of the alphabet

miércoles, 24 de enero de 2018

Iskald - I

Iskald -  I
Black Metal From Hungary

Iskald is a black metal band of a single member (G) of Hungary, this EP contains an interesting journey through aggressive sounds and dark characteristics of the Nordic black metal, in the instrumental and vocal part G plays very well all the elements for the launching of this work, guitar picking in high notes is exposed as a solo and becomes interesting when the melody changes are reflected. Ending this Ep closes with a harmonious symphonic melody made on keyboard

DESPOJOS - Grindcore Noise Compilation

DESPOJOS -  Grindcore Noise Compilation
Brutal Death Metal /Grindcore From Brazil

Despojos is a band from São Paulo, its fast and forceful style reflects the balance between old school death metal and brutal death metal, the riffs are very aggressive and simple but substantial, reflecting the trend of hardcore punk and grindcore to present songs of very short duration. This compilation gathers the most outstanding singles made by the band during 2014. Listen and support their last release Human Flesh Collector

Ensseminis - Relatos Retorcidos

 Ensseminis -  Relatos Retorcidos
Death/ Black Metal From Peru

Ensseminis is a band born in the city of Lima, its preponderant and dark sound highlight this band as one of the bands of the South American underground scene that rescues the essence of Extreme Metal of these regions, the lyric of " Relatos reorcidos " (twisted stories) refers to the destructive power of a human mind devoid of reason. Fanpage

Maniacal Miscreation - Nonconformism

Maniacal Miscreation - Nonconformism
Groove Death Metal From Poland

Maniacal Miscreation has its own arrangements of post thrash metal or better called groove metal, this EP released in 2014 has some very attractive riffs for those who enjoy bands such as Pantera and well-defined changes for good timing between percussion and riffs.

Sanctus - Demo 1

Sanctus - Demo 1
Thrash / Heavy Metal From U.S.

This demo rescues the sublime essence of the beginnings of Thrash Metal, you can notice a connection with the NWOBHM and the Thrash metal of the old school originating from the bay in the United States. In the midst of the lack of sophistication, a pleasant atmosphere is felt when listening to this pair of songs, since they immediately transfer to the beginning of the 80s. 

Listen and support Their New Full EP Do or Die

When They Invade - Visitors EP

When They Invade - Visitors EP
Metalcore From U.S.

band of the city of portland (USA) released in 2011 their EP entitled "VISITORS" which contains an interesting description of the world and being, involving an apocalyptic and horrific vision of humanity explained in a way that is close to poetry , giving special emphasis to the alien attacks and the decline of humanity. Regarding its musical form is to highlight the variety of changes and aggressiveness that is implemented within this Ep framed within the metalcore, in addition to the interesting introductions in some songs with sound arrangements of film. Fanpage