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Dear and damn readers

Dear and damn readers:

This blog was created with the humble intention of announcing those bands that authorize the free and public downloads of their discographic works, under no circumstance we support the piracy and the illegal downloads, Also if you really know to appreciate Rock and Metal in any of Its expressions, the best thing you can do to support the scene is to buy music or official accessories of your favorite bands, any download link shown in this blog comes from each band or label´s official bandcamp, reverbnation, Mega, Mediafire and Jamendo pages. The inhabitants of the European Union are informed that this blog uses cookies from Blogger and Google.

domingo, 1 de septiembre de 2019

Bands August 2019 (Releases for free and authorized Download)

click on the album you want to listen and download from the band's official site, the links lead to a review about each album ¡ Many thanks for visiting this blog !

D-Human – Demo 2010

1.       D-Human – Demo 2010
Groove Metal From Greece

It is a Groove Metal with strong influences from Hardcore Punk and Thrash Metal. When judging by the way to start the songs you can notice a good synchronization and instrumental handling according to the hate message that the band transmits, the gallops in the guitar riffs are blunt and predominate in presence with respect to the rest of the instruments at the moment of suspense, in parallel you can notice some Slides on the guitar and very good guitar solos. This demo consists of 3 songs which are available for free download from bandcamp, recently the band releases the album "Darker days to come" which includes the songs of this demo plus another 8 that are part of the new repertoire. Download Outher songs of this demo On bandcamp

Sepulchral Rite - Among The Dead Ones

1.       Sepulchral Rite - Among The Dead Ones
Death Metal From Mexico

Undoubtedly, Death Metal of the old guard well represented and loyal to the genre, the compositions are really amazing, not at all tedious and monotonous, it is dynamic and very variant in the rhythms without losing the central axis that forges Death Metal. The accompaniment of the percussion with the guitars is symbiotic, although the presence of the electric bass is not present, the distortion of the rhythm guitar does a good job of shaking any environment. Guitar solos are virtuous but not to the point of exaggeration. The cuts and transitions are very well achieved. The vocalization is also authentic of the first waves of the old school Death Metal. The band is influenced by bands like Morbid Angel, Sodom, Vader, Sepultura, Kreator, Obituary, Dismember and Bloodbath.

Begotten - Catacombs Of The Ancients

1.       Begotten - Catacombs Of The Ancients
Death metal From U.S.

The first impression when listening to this single is to listen to some musical piece from the Baroque era, specifically organ with J.S. Bach, that is, there is a shudder at the start, which freezes anyone's blood. On the other hand, this intro has many similarities with those that have been used in the symphonic Black Metal wave. As for the content, it is pure old-school Death Metal influenced by European waves and most likely influenced by the imminent darkness of Black Death metal. The lyrics in this single focus on the extinction of humanity. The band has recently released the demo "corrupted by evil" available on bandcamp.

Curse Them - Lost Shadows (Promo)

1.       Curse Them - Lost Shadows (Promo)
Thrash/Groove Metal from U.S.

A great blunt burst can be perceived with this band, essentially they make Thrash Metal with a notable influence of Hardcore Punk and Post hardcore punk until the point of turning towards Post Thrash or Groove Metal. With accelerated rhythms and excellent instrumental and vocal breakdowns, this band manages to shake those who listen to them. It shows a lot of hate and anger around what the songs convey, which is why I recommend it in this blog. On the other hand the melodic component has its greatest expression in the song "The Haunting" which includes some interesting choirs and clearly melancholic melismas. 4 songs that would be part of the album "Lost Shadows" are available for free download.

Grimace Gall - Cold Solitude (Single)

1.       Grimace Gall - Cold Solitude (Single)
Death/Black/Doom Metal From Italy

This group mixes three extreme styles of Metal in perfect balance: Doom Metal, Death Metal and Black Metal. First-hand it looks like a Death Doom metal but as the movements are distinguished and the way of playing the guitar one realizes that it has a peculiarity with Black metal with respect to the structural base. The themes treated by this group focus on death, misanthropy and hate. This song available for free download is part of the EP "haborrence" released in July 2019.

Immania - Tales of the Damned Souls (promo)

1.       Immania - Tales of the Damned Souls (promo)
Symphonic Black/Death Metal with Electronic elements From Czechia

This musical project is created by the soloist Jaroslav Marák who makes use of computer software to perform all the instrumental work, among the programs we can highlight FL Studio and Cubase Studio 4. He also affirms that the song is authentic and that it only carries the effect of reverberation. In the musical structure you can see a good work, the symphonic elements are accompanied several times by environmental landscape effects, this album handles a certain elegance and mysticism that could be compared to that of epic films and fantastic horror. Something that can be highlighted a lot in this album is the versatility in the forms of singing, ranging from highly elaborate choirs, torn vocals, shrieks and gutturals. Only 5 songs of the 12 that make up this album are available for download. Download From bandzone

Těžká Obuv - Maxisingl 2012

1.       Těžká Obuv - Maxisingl 2012
Melodic Heavy Metal From Czechia

The songs shown here have an interesting very marked refrain that characterizes them as melodic, the integral harmony between the guitars demonstrates an excellent technical and instrumental handling of Heavy Metal with influences from bands of yesteryear that at the time emphasized melody. Many times we find good choirs, prominent riffs, and conservative rhythmic base with the Metal of the old guard. They affirm that their main influences are in the Classic Metal of their nation as the band Vitacit , as well as bands like Metallica and Judas Priest. Download From bandzone

MARKUS – Dropzic

1.       MARKUS – Dropzic
Indie Rock / Hard Rock From France

This album is loaded with good guitar solos that fit properly into pieces within the songs, some are emotional, others motivating and forceful. The styles that can be perceived are Indie Rock, Alternative Rock and sometimes some influence of rock from the late 60s and 80s, where rhythms of the time predominate, eventually sounds of instruments such as the hamond organ, saxophone and accordions are perceived . Additionally, percussion and harmony between the guitars involved are well felt. Not the entire album is determined in a soft context, you can also listen to Hard Rock in songs like "Schoolyard". Download From jamendo

ALVARSOVY – Stubborn

1.       ALVARSOVY – Stubborn
Rock/ Metal from France

This album is simply suitable for setting, the way to play the guitars is good but it lacks an optimal sound quality and stripes in the monotony, despite establishing good melismas and acceptable transitions the riff that is playing becomes very repetitive . Percussion is almost non-existent because the sound quality is quite opaque, on the other hand you can hear soft, hard riffs and guitar arpeggios, some with tendencies to certain forms of Black Metal. Download From jamendo

OCULTO – Oculto Demo

1.       OCULTO – Oculto Demo
Stoner Doom Metal From Mexico

Extremely heavy sounds can be heard in this exemplary demo that shows the essence of the Doom Stoner Metal, This band is made up of a Duo from Mexico city and they release this record in 2018, the guitar riffs are quite heavy with a distortion aimed at intoxicating anyone who listens with high quality headphones, the percussion is accompanied by slow temples and notorious brightness of the dishes, also the electric bass contains a predominant Fuzz effect that makes its sound quite saturated. recently they have released the Ep "Chaos, cosmos and cataclysms" available on bandcamp.


Psychedelic Rock/ Post Punk From Italy

you will hear here is an independent project by the soloist Dario Viglianisi, who is not limited musically to explore various musical forms that he includes in what could be considered an alternative Rock with inclinations to Electronic and Psychedelic Rock. This album is completely instrumental, it has to improve in some aspects of sound quality but in instrument handling it is very well implemented. Although the description of this project states "without rules" as a characteristic, one can hear that under the shortage of rules there is a certain coherent harmony in the middle of the disorder. The first part of this album takes a tour of musical styles such as Post punk, Darkwave, synth avant garde rock, songs like CLAPTONMAINIA, note its roots in rock and roll, but emphasizes the long sounds that can be achieved with the electric guitar. The second part of this album is a bit more experimental, it is evident the intervention of soft rhythms of the folk / traditional order, as well as sounds achieved with programmed percussions and synthesizers. Download From jamendo

Putrefying Carnage - Démo (2018)

1.       Putrefying Carnage - Démo (2018)
Brutal Death Metal/ hardcore Punk From Belgium

To be exact, the band implements Slamming Death Metal combined with the BeatDown Hardcore Punk, so it is not surprising that so much emphasis is placed on slow tempos and heavy breakdowns. The cuts are exceptional, they make a sudden transition of rhythm, but that is not a pointless transition, considering also that this band finds a point of balance that serves as a basis or column to make coherent transitions between Death Metal and Hardcore Punk, unlike the Nü metal bands that often make uncomfortable transitions. Anger and dementia stand firm in all songs. Finally the intro and outro introduce you to a horror story.

Metalliance - Brood of Vipers (promo)

1.       Metalliance - Brood of Vipers (promo)
Heavy/Thrash Metal From Brazil

Influenced by Metallica, Megadeth, Machine Head and trivium this band handles very well what is the instrumental melody within their songs when judging by the good cuts and versatility in the transition of strong rhythms and soft rhythms, as well as the transition of distortions heavy to electric guitar arpeggios, this can be seen for example in the instrumental song "Sowers Of Discord". the song "Brood of Vipers" surely implies more the sound of Thrash / Southern / Stoner Rock and roll because of its dynamism and good guitar solos, the song "Mechanical Minds" may show a repetitive sequence of choruses but certainly manages a power Indescribable because of guitar solos, finally the song "Avoid The Herd" is clearly focused on Speed Metal with some interesting intermediates that allow you to take a prudent break from the unleashed energy. The other songs of the album are not available for free download but I also recommend buying this album given its musical quality. Download From ReverbNation

Vita em Mortem - El Bien & El Mal

1.       Vita em Mortem - El Bien & El Mal
Heavy/Thrash Metal – Death/Thrash metal From Mexico

This band formed in 1987 in Guadalajara, Mexico, retains great features of primitive Latin American Heavy Metal, its sound reminds us of that old school of cassette format despite being an album released in 2013, the thrash metal performed on this album makes a symbiosis with Heavy and Speed Metal, but it is framed in a particularly classic style within what could be defined as the South American pioneer sound of Thrash metal. Obviously the sequence of rhythms is varied and not monotonous, the vocalization is also aggressive and in some cases as in the songs "apocalypse" and "someone" the implementation of deep gutturals and acute times is more noticeable which makes the approach these songs towards Death thash Metal. As they express in their jamendo profile, the lyrics are focused on making a contrast of opposites, such as life / death, good / bad, etc. with some metaphors. Download From jamendo Also Download From ReverbNation

Veneraxiom – Intercurse

1.       Veneraxiom – Intercurse
Black Metal From U.S.

Originated from L.A. California, this trio composed of a guitarist, bassist and drummer, successfully converge in this first EP that represents the musical project very well, basically the lyrics focus on the occult and the invocation of demons assimilating very well the conviction transmitted since the same Songs are accompanied by good dramatic intros that definitely immerse the listener in a dark and macabre atmosphere. The sound achieved is impeccable and essentially appropriate for Death Black Metal handling excellent distortion, equalization and low sound of the underworld, also the percussion is very fluid with accurate beats at the appropriate times and with the corresponding reverberation. The vocalization is performed by the bassist and the guitarist in a synchronized manner which gives a more infernal character to this work and more when the voices are heard simultaneously.


Rock  / Blues Rock From Spain

The name of the band is inspired by the feeling of anguish and affectation by a physical pain, however this grouping gives it a more transcendental meaning through poetry and music. This album manages very well the instrumentation that composes the classic rock basically with versatile rhythms that demonstrate a good synchrony and exceptional “feeling” of the consolidated sounds, you can repeatedly hear good and fresh solo guitars in the traditional style of hard rock, also the Inclusion of synthesizer sounds can be evidenced in songs like " Ni Colgado de ti " and the most faithful representation of the Blues with the use of harmonics as in the song " Quien les hace el trabajo sucio ". Download From jamendo

Tiburón Peregrino - prehistoric

1.       Tiburón Peregrino - prehistoric
Death Metal From Argentina

Rodrigo Calónico is the solo creator of this musical and instrumental project whose name is inspired by the second largest shark species in the world, this album has recently been published showing an impeccable performance of Death Metal, good guitar effects are perceived, also good Percussion effects and techniques can be heard, due to the percussion is programmed, unusual shines are eventually heard on the drums as in "Titanoboa", as well as a rare beat runoff as in the song "Brygmophyceter". It is remarkable the fact that the listener is transported to a marine fauna where different prehistoric species are stalking, it is very entertaining to put the imagination to work with this album. Previous albums are also available on this Soundcloud list. This Project is influenced by bands like Sleep Terror , Beyond Our eyes, Dethkalypse, AAL , Mestis Conquering Distopya , Alluvial and Merrow.


1.       SWARM – EP
Death/Black Metal / Crust Punk from Estonia

The sound attached by this band is really dark, enthusiastically reflects hate and aggressiveness. Notably it can be distinguished that the structural basis of the songs is the Hardcore Crust Punk, in parallel the accompaniment of scales and sustained guitar solos that offer an approach to Death Metal of yesteryear can be highlighted, The voices are of the acute guttural order assimilating to the used in Black Metal Depressive, rhythm changes are scarce but well organized. Finishing with the outro "Dirt Black / Outro" the essence of the band is perceived, an extremely dark sound from the depths of darkness. recently they have published the album "Black frame Order" which can be purchased on the facebook fanpage

Sofistica - Rám tvých snů (promo)

1.       Sofistica - Rám tvých snů (promo)
Heavy Metal From Czethia

Extremely heavy sounds can be heard in this exemplary demo that shows the essence of the Doom Stoner Metal, This band is made up of a Duo from Mexico city and they release this record in 2018, the guitar riffs are quite heavy with a distortion aimed at intoxicating anyone who listens with high quality headphones, the percussion is accompanied by slow temples and notorious brightness of the dishes, also the electric bass contains a predominant Fuzz effect that makes its sound quite saturated. recently they have released the Ep "Chaos, cosmos and cataclysms" available on bandzone.

Phantom Lord – Insanity

1.       Phantom Lord – Insanity
Crossover Thrash Metal / crust Punk From U.S.

Destruction and hatred is the motto of this group originated in Washington, his music is definitely crossover Thrash Metal for their influences Hardcore punk but has a greater inclination towards Crust Punk judging by aggressive percussion riffs and singing, this sing is heartbreaking and thrown from the guts but not to the point of despair rather to the point of appearing vomit or regurgitation. The influences are given by bands like Pantera, Ringworm, Gojira, Skitsystem, Mastodon and Metallica. 4 songs are available for free download.

Knightmare - Kto zachráni svet

1.       Knightmare - Kto zachráni svet
Heavy Metal From Slovakia

Two Guitars work wonders on this album, without a doubt the release of this one during 2016 was a milestone, the sound, the riffs and the solos remind us of the NWOBHM era while preserving the melody in the song, so it is not difficult to find similarities with the British heavy hard rock of the late 70's. The singing is emotional, inspiring and motivating, likewise the melodic riffs and the persevering electric bass complement each other very well with percussion. Additionally you can also download the album "Posledný Sud" released in 2015 Download From Bandzone

PURIFIRE - Godevil Circus

1.       PURIFIRE - Godevil Circus
Groove metal From Poland

The iconography of this band is inclined towards the cabaret and the circus characters, its music is totally Groove Metal combining many elements of death and Thrash Metal with elements of Hardcore Punk and Metalcore, the cuts and changes of tempo are exceptional mixing a wide range of vocalizations between guttural, torn and clean, sometimes some tendencies to the Nü Metal are perceived, without counting on the varied effects on electric guitar.

Syrgjyn - Manifest of Essence

1.       Syrgjyn - Manifest of Essence
Death Metal From Albania

This band won a recognition of an unknown origin about the best Death Metal album 2010, although in Albania the metal scene is scarce this album is not far from being a good job since we can listen to a lot of technique, good timing and details melodic, also the mixture is impeccable since the distortion has a perfect bass sound, the vocalization is guttural in line with the old school and with melodic style tendencies. The structure of the songs is dynamic and nothing monotonous with good rhythm changes. The bonus track “xhehenem” offers a melodic sound more instrumentally inclined to synth rock. Also Download From Reverbnation

Lykoris Radiata - Pád do tmy

1.       Lykoris Radiata - Pád do tmy
Heavy Metal/ Hard Rock From Slovakia

Nokturnus is the solo composer who owns this musical project since 2015, here you can listen to this last single released in June composed of two songs with a slight air of punk rock, the first song “Pad do tmy” does not show much approach with Heavy Metal but structurally it is very interesting and versatile more inclined to hard rock, however the song "Hyeny" has the presence of Heavy Speed Metal. Something that stands out is the uniqueness of the distortion that although it needs to improve in quality is better than what could be heard in the album “Žalospev duchov” (2016) where despite the good composition the songs were heard in something similar 8-bit format and very similar to post punk. Recently the band releases the album "Hyeny" available in bandcamp with good elements of Heavy Hard Rock and Punk.

Vermis - Demo Promocional

1.       Vermis - Demo Promocional
Death Metal From Chile

What can be perceived with the naked eye is an extremely technical operation, the effect achieved when the rhythmic guitar simultaneously complements its heavy riff, the guitar that makes quite elaborate and virtuous technical scales / solos and the electric bass that without doubt has an indispensable effect in this musical range. The style can be classified within a technical Death Thrash Metal whose musical structure is conservative with the styles of the early 80s that marked the patterns of Death Metal, also the voices are guttural and with reverberation effects that move the listener to an atmosphere Deadly and rotten quite underground.

Fiume Nero - Mors Liberat

1.       Fiume Nero - Mors Liberat
Black Metal From Italy

Black Metal from the city of Brescia shows us a blunt way to make black metal under the guidelines of the sound of the old school in terms of instrumental and vocal, the band defines itself as anarchic and misanthropic reflecting all the hate in these 10 songs full of rebellion. Eventually some strange pieces made with unconventional sounds (Intro Mors Liberal) and some symphonic ambient sounds (Sulla Riva di Acheronte) are heard, just as if it were a horror movie. The screams and songs are torn and extremely raw just as needed. Download From jamendo

SIMPLEFIXTY - unleashed vol.2

1.       SIMPLEFIXTY - unleashed vol.2
Industrial Metal / Darkwave / Synth Rock / EDM From Norway

A wide variety of styles inside and outside the metal are found in this solo project, what you can notice is that many elements of modern Rock are manipulated, but for those who like weird and experimental sounds here they can enjoy themselves with completely electronic dissonant sounds It should also be mentioned that the industrial style is the central line with elements of Dubstep, EDM, Gothic, Darkwave and synthwave rock. Download From jamendo

VITNE – Aria

1.       VITNE – Aria
Melodic Heavy/Epic Metal From Norway

The solo project consists of a melodic heavy metal with notable influences of Celtic Folk Rock occasionally related to Japanese music, so the author decides to call his music as "ZEN METAL". This album is necessary to know how to listen because the softness of the piano combined with the romantic and optimistic singing becomes desperate and unconventional to be a Heavy Metal, certainly when you really approach the essentials of Heavy Epic Metal you can notice some symphonic metal, Power Metal and Melodic Metal components. Download From jamendo

FACTOREAL - Планета Странных Людей

1.       FACTOREAL - Планета Странных Людей
Industrial Rock / Groove/Nü Metal From RUSSIA

This album contains a good example of Rock / Metal Mainstream where you can clearly see a mix of modern styles that tend to Pop, within them you can listen to Nü Metal, Pop Rock, Gothic Rock, Electronic Industrial Rock and Groove Metal. Undoubtedly the female voice is powerful and captivating for those who know vocal technique, since this woman really feels the energy of rock although her songs are inclined in the style of Gothic metal. Download From jamendo


1.       THE GUTA JASNA – Taawa
Experimental/psychedelic Rock From Slovakia

With progressive elements and Experimental Rock this project promoted by a duo, launches this album that also contains piano settings with atmospheres made with electric guitar effects, has a synthesizer atmosphere made to move the listener to another dimension as in the song "Spiral in, Spiral Out" and "cycles", the percussion is well achieved although in the song "Stay Strong" for its percussive monotony and "cubalibreto" seem a rhythm of Latin urban music. Download From jamendo

DeathMetalKyle - The Melt Your Face Off Collection

1.       DeathMetalKyle - The Melt Your Face Off Collection
Groove Metal / Synth EDM / Alternative Rock From Norway

This is a solo project whose musical structure is mainly given by a good instrumental performance, although there are no voices here, it could be said that the various instruments implemented lead to a Groove Metal style with some Avant Garde touches, here are a couple of exceptions: The song "Stomp" has a marked tendency to Doom / Stoner Metal, "Hot Cactus Jam" is practically alternative Rock and "Flames" is completely involved in electronic music.

Mechanical Corvus – Mechanical

1.       Mechanical Corvus – Mechanical
Melodic Death metal From Mexico

This group definitely handles a style that goes through Dark Metal and Melodic Death Metal. From Outside you can see little affinity with traditional Death Metal and a greater inclination for harmony and arrangements, percussion is accelerated and fast assimilating to thrash metal, riffs are varied, from serious and distorted, to clean riffs and arpeggios that they belong rather to indie rock, guttural singing is very technical but very monotonous in terms of tone changes within the same song, "silent agony" has a vocalization typical of Metalcore while "arsenal" if it has more similarity to Metal extreme. As a curious note, this band exists since 1996 when it was called “corvus” and that is why there is some familiarity with the melodic metal of the early 90s.

Municia - Z popola (Promo)

1.       Municia - Z popola (Promo)
Thrash Metal / hardcore Punk From Slovakia

Here you can hear some derivations of punk rock such as hardcore Punk, Oi and Alternative Punk combined very well with Speed Thrash metal. "Party song" is a cheerful song that reflects the most dynamic partying punk that can be seen in this style with some inclination to hard rock, "2014" is a song more inclined towards Speed Thrash Metal, so much so that it reminds Initial riff to the old Motorhead guard. And the song "palpále Bodimo" belongs to the band's first album, the other songs most inclined to the crossover thrash metal are not available for download and are not part of this promo.

No Sun Rises – Demo 2016

1.       No Sun Rises – Demo 2016
Atmospheric/Post-Black Metal / Crust Punk From Germany

The idea promoted by the band is anti fascism and everything that goes against homophobia and racism, mainly its style is supported by crust / Hardcore Punk, in the black metal component it really looks very superficial since only is heard in the voices and eventually in some riffs that could be considered old school of Black Metal, another feature of this demo is the Post Black metal component that is closely related to a melancholic essence and the use of riffs without distortion, sometimes approaching At atmospheric style On the other hand, Crust Punk is present in the song “Faint” as for the others, you can see more his inclination towards post black metal and ambient music.

Recon by Fire - Into the Fire

1.       Recon by Fire - Into the Fire
Thrash/Heavy Metal From Poland

This group consists exclusively of women, in June 2019 they launch this demo that contains what they essentially call a complement of old-school elements and modern elements of Metal. Certainly what characterizes this band is the melody and forcefulness of the two songs contained in this demo. The preponderance of the image of the Metal head woman on the cover of the demo is remarkable, where it can be seen in the middle of a place desolated by war attacks.