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Dear and damn readers

Dear and damn readers:

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viernes, 16 de marzo de 2018

Corruption - Death for Sale

Corruption  - Death for Sale
Thrash Metal From Canada

It is a remembrance of a work done around the year 1991, that defends the aggressiveness of the thrash metal of the 80s, in some occasions with a certain approach to death Metal considering the handling of the gutturals. Absolutely all the songs contained here incite shaking the head with the powerful and fast guitar riffs along with the bass and percussion. You can also exalt the way they elaborate and execute their musical compacts, one could say that there is a repetition of very good melodies and rhythms and with coherent transitions.

Aroma de Saturno - Aroma de Saturno EP

Aroma de Saturno - Aroma de Saturno EP
Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal From Brazil

The density of this EP translates to a magical journey that crosses psychedelia and darkness sensations simultaneously, this is summarized in passages of the Metal stoner and the Sludge Metal, predominantly the traditional Doom Metal, all the themes are purely instrumental and you just need to leave carry by the heaviness, however it is also to highlight the frequent bending of guitar, the role played by the percussion directing the direction of the songs and finally the preponderant bass that offers a sense of depth.

Drainage - demo 2017

Drainage - demo 2017
Death metal / grindcore From Poland

this Polish duo makes grindcore crudely and openly in an explosive manner, revealing the disgust in its greatest expression, the songs that can be heard in a short time are "conspiracy of thieves" and "brainwashed"

Al Khannes - Demo II

Al Khannes -  Demo II
Black Metal From Germany

manifests bellicose and anti-religion feelings through this eleborado demo which is the second that they release after two years of releasing their first demo, the structure of the songs maintains a very particular form, breakdowns and unusual changes are noticed without losing the essence of black metal

Cold Killer - Live at zapata -Brutal Grind XV

Cold Killer -  Live at zapata -Brutal Grind XV
Brutal Death Metal / Grindcore From Brazil

band from Sao Paulo, is categorized in the traditional techniques of grindcore also rescued by chance the classic sound of old formats like the cassette, this achieved partly because it is a live recording, finally you can detail a recreation of the war through the percussion of some songs

Eyes to the Sun - Broken Places

Eyes to the Sun - Broken Places
Melodc Death Metal / Metalcore from U.S.

This American band focuses its lyrics on a form of apology of religion based on motivation, the technical execution of the instruments and the production of sound is very good, its style mixes elements of post hardcore, melodic death metal and metalcore with riffs of blunt guitars and breakdowns at specific times, likewise the way he performs electric guitar solos is admirable.

Paranoid Fantasy - Everlasting Madness

Paranoid Fantasy -  Everlasting Madness
Death Metal from Algeria

Death Metal of Algeria formed by members of bands like Cruality of Madness and Nightmare Delirium, the lyric content focuses on internal conflicts of being related to suicide, ego, idolatry and the control of the masses. It is an old school style Death Metal execution with elements of Brutal death Metal, without a doubt a sound landscape of blood and destruction that motivates listening to this album several times.

Krodha - Batrabanthadharma​!​!

Krodha -  Batrabanthadharma​!​!
Industrial Black Metal/ Ambient From Hungary

Single member band that combines elements of ambient, symphonic metal, indutrial, black metal and neofolk, showing an interesting transition of musical and sound elements that move to a landscape in constant transformation, the lyrics are written in the native language of Hungary expressing a analogy of human ignorance and negativity as the wrath of the universe product of the evolution of being, that's why this album is loaded with misanthropy and indvidualism. It is interesting to note that this album is composed of three identical themes in its structure with the same intro.

Zajetí Kouře - Vyřešíme si to sami!

Zajetí Kouře  - Vyřešíme si to sami! 
Thrash Metal/Groove Metal From Czech Republic
 The style that can be heard in this Ep is that of a forceful Thrash Metal and very inclined to the wave of post thrash metal of the early and mid-90s of which were leading many recognized bands when they entered this decade. You can notice the eventual implementation of breakdowns in the guitar, riffs of Thrash Metal, Doom Metal and Groove Metal, progressions and few elements of post hardcore.
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