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Dear and damn readers

Dear and damn readers:

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lunes, 15 de febrero de 2016

Izcariot - Encadenamiento Eclesiástico (Demo)

Izcariot - Encadenamiento Eclesiástico (Demo)
Thrash / Black Metal From Colombia.

Izcariot was formed in 2011, in order to emerge new ideas of black metal of the city of Ibague, based on an anti-Christian ideology of bands like Thy anthichrist and Acutor. Izcariot made the recording of "Encadenamiento Eclesiástico" Demo  in March 2013, recorded in Promusitol (Ibague) by Carlos Alberto Hewitt, demo that contains 5 cuts and was released two months later. reissued in 2015.
The demo contains a range of raw sounds that recall the era of Colombian ultrametal, most of the music contained in this demo contains aggression and hatred towards the Christian community accompanied by a primitive Death Metal vocal style  and energy of Black/Thrash Metal.

the song "Revelación" (Revelation) begins with the strength that characterizes this demo, in the middle of the song sounds an arpeggio that triggers the sound of percussion to begin a solo electric guitar.

"Encadenamiento Eclesiastico" is the song that gives name to this demo, begins with a solo electric bass, which is mixed with the percussion of drums, the song gradually becomes more aggressive, with soft and loud intervals notice an excellent job changes pace throughout the song, the song ending percussion at walking pace gallop followed by a guitar solo and closing with a War scream.

"Rios de sangre" (Rivers of blood) is the song that best highlights the work of percussion drum due to the connection with riffs and chants is achieved, ending you can see an amazing drum solo that stands out above the bass and electric guitar.

"Luz u Oscuridad" (Light or dark) is the track 4 of this demo, starts with a very calm arpeggio, then with the arrival of drums accompanying the song becomes more aggressive and here you can see the harmony between instruments, with which the battery starts the strongest and crude's take no less solos electric guitar sounds.

"Black Magic" is a cover of the legendary band Slayer, this interpretation has some lower than the original song tones, giving a touch that characterizes the Izcariot band without losing sight of the eighties style of Slayer thrash metal, here it shows a good job due the instruments come into harmony emphasizing the sound of electric bass.

Izcariot is currently recording their second Full-length Album, after their first Album "En el entorno del señor Lucifer".


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