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Dear and damn readers

Dear and damn readers:

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lunes, 8 de febrero de 2016

VERDUGO - Sanguinario de Metal (EP 2016)

VERDUGO - Sanguinario de Metal (EP 2016)
Thrash Metal From Colombia

Formed in 2005 in the city of Ibague, Colombia. They call the genre of their music as "Azote Callejero" (street Thrash) they have a significant influence on the classic styles of extreme metal and traditional Colombian underground Metal . Verdugo has a test demo cassette in 2010 entitled "Muerte, caos y destruccion" .In 2012 the band released their official demo CD under Chatarra Producciones label entitled "Materia informe del caos" and this year 2016 Verdugo released their last demo "sanguinario de Metal".

Track 1 "Azrael" has a lyric aims to pay tribute to Azrael (name given to the angel of death among Jewish and Muslim ) who has the task of receiving the souls of the dead and lead them to be judged.

Track 2 begins with a rather chilling intro called "burial intro" the song refers to a mysterious entity that at night gives life and aims rise the ghostly specters of the tombs, song with low tones and harsh riffs.

Track 3 "sanguinario de Metal" is a song with a remarkable influence of different extreme metal styles, between which highlights black metal, death metal and thrash metal, the song has polyphonic growls throughout its duration, accompanied by a powerful riff changes and a guitar solo accompanied by grunts and shrieks. This song was written and recorded with the help of Ramon Restrepo, lead singer of the band Blasphemy and Parabellum (first Colombian extreme metal band in the history).

Track 4 "sitri No. 12 (posesion)" initiates with a guitar arpeggio accompanied by a biting voice announcing a message. The song becomes increasingly aggressive with riffs changes in Thrash Metal and Black metal Style, the lyrics has an esoteric connotation intended to describe sex under the demonological laws , so you will hear name many demons emphasizing sitri the great prince of hell.

Track 5 "falso profeta" (false prophet)  is a song that sounds like traditional thrash metal and reflects the reality of the Christian Roman hierarchy, who are justified in the symbol of the cross to kill and destroy.


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