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jueves, 11 de febrero de 2016

King Pariah - Civil Unrest

King Pariah - Civil Unrest 
Death Metal from U.S.

King Pariah is a death metal band from Argyle, NY for fans of: Rivers of Nihil, Job for a Cowboy, Black Crown Initiate, Lamb of God and more.
When you think of a pariah, typically you think of someone or something shunned for its inadequacy. However, King Pariah beg to cast down that notion, instead opting for an alternate meaning: something far above and beyond the likes of its peers. Case in point, the nefarious New York death metal juggernaut, King Pariah. Dominating their local scene with a hard-hitting amalgam of ferocious, throat-ripping death metal and chug-friendly, bone-breaking deathcore, King Pariah are a punishing lesson in lurid, heart-stoppingly heavy music that wastes no time in oppressing any set of ears that they can invade. 

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