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martes, 16 de febrero de 2016

Worship Of Keres - Bloodhounds for Oblivion EP

Worship Of Keres - Bloodhounds for Oblivion EP 
Doom Metal From U.S.

"We wanted to hear what the world would sound like if you stuck it in the throat and lit it on fire, so we started a band."
influenced by bands like Pagan Altar, Cathedral, Witchfinder General, Amebix, Bathory, Fang, Nuclear Assault, Celtic Frost, Iron Maiden, Melvins, Voivod, Filth, Christian Death, Danzig, Mercyful Fate, Jesus Lizard, Venom, The Damned, Dissection, Neurosis, No Future, Judas Priest, Black Flag, Black Sabbath.

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