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Dear and damn readers

Dear and damn readers:

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miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2016

ThunDarkma - Tiempo de morir

ThunDarkma - Tiempo de morir
Folk Metal From Colombia

ThunDarkma is a Folk Metal band from Diutama, Boyaca originally formed as Avatar playing power metal with heavy and gothic metal influences, the band changed the name to Thundarkma in 2003. The aim of the band is to rescue indigenous traditions of prehispanic cultures, ThunDarkma is the fusion of three words: Thunder by force of music, Dark by darkness in the lyrics, and Tundama, as a tribute to the cacique that bloody defended the aboriginal culture of the Spanish invasion. In April 2014 they released "Tiempo de morir" full lenght.

Track # 1 named Quyhyna that means "Before" by way of intro it is characterized by the sounds of water and aboriginal dulcimer along with a story that expresses thephrase  spoken in Spanish : "we worshiped the sun and the moon, and one morning woke up with a Bible in hand and a whip in the back".

Track No. 2, named Chihicha is a tribute to the warrior Tundama, organized by the souls of the Christian colonization barbarism victims . Electric guitars and flute have a very good synchrony in one riff, when the singing and the chorus begins, flute mutes giving way to the guitar riffs,  Then you can listen flute and  guitar solos both separate to each other by a chorus.

track # 3 "sue guahihoque" reflects on their lyrical bitterness the invasive religion of prehispanic land, so this song shows parts of sadness and melancholy, after the first chorus the melody of a flute accompanied by an guitar arpeggio is heard  and then the last chorus you can appreciate an elaborate electric guitar solo.

"Achiscan mague" is a song that combines elements of rock with elements of extreme metal, initially with intervention of growls, followed by the use of a calmed riff  in the rock style accompanied by prolonged notes of flute and clean vocal  that suddenly becomes a tremolo picking  very common in black metal with increased speed and some aggressive riffs, lyrics focused on magic and mythology of the goddes chie (Moon).

Psihipqua is the name of track # 5 ,It refers to the prince heir to the throne of Zipa descendant of the goddess Chie and supreme ruler of Zipazgo, one of the most important administrative divisions of the Muisca Confederation. the song opens with an arpeggio of acoustic guitar with the sound of wind and accompanying by the flute and dulcimer, suddenly enters extreme metal alternate picking , in the middle of the song a melody with the dulcimer is heard and finally the song ends with a guitar solo.

"Sie taranen" is a song that expresses a feeling of melancholy to reminisce the fate that befell the warriors fallen in defense of their prehispanic culture, once more the song has very strong influences of extreme metal, especially in the execution of guitars with the alternating picking, the use of blast beats faster, stands also serene places where the growling vocals involved and flute with guitar arpeggios are heard.

"Opquasiu Hybane" sung way of petition to the goddess bachue, this song sounds more optimistic in its lyrical content and composition. during the intervention of guttural singing there synchrony with the flute, which also marks the end of the lines described in singing. Finalizing the song other stringed instruments Andean heard.

Huitaca refers to the goddess of lust, who is always opposed to the teachings of Bochica god, the song is introduced with a string sound and flaut which are then overshadowed by guitar riffs accompanied by growling vocals, then the percussion moderates to make way for the clean vocals with freshening flutes, followed a series of changes in rhythm and compasses covering different riffs within the Heavy Metal and Thrash are introduced ending with a guitar solo . the song ends with an extraordinary flute melody.

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