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Dear and damn readers

Dear and damn readers:

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sábado, 15 de octubre de 2016

Hagalma - Ciudad Blanca (2016)

Hagalma - Ciudad Blanca (2016)
Heavy / Power Metal From Colombia

Hagalma is a Heavy / Power Metal band formed in 2007 in the city of Ibague, Colombia. On October 12, 2016 they released their latest EP called "Ciudad Blanca" ("White City"), a work dedicated to the events of the tragedy of Armero, Colombia 1985, a natural disaster that killed more than 20,000 people due to the volcano eruption from Nevado del Ruiz. This new work, a homonym to EP song which is composed by three acts, track # 2 "Memorias destrozadas" ("Shattered Memories") corresponding to an official video-clip previously released, track # 3 "Caracter" ("character") as a alternative version to the single released in October 2015, track # 4 "Templo de Sal" a new song from the band and track # 5 "sin suplicas al destino" ("without supplications to destination") as a live version of the original song contained in the album SUBLEVACION ("uprising") 2012. 

The song "Ciudad Blaca" is divided into three parts: Act 1 (the curse 1948) recalling a folklore myth where it is believed that the city of Armero was cursed during the struggle between political parties and religions ending the first half of the twentieth century; Act 2 (the tragedy) that relates events of November 13, 1985 and ending with Act 3 (hope).

Ciudad Blanca theme generates all kinds of feelings when listening, being a work of long duration, it achieves to manifest in the listener feelings of sadness, anxiety, anger and optimism. Instrumentally is very comprehensive and multifaceted, orchestral arrangements and choruses make an atmosphere conducive and appropriate to envelop the listener in history. In Act 1 somber choruses and dark ambiences performed as orchestral arrangements that accompany the guitar riffs and the main melodic singing, there are constant transitions rhythms, solos, bass and electric guitar and this act ends with a powerful falsetto included.

Act two for its speed and forcefulness initially reminiscent sounds of the vein of bands like Iced Earth, Judas Priest and metal church, begins with a progressively more aggressive sound where the main voice becomes to a guttural voice with Black Metal and death Metal rhythmic patterns, recalling bands like Belphegor from Austria and Masacre from Colombia, finally you can hear recordings clippings stories and testimonies right after the tragedy.

The third and final act is completely opposite to Act 2, holding a quiet melody and appeased with the accompaniment of a piano, recounting the will of those survivors who continued on with the conviction to succeed. once again the harmony between singing, synthesizers and guitar riff conclude this act and the whole song.

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Listen Interview by Mysticus Radio (Rockdstroyer) to Mauricio Gonzales singer of Hagalma about Ciudad Blanca EP:

Listen Interview By Misticus in RockDstroyer Radio side stridency to Mauricio Gonzales singer of Hagalma (56:00)

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