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Dear and damn readers

Dear and damn readers:

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jueves, 5 de mayo de 2016

Falling Antares - 1st Phase: From The Pariah in The House of the Scorpion

 Falling Antares - 1st Phase: From The Pariah in The House of the Scorpion 
Extreme Progressive Metal From U.S.

Falling Antares' Founding Father - Jay Mercado

"Falling Antares is concept band that originally started out an acoustic solo project, but that changed when the compositions called for more power. Since then the concept itself had evolved in 
 to what I have in my head right now. I have yet to actually sit down and write the tale(s) that go with the pieces of music, but I can and will say that the fiction is based upon real happenings I have re-imagined. Getting a band together was another step, at Falling Antares conception I had just left another project called Oversoul, which long time friend and fellow guitarist Nigel Castro was a part of. Nigel and I have played guitar together for many years and quite frankly I wouldn't pick anyone else to have as a guitarist. Our play styles compliment each other and the synergy is just about flawless at this point. Needless to say after I told him about this new venture he was excited, and after a couple weeks he and I hit the studio to work on material I had composed. After a period of time we decided to get heavier involved in finding other members. I worked with an amazing singer named Cerra, not to be fooled by her size, she has one of the greatest voices I've had the pleasure of working with. Though she did not stay with us long, she stayed with us for a few months before leaving for personal reasons. She did help us recruit more members though. I worked with a guy named Emmanuel who told about his cousin Charles who played bass, shortly after getting in contact and having one session with Charles it was safe to say we found our bassist. Charles is an amazingly talented bass player and he's only 16! Mind blown! After a couple sessions, Emmanuel's brother Ulises joined the fold and even though he's still learning some things, he's progressed into a great stable guitarist over a short period of time and again he's 16! Shortly before Ulises joined us, Nigel and I met Luis on the train, which actually stands to be the most interestingly awkward encounter in Falling Antares history. Nigel and I were on our way home from Union Square one day and as we went to get on the train it hit us after the doors closed that the car we were in smelled of shit. So one stop later we changed cars, Nigel then noticed Luis wailing away on a drum app on his phone. Nigel suggested we listen a little closer and we were impressed. Nigel then introduced himself told him of the band and if he'd be interested in jamming, to which Luis accepted and the rest is history. But, Falling Antares still needed a suitable voice, and then Dale came into play. Like Cerra and Emmanuel, I worked with Dale as well and we didn't realize we were actually neighbors with similar musical tastes. After watching a video of Dale doing a vocal cover of a Dir En Grey song I was convinced I needed him for Falling Antares. I pitched the idea to him and he ran with it, he came to a session and Nigel heard his vocal talents and much like Luis' case the rest is history. So now with a full roster of 6 people, Falling Antares is ready to take on the world."

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