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jueves, 5 de mayo de 2016

Nuclear Hatred - SUCKS! The Stupid

 Nuclear Hatred - SUCKS! The Stupid
Crossover Thrash Metal From U.S.

SUCKS! The Stupid EP is the fourth release from NY/NJ Crossover Thrash Metal band Nuclear Hatred. Besides a hilarious intro, the EP features a re-recording of World War Z (from the Blood on the Ice demo), a brand NEW song called Slaughterhouse, and a cover of Nuclear Hatred's idols - Crossover Icons D.R.I. SUCKS! is also the last Nuclear hatred release to feature the drumming of Nathan Wolff. WHO SUCKS? NUCLEAR HATRED SUCKS!
released February 8, 2013 

Chris Butera - Bass, Lead Vocals, Music/Lyrics for "World War Z" 
Robert Orr - Guitar, Backing Vocals, Production/Mixing Music/Lyrics for "Slaughterhouse" 
Nathan Wolff - Drums 
D.R.I. - Music/Lyrics for "The Five Year Plan" 
"Japan" Nick Perkel - Voice of DJ Harry Johnson for "The Stupid Intro" 
Ian Weber - Voice of Anonymous Caller for "The Stupid Intro" 
All Recording and Mixing by Robert Orr except for Bass and Vocals for "World War Z" recorded by Kyle Wodzicki. "World War Z" also mixed by Kyle Wodzicki 
Cover Artwork by Chris Butera

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