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martes, 3 de mayo de 2016

Scythe Beast - Breeding Devastation

 Scythe Beast - Breeding Devastation 
Melodic Death /Thrash Metal From Germany

This project is an accident. Really. We did so not!
The original idea had Koopie and I (Sven) in the spring of 2012. Since we wanted "only" forge some riffs together to surprise a good friend for her birthday.
This then was God of Carnage; Needless to say that the colleague a great Amon Amarth Fan;-)
As there was no holding back, and we have the fate offered willingly forehead.
Stylistically we never really defined us, but preference for death and thrash metal are not denying.
Breeding Devastation is the result of numerous weekends, endless coffee and orgies of unspeakable insult creations.

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