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lunes, 23 de mayo de 2016

Nibiru - Verdammnis EP

 Nibiru - Verdammnis EP
Black Metal From Germany

Nibiru was founded by Scorth and K. of 2009. Both had with Zork quickly found a drummer and they began to write songs first. In those early years, there were occasional guest musicians on bass. 2011 first appearance was completed. After this Zork left the band and was dedicated to other projects. Thus, the founding members were alone again, but after a year "forced break" the project Nibiru by WES was enriched on drums. There were played more gigs and searched for a solid bass player. Through a friendly band 2014 Thrash Master could be delivered gained on bass.

Influences of the first and second black metal shaft and thrash metal you will be able to hear in our music inevitably, because these are our sources of inspiration.

But everyone takes music different way and must ultimately decide for himself what he where interpreted into.
Consuming music should encourage at best to think!

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