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Dear and damn readers

Dear and damn readers:

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sábado, 28 de mayo de 2016

Flying Spirit - Sueños a encontrar

Flying Spirit - Sueños a encontrar 
Heavy/ Power/Progressive Metal From Colombia

Flying Spirit is a Heavy Power Metal band formed in Bogota in 2008, the band has gone through many lineup changes and are currently recognized in local venues in the city, launched in 2016 his album entitled "sueños a encontrar" (dreams to find)  a project that they consider the enjoyment of music and dreams.

the song "Sueños a encontrar" (dreams to find) as well as throughout the entire album has as its main component a leading guitar string guiding language, accompanied by the rhythm of the electric bass, drums and riffs. It is notable an influence of bands like Riot and Helloween in the composition , the choirs mark the end of some verses sung in a voice that makes good changes chords with the melody, ranging from changes since the appeased until the exalting.

The song "Sombra de Amor" (Shadow of Love)  begins with a guitar arpeggio well crafted, has a very romantic and calm melody, similar to some songs of the glam rock movement of the 80s, both the letter and the song itself are soft, the letter refers to  couple love. You can listen wherever loudly expresses the passion.

"Perpetuo Sentimiento" (Perpetual feeling) is the only instrumental song, begins with fairly soft sounds and percussion in place that aims at the start of any event, it is surprising handling the lead guitar does seem to have its own voice, percussion changing times are noticeable enough, finally closing the song is soft.

"Me haces Falta" (I Miss You)  as several songs from this album begins in a calm manner, the song refers to the absence of a woman. In a time span percussion enter aggressively with a very heavy guitar riff  accompanied by  high notes and guitar power metal, closing this song it is calm.

"Jinetes del Apocalipsis" (Horsemen of the Apocalypse)  is a song that starts with a fast pace with progressive and melodic elements , manages an interesting combination of a main ridge with a quick chorus of war, in the middle of the song  is calm, that becomes a bit more aggressive with the accompanying lead guitar riff and finally the song ends with an excellent guitar solo in 3:15 minute returning back to progressive elements. The song tells the story of an apocalypse archangel possibly the  illustrated on the cover of the album.

"Hermandad del metal" (Brotherhood of metal) is a song dedicated exclusively to this musical genre, an influence of traditional heavy metal start of the 80s is notable, the song refers to the mutual support among warriors who make music beyond good and evil.

"Flying Spirit" is a song that speaks of the relentless spirit in the search for truth, starts with an impressive speed, parts of the song where riffs rhythm guitar delve and sometimes the melody of the leader guitar brand  which generally has a higher notes.

"En la Oscuridad" (In the dark)  starts with minor scales and Phrygian guitar that give a terrifying aspect, the voice is quite exalted and shocking, which is also accompanied by choirs; in the middle of the song the guitars become exclusively high notes  and then go on to be fast picking.

"Cambia tu destino" (Change your destiny) begins with percussion to big intervals and progressive elements in the guitars, you can hear pentatonic scales and a beautiful guitar solo in 3:30 minute. The song speaks of hard work and life changes that must be made to achieve dreams.

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