Mysticus Radio (Iradeo)

Mysticus Radio (Iradeo)


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This blog, created in 2013, was created with the noble intention of spreading all those rock and metal bands around the world that authorize the public download of their musical works. Until mid-2020 this blog made reviews, now it gives the freedom for each listener to rate what they like in the comments
however, musical references will come from here for later musical reviews on the blog

sábado, 17 de agosto de 2019


1.       BENT MUFFBANGER – Jafu
Indie/Synth Rock From U.S.

 band info

Here we will find “insightful lyrics, driving guitars, polished bass lines and their characteristic harmonies,” as expressed by the author of this project on his website, you can mainly find a versatility in rock rhythms since we see songs that bet him al Psychedelic Rock (Track1, track2, track 8), Synth Rock (Track3, track 4, track 7), Alternative 80's Rock (Track 5), traditional rock and roll (track 6). Additionally, the good guitar solos and the synchronization of the riffs with the rest of the instruments stand out. In general terms there are songs that could be classified within the old guards of various rock styles while other songs are too soft in singing tending to instrumental romanticism and far from being classified purely within a rock with rebel emphasis. Download From Jamendo

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