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viernes, 22 de enero de 2016

Battalions - Nothing to Lose

Battalions - Nothing to Lose 
Sludge Stoner metal from U.K.

So, this is Battalions!...or at least it is until some tosser comes up with a better name for us.
What are we? A shower of shit, masquerading under the illusion that we can poke some dignity and genuine spunk back into the city of Hull. Between us, there's something awful like 125 years, but fuck maths, we'll pi-r-squared your face in.
Intentions - making a racket, worrying headline bands, hurting ourselves, hurting you, drinking ale, writing songs, sinew-by-sinew descalping you until you're good for little else but entering a Mikhail Gorbachev lookalike competition.
You're going to hate us.

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