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viernes, 29 de enero de 2016

The Curf - Royal Water (EP)

The Curf - Royal Water (EP)
Stoner Doom Metal From Greece

"The Curf is a hard rock psychedelic stoner doom band from Attika, Greece. Since 2006 The Curf have been harvesting musical buds all over Europe and for the last couple of years have been growing new musical seeds full of roaring riffs and rumbling rhythms..
Back from the Dead???
FKN Yeah!!!  
Roaring Riffs and Rumbling Rhythms! 
Chris, George, Spyros and Pepper have come back from the dead, and they brought with them some souvenirs... 
This the second studio work by The Curf. This 4-track EP was decided to be made available for FREE to all you boys n' girls that enjoy our music and manners. If you wish to further support us through donations, do feel free! Your donations can be an excellent aid for us to produce this EP (and our upcoming LP) in vinyl form, and of course for cool t-shirts and more... 

We recommend you enjoy our music with a group of friends in a room or car full of smokè!!! "

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