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jueves, 21 de enero de 2016

UnAnyOne - Journey to Nowhere [EP]

 UnAnyOne - Journey to Nowhere [EP] 
Thrash Death Groove Metal  From Australia

"My name is Shayne "the UnAnyOne" Querruel.
Selling myself is not one of my strong points. I could start by telling you how long I have been playing, who my influences are and perhaps I could bore you with some rant on how the music is in my soul and guitar keeps my life together... although true, I won't waste your time. Let's get to the point.
The simple truths are:
I play guitar, I play metal, I play!

I believe in creating music with substance. Solid MUSIC based on sound, not purely based on trends and technical wankery. I believe in always pushing the boundaries of past, present and future music movements, through speed, brutality and creativity in sound and guitar playing.

UnAnyOne is the moniker of all projects under my control. 
Current projects in the works.
A Sweet Dose of Murder - 6 tracks previously played by MurderWorld either on stage, in the studio or demo'd. All music by myself and all lyrics/vocals by ex-MW frontman, "Morbid" Matt Phythian. 
The Stagnation - Tracks heavily influenced by Meshuggah written back in 2003/2004 although with the new music trends it sounds more like a deathcore project haha still mixing, needs leads/solos and lyrical ideas are being worked on.
Journey to Nowhere - 7 left over tracks either played live or written for my first band, Apolyom. 6 tracks were played live and 1 track never saw the jam room, stage or cd. A fun project.
Human Forgery - tech/brutal/black/death band started way back in 2008, fell apart in 2010... I have new ideas that i am working on and will record them over time and get them online. Possible hunt for band members... 
Melodic Album - In 2007 I wrote and recorded 12 songs based around some speed/melodic bands. Will unveil this in the near future, all tracks are musically complete. No lyrics/vocals have been thought out. Songs will be online for a hunt for a lyricist/vocalist."

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