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martes, 26 de enero de 2016

Suns of Sorath - Sisyphus E​.​P.

Suns of Sorath - Sisyphus E​.​P. 
Progressive Black Metal From U.S.

Suns of Sorath is a Progressive Black/Death Metal band with influences including, but not limited to Metal, Classical, Jazz, Astrological, Occult.
Forming in 2009 with musical styles ranging from Melodic Black/Death Metal to Progressive/Classical, Suns of Sorath immediately began writing Their planned 12 track album titled "Tides of Macrocosm" nearly 80 Minutes of music, which is based off the zodiac and includes many spiritual, astrological, and occult references. Band members include Cody Hulvey, Evan Kinght, Brent Boutte' and Tanner Rezabek.

In 2010 Suns of Sorath began recording "Sisyphus". A five track E.P including five songs from "Tides of Macrocosm" digitally released late 2010.

Playing their first show in 2011, Suns of Sorath quickly began generating interest in the Denver Metal Scene. Later that year Tanner left the band to pursue other musical interests and the band took a break.

The beginning of 2012 came a new era for Suns of Sorath as they expanded their musical style and began composing classical and jazz pieces as well as extreme metal. 2013/2014 the Band will begin self producing/Recording Their debut album "Tides of Macrocosm". Release date TBA.


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