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viernes, 29 de enero de 2016

Speedpig - We Sold Our Soul for a Bacon Roll

Speedpig - We Sold Our Soul for a Bacon Roll
Heavy Metal U.K

Speedpig were formed in 2009 by Gaz & Mungo. 
We released an underground metal EP 'Hog Roast In Hell' that got a slew of great reviews. Work commenced on a 2nd EP 'Generation Of Swine' but it never saw the light of day. 
In 2015, Solid 7 Records released a full length Speedig album on cassette. 'We Sold Our Soul For A Bacon Roll' was comprised of the 12 tracks featured on the 2 Speedpig EP's.
Now it is 2016. The cassettes are almost sold out. This year we plan on working with Solid 7 to release some Speedpig goodness on VINYL.
Speedpig be thy name.

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