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domingo, 24 de enero de 2016

Chainsaw Suicide - Discography

Chainsaw Suicide - Discography
Death Metal from Finland

Chainsaw Suicide was found in 2007 by Houre Noir (vocals & guitar) with only one goal in mind; to compose some ass kicking death metal! After he joined modern Death Metal band Tyrannia, Chainsaw Suicide went unactive for several years.
In the end of 2012 Houre Hoir found the inspiration again to play Death Metal. He asked Surmalisti to join the band as a drummer and co-songwriter.
In the beginning of 2013 Houre Noir made a huge discovery; the long lost Demo 2008 was found on Studio Of The Dead's mastering device! Next day The Flesheaters was released.
Their latest Old School Death Metal EP The Origin Of Pieces, was released in Fall 2014.

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The Origin Of Pieces
The Flesheaters

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