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lunes, 28 de marzo de 2016

Black Mantra - From The Graves Of Madness (EP)

Black Mantra -  From The Graves Of Madness (EP) 
Doom /Gothic Metal From Brazil

Black Mantra are a brazilian Stoner/Doom band. The band was officially formed in 2013. Black Mantra has roots in psychedelic bands of the 60s & 70's.stoner/doom, but we have some gothic influences of Type O Negative too.

Typical stoner-doom bands build their songs around enormous, filthy riffs and leave the other instruments to unobtrusively fill up the remaining space. It's pure guitar music through and through—the unabashed worship of the distorted riffs to which all other instrumentation, including the vocals, must submit. Brazil's Black Mantra, by contrast, presents a fascinating inversion of stoner/doom minimalism, with the band's guitars merely undergirding a cacophony of organs and electric keyboards. Not that Black Mantra can't do a big, tasty riff—"Stillborn" and "The Left-Handed" certainly prove that they can—but the spooky doom act focuses instead on gothic atmospheres, a kitschy B-movie aesthetic, and the slow, creepy melodies that some metal fans call "processional." Imagine if the hippie cultists of Menace Ruine exhumed and reanimated Peter Steele as their new frontman and you'll get an idea of what Black Mantra are doing here—deep, vampiric vocals and all. 
Highly Recommended.
released March 17, 2016 

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