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martes, 29 de marzo de 2016

Free fall - Demons watcing demons play

Free fall - Demons watcing demons play 
Death Metal From Greece

Freefall created at the summer of 1998. The type of music that the band played at the present time was a mix of alternative with metal influences.
After many line-up changes the first demo cd was ready, it was called "Falling in a black hole" and was released during the year 2000. it was a mixture of metal music with progressive and alternative elements. This was the end of the first era of the band.
The second era starts at the city of Thessaloniki with the finding of new members and the changing of the music direction. The band style took form in a amalgam of deathcore and nu-metal. For more than two years the band kept a steady line up, participated in many festivals , made numerous live gigs and at the same time they were working on their upcoming demo-cd and at the end of 2005 "Mankind failure" was ready and produced my Daniel Steif.
After some more line up changes (which led to the current in up status : Mimis - Vocals, Nikos - Guitars, Soc - Bass, Foivos - Drums), gigs and support appearances (Stampin Ground, Dew Scented) the band released the cd "Demons watching demons.

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