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martes, 29 de marzo de 2016

Enuresis Nocturna - Zorn der Ohnmacht

Enuresis Nocturna - Zorn der Ohnmacht 
Black Metal From Germany

Recorded between 02/2001 and 10/2002 as a bedroom Side-Project by Zigor and Flip of german Death Metal band Hands of Fate. 
Originally released 2010 as download only but never reached a bigger audience except for some insiders. 
Originally included a cover-version of Nagelfar's Meuterei as 5th track, which unfortunately can't be included here due to licensing reasons. 
Buyers be aware: due to the loss of the originals, audio quality here on Bandcamp is only 192kbit mp3, even if you download lossless files like FLACs!!! We're sorry for that!!!
released January 1, 2010 
Flip: Guitars & Bass 
zigoR: Vocals & Drum-programming 
All music and lyrics written by Enuresis Nocturna, except Track 3: Music by Frederic Chopin, arranged by Flip; and Track 6 (Circle of Unlife): Lyrics by NBP. 
Produced 2001-2002 by Enuresis Nocturna @ zigoRs Dachstube & Flips Keller, Hammersbach 
Final Mix by Flip 
Artwork by zigoR

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