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domingo, 20 de marzo de 2016

Raging Death - Raging Death

 Raging Death - Raging Death
Thrash Metal From Poland

 Raging Death was formed by late 2010 by guitarist and vocalist Igor Faliński – the first incarnation of the band included Mateusz Więch on bass at first, then taking drum duties with the incorporation of bassist Kotwa in July 2011. As a trio, they played their first concert in October 2011 and recorded the debut demo Killing Feast.

In February 2012 they released the demo Pestilent Waste, in May incorporating new lead guitarist Tomasz Nowok. Now as a four-piece, Raging Death played some shows in Silesia and the first dates outside their home region. 

By January 2013 the band won the band contest to support Wolf Spider in Wrocław, and later completed an intense tour schedule through the Polish territory and the Czech Republic – they appeared at Grabofest, gigging alongside Hypnos and shared stage with Master at the Nezávislý Festival Branišovice. In October, Więch and Nowok left the band, replaced by Dawid Sówka and Piotr Ciepły, respectively.

The songs “Raging Death” and “Killing Feast” appeared on the Thrashing Damnation Thru Compilation Vol. 2, released in July 2013, featuring tracks from Driller, Tester Gier and Menthrass as well, among others.


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