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martes, 8 de marzo de 2016

Midnight Queen - Demo 2015

Midnight Queen - Demo 2015
Heavy Metal From Mexico

A band From Mexico City, formed initially by Mayolo on guitar and voice Draco were looking for a drummer and contact Concho.
Time after trying to play covers, Draco left the band days later joins Marco on guitar and the three decide to do this project called Midnigth Queen to agree musical tastes, mainly from the NWOTH, take the decision to make own music with a peculiar sound, to finish some songs finding a vocalist starts, Karina arrives in voice and Ricardo on bass, the short time leave the band for personal reasons. It restarts a new search but it fails again and again, then it is decided not postpone the project and burn themselves, months before starting recording joins Samuel on bass, and finally resulting in a stable alignment to record and publicize the music of Midnight Queen.


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