Mysticus Radio (Iradeo)

Mysticus Radio (Iradeo)


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This blog, created in 2013, was created with the noble intention of spreading all those rock and metal bands around the world that authorize the public download of their musical works. Until mid-2020 this blog made reviews, now it gives the freedom for each listener to rate what they like in the comments

miércoles, 2 de octubre de 2019


1.       DAYDREAM FLIGHTS – Whisper
Post Black Metal / Shoegaze From Russia

Melancholic atmospheres and dreamlike environments characterize the wide sound of this album, when combined with elements of black metal, seen from the guttural and singing along with the accelerated percussion of raw black metal, reflects a loud sound but without scratching on the unbearable and which implements the melody throughout, as can be seen in the Black Metal post here guitar effects are used simultaneously without distortions ranging from reverberation and flanger, which gives a fantastic and mystical touch to the songs. Although, there are similarities with the Depressive Black Metal regarding the structure of the song and the way it is composed, but this time the sound is more inclined to the English Shoegaze. Download From jamendo

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