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Dear and damn readers

Dear and damn readers:

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jueves, 3 de marzo de 2016

Izcariot - En el entorno del señor Lucifer (Remastered 2016)

Izcariot - En el entorno del señor Lucifer (Remastered 2016)
Black Thrash Metal From Colombia

Izcariot is a black Thrash Metal band formed in 2011 in Ibague, Colombia, which undoubtedly marks in their sound the essence of raw metal  especially as regards the type of distortion with instruments, vocal management and quality the percussion. Regarding his ideology all band members seek to reflect their ideas against christian doctrines and they succeed  this rejection with provocative and irreverent lyrics. Always very firm in their convictions, they ignore the susceptibility that can generate their music to some people in traditional society and to those musicians who criticize his style. influenced by bands like Marduk, Slayer, Thy antichrist, Acutor, Infernal, Neurosis, Black Goat, Esbbat.

All this full length work contains a bloody atmosphere that alters behavior carrying all their listeners directly to the portal of hell. The song "En el entorno del señor lucifer" (In the environment of Mr. Lucifer) which gives title to the album, begins with a dark Intro aroused by the mystery and interest in the occult, accompanied by shrieks and howls background, then they begin riffs accompanied by screams, shortly the song gradually becomes more aggressive with constant changes of Thrash metal style, then these forceful sounds combine with creepy black metal rhythm, the song provides a cult of the fallen angel. 

"Aborto infernal" (Infernal Abortion) has a close relationship between the styles of black metal and thrash metal, the song begins with a demoniac cry, the voice handling is much more raw and heartbreaking, here you can feel the resonant bass starring changes.

"El banquete del millón" (Banquet millon) starts with a very basic rhythm of thrash metal accompanied by rigorous voice that continually changes hue.

the song "Izcariot" has an introduction that is maybe the characteristic of the band at its most malignant essence, then occurs a change in the rhythm that introduces a guitar riff to the more traditional style of black metal, transitions and resets rate can be seen pointing the bass.

"Profeta" (Prophet) has embodied the sound of speed metal classic heavily influenced by black metal, making an excellent combination, we see one extremely aggressive and bloody electric guitar, singing is desperate and fast with the presence of slide guitar.

"Culto Abismal" (Abysmal cult)  is in essence a large sample of what is the classic metal south america, the most interesting is the use of Slides and bendings in the middle, just finishing the song can appreciate a polyphony which makes suggests that there demonic possession in who sings, definitely a highly successful effect.

"Luz u oscuridad" (Light or dark) begins with a relaxing arpeggio electric guitar, the song then becomes more ruthless and evil, so that we can see some great riffs accompanied battery emphasized by the bass, you can be seen on several occasions excellent electric guitar solo in their own style of izcariot.

"Where is your god" is a cover of  Thy Antichrist , very prominent black metal band of Medellin city, this song is very interesting due izcariot fits perfectly to the song but without neglecting his own aggressive style and raw.

This album was produced by Izcariot and Carlos Alberto Hewitt, recorded in PMT (bagué) in February 2014, remastered version in January 2016 by Carlos Alberto Hewitt.
Izcariot are:
Richard Silva (vocals and guitars)
Carlos Alberto Hewitt (drums)
Yoao Molina (Bass)

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