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lunes, 10 de octubre de 2016

Экспресс 66 ( Express 66) - Брошенный светом (Abandoned light)

Экспресс 66 ( Express 66) - Брошенный светом (Abandoned light)
Melodic Heavy Metal From Russia

 Orenburg band playing music in the style of heavy metal. In existence since 1999, since 2003 in an unchanged lineup. In the summer of 2008 the band has been working on a demo album "Abandoned light." Being on stage, recording the first album, the expression of 66 already had in its arsenal a number of compositions differ significantly from the previous technical complexity of the parties, a variety of sound from progressive to death metal, a combination of classic academic vocals with screaming. The Group does not limit itself to crisp stylistic framework, defining their music extremely broad concept metal. The authors of the musical ideas are the expression of the four members of the five.
Since the summer of 2008 there is an official site of the Internet ( He created and administered by his Alexander neophyte. Active work is underway to establish contacts with labels. August 2, 2008 a group for the first time made a long break at rock festival "OtschOt".

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