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lunes, 10 de octubre de 2016

Shades of Avalon - Northern Barbarians

Shades of Avalon - Northern Barbarians
Melodic Death Metal From U.K.

Shades of Avalon fuse the aggressive vocals of death metal with powerful grooves and a potent sense of melody. The twin lead guitars and counterpointing basslines collide with monstrous drum beats, creating a wall of fist pumping, battle-primed metal that assaults the audience, whilst retaining memorable hooks throughout. The lyrics draw inspiration from British legend & heritage, from celtic pagan warriors to viking invaders and beyond - historical battles are relayed, wars are relived and odes to honour, pride and bravery are invoked. Expect our shows to be beer drenched, sweat soaked, neck straining warfare... Where only the strongest will survive!!!

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