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viernes, 7 de octubre de 2016

Kruton - Lament

Kruton - Lament 
Technical Thrash Metal from Czech Republic

Croutons is a band with melodic elements associated with thrash metal founded in January 2010 in Prague, guitarist and vocalist and drummer Martex Deedee. Shortly after the founding of this foundation stone joined by bassist Anezkha.
After 2 years of testing, touring and especially the preparation of material on the album saw the light of their debut CD entitled Lament.
In early 2013 rock bassist left the band and the band are facing the first personnel changes. Took his place excellent French bassist Jerome and his precise playing band gets another dimension.
In May 2015, based on a new album. The number "3", which carries the title as the new board, it is important for us and it's sort of Signum accompanying the band all the time.
On the concept we had really care, and we wanted the album to have orpavdu good sound. So we chose a certified studio Shaark. Since we really worked when recording with professionals, to our surprise, it was all finished for 4 days, pure and simple! In August 2015, he comes into the band as a reinforcement in the form of a second energetic guitar Rama. The band has for the first time during its existence four members.

In the future, we want to reach as many audiences through concerts, to film the video for the new album and try out the sea of ​​bands that are on today's music scene, float to the surface and still remain true to ourselves or slide into commercial monotony produced many

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