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viernes, 7 de octubre de 2016

Enola Gay - Vzpomínka

Enola Gay - Vzpomínka 
Heavy Metal from Czech Republic

The band was founded in 2011 and cast in Milan Kratochvil (guitar, backing vocals), Karl Neuman (bass), Peter Landsinger (drums) and Francis Panek (vocals) gives Demo 2012. Eventually, however, changes the composition of the band and the drummer sits Patrik Podroužek . He also went singer Francis Panek was a question of who will replace him. This role will eventually befriended guitarist and backing vocalist Milan Kratochvil. Mlada Boleslav propeller "bomber" more spin second guitar played by Mark Podroužka. The new crew then for a short time passed several new compositions, played a variety of large and small concerts. Speakers also on September 14 2013na first Mladá Boleslav Rock Air Festival 2013 [1], which according to the press attended by over 17,000 spectators. [2] In 2013 managed Enola Gay also releasing their second demo in 2013, which was an important step toward full-fledged album Remembrance, which was released in 2014.V September 2014, however, there is again a change kits and drum up new Martin Kubica takes the lead guitar and Lukas Bartos . The beginning of 2015 brings another change, lead guitar takes Petr Harsa

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