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Dear and damn readers

Dear and damn readers:

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domingo, 9 de octubre de 2016

LORD GEMINIS - Compendium In Memorium (2016)

LORD GEMINIS - Compendium In Memorium (2016)
Extreme Metal /Heavy Metal/ Doom Metal / Soft Rock/ Punk Rock/ Post Punk From Colombia

LORD GEMINIS is a rock band formed in Medellin (Colombia) in 1998. his first name was GEMINIS  and they change its name because it was confused with other bands with the same name. The band was founded by Heliodoro (guitar / lead vocals) who is a member since 1995 of one of the first Colombia punk rock bands (ANTITODO) and David Lopez "calvin" (drums / vocals), then Carlos Valencia (voice) and Mauricio Vasquez (guest bassist) enter in the band. Lord Geminis has a marked influence of bands like Black Sabbath, Arkangel, Soda Stereo , Aterciopelados and The Cure of those who have made covers. Later, the founders decided to make Punk Rock with new members making local concerts in the city of Medellin.

the band enters a recess from 2001 until 2005  continue to make Punk Rock and Hard Rock with new members constantly changing, including female voices, david "calvin" one of the founders of the band withdrew in 2006, 

Their most recent work called Compendium In Memorium (2016) is a compilation of some own songs and covers of classic rock, recorded in earlier times. This compilation contains a range of subgenres of hard rock very complementary each other, through the history of the band there is a marked inclination towards punk rock, especially in songs like "Libertad" ("freedom") with a female vocalization and songs like "Angustia" ("Heartache")  and "Rey Dinero" ("Money King") where are elements of Heavy Metal such as Compas transitions , guitar solos and some rhythms that resemble the style of the NWOBHM.

The post punk and electronic rock are present in this compilattion with songs like "Muevete" ("Move") and "El Velo" ("veil") that are cover of the renowned group "Estados Alterados" , you can appreciate the multifaceted vision of the band by incorporating the use of keyboards and synthesizers, which are also used in the song "Noche de invierno" ("Winter Night"), which together with the song "Bajo" ("low") are exotic songs due the  incorporation of clean guitar chords, using bongos and greater role for the electric bass approaching the sound of soft rock. Finally songs like "Hombre Robot" ("Robot Man" cover of Arkangel) well reflect a clear example of classic hard rock, driving an interesting guitar riff.

The introduction to the compilation shows a range of heavy metal styles being realized an excellent transition between these, begins with a classic heavy metal riff, then increases the speed and forcefulness becoming a speed/thrash metal sound,  percussion becomes more aggressive entering a  more extreme style approaching the sound of the first wave of Colombian extreme metal: The ULTRAMETAL. Finally tuning in low tone and technique of thick sound characteristic of doom metal and stoner rock used in songs like "Children of the Grave", "Symptom of the Universe", "NIB" and "Snowblind" cover of the first  heavy meal and Doom Metal band: Black Sabbath.

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