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lunes, 10 de octubre de 2016

krizys - Come after me

krizys - Come after me

 Glazov KriZiS began in October 2006. Osnavatelyami group were Roman Timofeev, Artyom and Roin Sibiryakov Paul.
The first concert of the group gives the 28 January 2007, though by the time of the Group on creative differences left Roman Timofeev.
The Group continues to rehearse !!!!!!!!
In May of the same year, the winner of interregional KriZiS Rock Festival "We are Together - 2007", and then preparing for the recording of the first album !!!

In September, the first creation of a group of musicians was published and became known as "follow me."
Recorded participated: Group: Sibiryakov Paul - Vocals, Roin Artem - Guitar, Renat Kasimov - Guitar, Shirobokov Paul - Bass, Roman Tyukavkin - Drums, guest musicians: Brudnik Andrei - Shock, Evlanov Roman - Bass, Vylomov Valery - Guitar, Bass

The presentation of the album took place in the Spring of the club with the participation of groups: Tambour Blues, Red Yard (eye), center of gravity (Kirov).
Then the group begins to concert activities, visiting several towns in the Udmurt Republic and abroad, and all would be well, but began a change in the composition! Before the concert on April 13 in the city of Kirov Group this week was forced to find a new bass player, it was Anatoly Bogdanov, who managed for a couple of rehearsals to learn all the material! For what it thank you so much !!!!!
After the concert of his retirement, said drummer. Again search. New drummer - Brudnik Andrew!
Again concert !!!!!August 9, 2008 godaKriZiS acts as a headliner at the festival Park-Rock in the Kirov region .....After that, the group takes a holiday !!!!!!!!!!
In January 2009, the group decides to return KriZiS

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