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This blog, created in 2013, was created with the noble intention of spreading all those rock and metal bands around the world that authorize the public download of their musical works. Until mid-2020 this blog made reviews, now it gives the freedom for each listener to rate what they like in the comments
however, musical references will come from here for later musical reviews on the blog

lunes, 4 de noviembre de 2019

ΑΛΓ - Draft 9

1.       ΑΛΓ - Draft 9
Alternative Rock / Grunge From France

This musical project recreates a versatility of sounds that is always based on an opaque and somewhat dry essence, however it is a good album that, in addition to the good sound quality, reveals a disturbing way in essence, in the song “Ghost of the past ”you can notice a transition from complete desolation towards an emotional rhythm but without losing its calm essence with some experimental touches,“ Quetzalcoatl ”is very interesting because it closely resembles Doom Metal but with a few grunge touches,“ le vaudou ”It has a base similar to that of blues rock and roll but with a very dull and bitter voice, although guitar solos definitely awaken another feeling given their technique and presence. "Golem de Chair" begins and ends in a subtle and quiet way with notes that seem like neoclassical music and cabaret, presenting in the middle of the song some very emotional and energetic solos. Finally, "orage" is completely instrumental and involves various atmospheric sounds and percussions of tambourines and bongoes. the name of this band reads like alpha, lambda, gamma. Also Download from jamendo

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