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martes, 6 de septiembre de 2016

Kraanston - Dead Eyes EP

Kraanston - Dead Eyes EP
Sludge thrash Metal From Italy

The Kraanston born in February 2016 from the minds of Fabio Insalaco ( Homicide hagridden ) and Andrea Bonamigo ( The Selfish Cales ) , creating a parallel project in which affect the eclectic influences of two kinds of origin . With the entry of Stefano Fashion ( Homicide hagridden ) on drums formed the line up of the band in power trio. The proposed genre combines thrash -death attitudes to inserts sludge , stoner and doom . The influences also come from blues, jazz and styles actually distant from metal commonly understood . The live debut comes a few months after the first tests , a sign of a tight-knit chemistry and a strong sensitivity to an unusual sound . The first publication is " Dead Eyes " , demo / EP of four tracks totally self-produced and available for free download from September 2016 .

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