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miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2016

Piraña - Thrash entre la venas

Piraña - Thrash entre la venas 
Speed Thrash Metal From Colombia

Piraña is a Speed Thrash Metal band formed in 2010 in the city of Yopal, Casanare. The band released the demo "Thrash entre las venas" (Thrash between the veins) in March 2016 with a very basic  recording in Metal Totem Records while retaining the sound of old school Thrash Metal, you can hear influences from bands like Violent Force of Germany, Assassin, Razor, Voivod , Exumer, Vio-lence, Mortal Sin, At war and Bulldozer. The band has a very well-crafted riffs, good harmony with the electric bass and excellent cuts and stops on percussion and guitars.

In the demo`s intro an arpeggio guitar riff well complemented with the rhythm guitar is heard, then after some good changes you hear a guitar solo accompanied by a powerful guitar riff that together makes a simultaneous sound.

The track 2 that gives title to the demo talks about Thrasher attitude and force it feels to rebel against social injustice and against the police, the beginning of the song is notated a lot of influence to the speed metal with the velocity of riff guitar and percussion, as the song goes into the chorus immediately changes the pace with a slower tempo, then accelerates the drums and riffs to enter with a guitar solo, you can hear parts where the electric guitar sounds without percussion ushering in another change of pace.

in the intro of the song "Self Destruction" a flash and an alarm in emergency heard, enters a fast guitar riff marked by the percussion that is becoming more prominence. The song speaks about the victims of forced displacement and the grief that brings this.
after chorus You can hear a good guitar solo which is then topped with a guitar riff , the song ends with a violent gallops on guitars.

Listen Full Demo:

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